LEGO Ninjago Kai Minifigure Guide

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Fire, Earth, Lightning, Ice! These four elements align with the original ninjas of LEGO’s NINJAGO theme, starting back in 2011. These characters have seen several different appearances since, as NINJAGO continues to be one of the LEGO company’s most popular themes. 

As much as we’d like to go through the variations of each ninja, this guide will be focused on the top sets and figures of the fire ninja, LEGO Ninjago Kai! The majority of the sets discussed are retired, but there are still ways to buy these products online, such as or Each Minifigure description in this guide will list average prices from those sites; you can easily collect every Kai Minifigure the LEGO company has produced. With that out of the way, let’s Ninja-GO!

Note: Although I love the NINJAGO TV show on Cartoon Network, this guide will strictly be discussing the LEGO theme itself. If I leave out any details from the show the sets may be referencing, just know it’s to make things as accessible as possible for any new NINJAGO fans looking to get their hands on some awesome Kai Minifigures!


Ah, 2011. The very beginning of this incredible theme brought us a handful of Kai figures, the most common being included in three LEGO system set: a polybag, a spinner set, and a book. This first iteration keeps things pretty simple, using the classic LEGO ninja headwear from 1998’s Ninja sub-theme. This piece keeps playing in mind, with a clip in the back for weapon storage. Aside from some nice details with the wrinkles in the robe and a menacing dragon insignia, this is what I would call the most “standard” version of Kai. Nevertheless, a great introduction to a character we’ll be seeing for many years to come.

Here are the sets this variant appears in:

While these sets may have increased significantly in value since their debut in 2011, this variant sells for around $2.00 to $4.00 online. Not bad for aspiring NINJAGO collectors!

This year also brought us another Kai variant known as Kai DX. The face print and headwear remain the same as the previous version. However, the printing has improved significantly with a rad golden dragon spewing flames on his torso. This figure only appeared in three sets:

A little rarer than his predecessor, Kai DX goes for anywhere from $11.22 to $30.07.

The final Kai figure from 2011 isn’t even a Minifigure: he’s a micro figure! For some background, the year 2009 introduced us to the brand new theme of LEGO Games. This theme focused on board games made entirely of LEGO bricks! NINJAGO was lucky enough to receive a board game, and with it, we got this cute Kai figure. Uh, maybe don’t call him cute to his face, though. You can find this figure online for less than a dollar.


The year 2012 brings us three new Kai variants starting with Kai ZX.

The most significant change is a new mold for the ninja headwear! This updated design allows Minifigures to turn their heads which was not possible with the original mold. Unfortunately, this means the weapon clip on the headwear is now gone, but overall it makes for a more stylish look, in our opinion. Sorry retro LEGO ninja fans.

Kai ZX also comes with a golden armor piece for his shoulders, and elaborate torso printing featuring a pair of shurikens tucked into his belt. Kai ZX can be found online anywhere from $7.00 to USD 16.00 and appears in the sets listed below.

The next Kai figure we get is an interesting one, as the prints for the face, torso, and legs remain the same as the first variant from 2011. This is the Kai Kendo Minifigure, and his new training helmet and armor are what make him unique. Kai Kendo only appears in spinner sets and can be found online for about $6.00.

Our final Kai of 2012 is Kai NRG, an entirely red figure with intense flame printing across his entire body. He has one appearance, which makes him a rarer figure, and he goes for around $11.00 to $30.00.


2013 was a slow year for NINJAGO as we have one new Kai variant for the entire year: Final Battle Kai. This figure uses the same headgear as Kai ZX and sports a very traditional and elegant-looking robe print. This is the first Kai that doesn’t use a red mold for the torso and legs, using black with red printing instead. Final Battle Kai can be found for about $6.00 or $7.00.


NINJAGO in 2014 was no better than 2013, with another single Kai variant for the whole year. The most significant change here is a unique hair piece for Kai, and no wonder it’s so messy after being in a hood for three years! 

Rebooted Kai uses a bandana piece instead of full headgear and a new torso print with flames above the belt. The biggest downgrade here is the lack of leg printing, which is embarrassing for a Minifigure produced in 2014. This figure can be found for about $5.00.


Our NINJAGO drought ends in 2015 with a total of SIX variants for Kai!

First off, we have the Tournament of Elements Kai, and this figure is fantastic. Not only do we have the return of leg printing, but it’s the most detailed leg print we’ve seen on a Kai figure yet. The torso print is also very decorated with weapons slung across his chest and the return of the dragon medallion. 

Alongside standard LEGO systems sets, Tournament of Elements Kai can be found in a team pack for LEGO Dimensions, the toys to life video game published by TT games. He sells online for around $7.00.

Tournament Robe Kai features the return of his hair piece with new printing and yellow arms to represent the lack of sleeves. This figure is extremely common, having appeared in a total of five sets, and can be purchased for about $3.00.

