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Where to Sell LEGOs Online

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Are you looking for where to sell LEGOs online and clear out some of your collection? Your kids may have too many LEGO sets, and you’d like to donate or sell them. Don’t worry; I won’t tell anyone about the set you forgot you already and bought an extra of while out picking up groceries. If the bricks and sets you’re unloading are in good shape, there are a few places where you can get back a bit of money for them.

Sure, you could donate them to the nearest Goodwill, but there’s a good chance another LEGO fan could be on the search for the sets and bricks you have!

I’m too sentimental to part with my sets and constantly think, “I’ll build a MOC someday that requires these bricks.” That means I’m not a frequent seller within the LEGO fan community.

However, I have done my fair share of purchasing sets and loading up on Pick-A-Bricks at the LEGO store. These are some of the best places to unload your LEGO bricks while getting a little bit back to fuel your subsequent brick-centric purchases.

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Where to Sell LEGOs Online

Bottom Line Up Front

The best place to sell LEGOs will depend on what kind of seller you are. If you’re a LEGO collector and fan who knows your bricks, you’ll best go to the specialty marketplaces to take care of business.

If you’re a parent or a more casual LEGO fan who knows they have many things to get rid of, you’ll likely want to stick to the most casual selling areas.

Where to Sell LEGOs Online

For general LEGO Unhaulers:

For LEGO Enthusiasts:

Selection Criteria

While there are quite a few areas to buy LEGO, selling bricks and sets can be more challenging. This is especially true when considering how many details go into planning your sale. I’ve kept to reputable and easy-to-use places to pick the best spot. To make the sale, you have to go to the areas people actually go to buy – and you have to know what you have!

I’ve seen so many people undervalue their sets on listings. Though getting steals as a buyer may be great, I can’t imagine it would feel good for sellers to realize how much potential profit they lost out on!

Things to Know about Selling LEGOs

Where to Sell LEGOs Online figure postman
  • Authenticity
  • Value
  • Specified Knowledge


There are lots of sellers out there who are trying to con LEGO fans. Consumers need to discern who they are purchasing from, whether they be knock-off companies or knock-off bricks. That being said, if you’ve acquired a collection you’re looking to get rid of, you’ll want to verify that your bricks are legitimate LEGOs before selling them on these sites. How can you tell?

  1. Look for the LEGO brand on the studs – All LEGO bricks have the company name. Some off-brand groups will try to play off their bricks by printing their brand in tiny fonts. Get a magnifying glass to verify “LEGO” is present if necessary.
  2. Check the brick’s cut, weight, and feel – LEGO is very consistent with its product. Get a legitimate LEGO brick and make sure the bricks you have match their broader design quality. There should be no rounded edges, alternate weights for similar pieces, or strange textures relative to the actual brick.
  3. If you have minifigures, look for LEGO branding on the various body parts – You can usually find them on a headpiece’s top stud, on the neck of a torso piece, on the hip studs, and on the inside of the feet. Custom minifigure producers and minifig collectors often mix and match parts, so check each part of the figure thoroughly before labeling it as official LEGO.

There is nothing inherently wrong with liking alternate brick brands or buying custom minifigures from non-LEGO producers. However, you want to avoid trying to pass them off as official products of the brand when they aren’t. That would be a surefire way to mar your credibility as a seller, even if you meant well when listing what you have!

I’ve bought my fair share of custom minifigures, from anime-inspired ones to detailed Star Wars minifigures that differ significantly from the offerings on the official LEGO market. You can’t always get a good Phase 2 minifigure of Echo from Star Wars in standard sets!


Something else you’ll want to pay attention to is what your bricks are actually worth. You want to ensure your product is accurate so it will sell with positive experiences. High markups are only good for seller credibility and consumers. On the other hand, you also don’t want to get far less than what your LEGOs are worth. There very well COULD be some valuable parts of your collection.

Be sure you’re aware of – or educate yourself on – what you have. Sometimes a bunch of basic bricks is better sold as a big conglomerate on eBay than as individual parts on BrickLink.

  • Check the state of the LEGOs. Are the bricks chipped or just dirty? Is it still in the original packaging? Is a set actually complete or missing pieces?
  • Check BrickLink or Brickset for part listings and set values.
  • Go online to LEGO forums to see if you can identify similar sets and works with what you have.
  • Check other listings of your item or similar items to see what the market says about their current value.

Specified Knowledge

Just like with the aspects of value, there are just certain things you need to know about your bricks to know the best way and place to sell them. I like to keep a spreadsheet of sets I’ve bought and want; this way, I don’t buy duplicates and can budget effectively for new releases. I’m always sure to include the set number since it’s also easier to find specialized parts to order if there is a particular piece that I want more of.

  • Set knowledge – What sets do you have? Are they brand-new releases? Are they vintage sets?
  • Piece Count of Sets – Is the set actually intact? Selling them with missing pieces without saying they’re missing is a quick way to upset your buyers. Instructions are often available online, so double-check that all the parts are present. It helps to specify which ones are missing so buyers know if they can acquire missing pieces readily.
  • Minifigure Assembly – Is your minifigure combined with the right parts? Sometimes kids swap legs on various sets, so you’ll want to be sure your minifigure is intact the way it