I contemplated even including this next variant on the guide at all; since it only appears in a magazine and is only slightly different from 2014’s Rebooted Kai. However, this is the COMPLETE guide for Kai and I would have failed you if I chose to ignore him. In addition to the shoulder armor, this figure is notable as it’s the first time the new headgear piece is entirely red, without prints or gold at the top. He can be purchased for around $5.00.

Deep stone Armor Kai is the next variation of the character and he comes with a brand new mold for headgear, making this the third ninja cowl piece Kai has used since 2011. Deep stone Armor Kai is molded entirely in black (the cowl being dual molded in black and red) and wears an elaborate print with gold detailing. He can be found online for around $6.00 to $19.00.

Kai Airjitzu shares many similarities to Kai NRG with a red molded head and fire energy printing all over him. Strangely, this figure uses the previous headgear piece instead of the new Deep stone Armor mold. He only appears in one set and can be sold online for around $5.00.

Our final Kai variant of 2015 happens to be one of the rarest and most valuable in the entire guide, being a limited-time promotional package at Target. The only thing that makes him unique is his torso print, which gives him the name Stone Armor Kai. He can be found online for around $25.00. 


The incredible Kai Minifigures LEGO gave us in 2015 seemed to be a tough act to follow, but 2016 was able to deliver nonetheless.

Tournament of Elements Kai makes a return in a magazine polybag, this time with his bandana and hair piece. A cool figure but nothing too special, this Kai figure can be sold for around $4.00.

Skybound Kai is one of our favorites in this entire guide. He uses the newest headgear piece along with black molding for the torso and legs and has some of the coolest printing we’ve seen yet. From the gold dragon engaged in spinjitzu to the knots on his knees and the gold detailing, this is a Kai I highly recommend. Luckily he isn’t too expensive and sold separately, coming in at around $4.00.

Next up is another lazy variant, but I cut it some slack since it only appears in a LEGO Junior’s set. This version of Kai is the same as his Rebooted appearance but again uses the ZX headgear. Another unfortunate lack of leg printing and this figure only sells for around $3.00.

Day of the Departed Kai is the last Kai Minifigure for 2016, and it’s safe to say he ends the year with a bang. He sports headgear dual molded in bright and dark red along with dark red arms. His torso print mimics the original 2011 Kai’s design but with much more elaborate detail. He only appears in one set and sells for around $8.00.


2017 is our biggest year for not only Kai; but NINJAGO as well as it marks the debut of the LEGO NINJAGO Movie. Because of this, LEGO went all out with their NINJAGO products this year, which means a ton of new Kai Minifigures for us! Are you excited? I can’t wait to tell you about them. Let’s jump into 2017!

Hands of Time Kai starts us off with a new smug face print and glowing eyes. The dragon medallion moves to the bottom of the torso. This is the first time a Kai Minifigure features printing on the feet! Innovation! Hands of Time Kai appears two times with a headgear piece and once with hair and a bandana. He is sold online for around $4.00.

Next up is another take on Day of the Departed Kai, this time with a hairpiece and gold shoulder armor. He is $4.50 and makes his appearance in another magazine. 

Golden Power Kai is the most valuable and hardest-to-find variant in our entire guide. Only appearing in an elusive Minifigure pack, his price ranges from $37.56 to $78.58. Golden Power Kai truly lives up to his name, being molded entirely in gold! Not real gold, unfortunately; otherwise, he would be sold for much more than the prices I listed.

The remaining Kai Minifigures of 2017 are based on his appearance in the aforementioned LEGO NINJAGO Movie. First, we’ll take a look at his most common movie look, which features a new headgear mold!

This headgear consists of two pieces, which opens the door for customization. Movie Kai wears a simple robe print with a fun diamond design on his legs. There are small variations across sets that are mostly accessories-based, such as scabbards and an updated hair piece. For the guide’s sake, I will count all these small differences as the same figure. He is an extremely common Minifigure and can be found online for about $2.00.

Training Movie Kai appears in a white robe with his new hair piece and a determined expression. He can be found for about $6.00 online.

The final movie version of Kai is a casual look where he sports a red jacket and his bed head hair piece. This figure comes in one expensive set, which makes him pretty valuable. He can be found online for around $20.00.


Phew! 2017 was certainly the biggest year for NINJAGO Minifigures, but that doesn’t mean we’re done quite yet! 

We kick off 2018 with the Sons of Garmadon Kai. Right away, you may notice that these next batch of figures take a lot of inspiration from the movie design, utilizing the same face prints and headgear mold. Our first Sons of Garmadon Kai has an intricately red and gold detailed torso that extends into his leg printing. The one that follows has a black molded torso and legs, with an elaborate fire design on his chest. The first variation can be found online for around $3.00, while the second is closer to $5.00.

Next up is Dragon Master Kai, who borrows the same headgear and face print as the last few figures but with tactical gear prints for his torso and legs. He can be sold online for around $9.00 and appears in only one set.

Hunted Kai has possibly the best-detailed prints for the entire character. Between the torn sleeve, footprinting, and his exposed black armor, a lot is going on with this Minifigure visually speaking. He can be purchased individually for around $4.00.


Legacy Kai brings the character’s design back to his roots with an older headgear paired with a simple robe pattern and a golden dragon on the torso. This figure is extremely common as he appears SEVENTEEN times and can be bought individually for $2.00.

Next up is another hybrid variant, with the torso and legs belonging to the Sons of Garmadon Kai with the head and headgear of the Legacy figure. He does not appear in any system sets but does show up in a polybag and a magazine. It is around $2.00.

This next iteration of the character goes by Kai FS and has two different forms. The first is a golden and red figure who wears a new headgear piece with translucent flames at the top. He has a unique golden face and a pair of gold arms. The second Kai FS form also uses the new flame headgear, but with a solid red color instead of the translucent orange. They both are sold for around $4.00.

Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu Kai is another mash-up Minifigure, taking the face and headgear of Legacy and the rest made up by the second FS form. He sells for about $3.00.


Time to start 2020 off with our most unique entry in the entire guide (yes, even more so than micro-figure Kai). This variant isn’t even a part of the NINJAGO line, but LEGO’s Minecraft theme! You heard us right.

Minecraft Kai has printed pixel art on his blocky head and torso, emulating what the character would look like if he was in Mojang’s popular video game. Being a recent figure, he goes for around $4.00. I expect this figure to go up in value as time goes on, so make sure to pick him up, LEGO Kai collectors!

Avatar Kai is another unique figure, with his movie hair piece in a cream color and red war paint over his eyes. He sells for around $4.00 and only appears in one set.

2020 has brought us some crazy Kai variants, and this next entry is just as cool as the last. Digi Kai introduces a new headgear piece (we’re losing track of the numbering at this point) and shoulder pad with a double-sided robotic face print. The electronic blue highlights make the figure stand out alongside the white accented molding. Appearing in newer sets, his price sits at $4.00.

Hero Kai introduces us to yet ANOTHER headgear mold and torso printing with a large focus on a golden dragon. This version is less ninja, more knight in shining armor, and is sold for around $5.00 online.

Spinjitzu Burst Kai is another energy-like take on the character, with flames burning away his robes and a look of determination in his eyes. He only appears in a small spinner set and goes for about $4.00.

Our final Kai Minifigure of 2020 is yet another Legacy variant, this time with elegant robe printing and hair from the NINJAGO Movie figure. He is a cheap Minifigure, only selling for around $2.00.


Our first Kai Minifigure of 2021 is known as White Shirt Kai for…you guessed it! His white shirt!

That isn’t his only exciting feature, however, as he rocks a brand new hair piece. This mold keeps the bed head of the last design while incorporating a headband across the top. It is about $2.00.

This next Kai Minifigure is a special variant, as 2021 celebrates ten years of LEGO NINJAGO! It feels like I was talking about our first Kai figure not that long ago. They grow up so fast, huh? LEGO gives us a Golden Kai with unique printing and a dual molded gold and red headgear piece to commemorate this occasion.

He sells for an average of $7.00.

The Island Kai uses the new hair and headband mold with detailed torso printing featuring a brown utility belt and gold lining across the fabric. He sells online for about $3.00.

Our final 2021 variant is…Scuba Kai? Seriously? Okay, they’re maybe running out of ideas. I joke, of course, as Scuba Kai comes with a really neat helmet and goggles mold while sporting appropriate gear that honors the theme of the fire character. And don’t forget the flippers! Scuba Kai sells for around $5.00.


Hey, wait a minute, 2022 is the year we’re in right now! We’re so close to the end of our guide, and I hope you’ve had as much fun reading as we’ve had writing. But before we depart, I still have two more Kai variants to talk about!

Core Kai appears in several sets and alternates between a dual molded headgear piece and his headband hair. He brings us back to a simpler torso print with half of his robe being dedicated to an orange flame. He sells for around $3.00.

We’ve made it to our final Kai variant: Core Spinjitzu Kai.

This figure makes use of the flaming headgear piece and uses a translucent red head. He has a torso print of a flaming orange symbol and reuses the same leg printing from the other Core Minifigures. He appears in one spinner and is valued at around $6.00.

And that’s a wrap! If you’ve made it to the end, congratulations! I look forward to seeing more variants of Kai in the future, and I hope you do too!

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Question: Which LEGO Ninjago Kai Minifigure is the most valuable and hardest to find?

Answer: Golden Power Kai, as his only appearance is in the 2017 NINJAGO Bricktober Pack.

Question: Which Kai figure appears in the most amount of the sets?

Answer: Legacy Kai makes an appearance in 17 LEGO products, making him the most common Kai Minifigure.

Question: Where can retired LEGO NINJAGO sets be found?

Answer: Although LEGO themselves has retired certain products, they can be purchased from third-party websites such as,, and

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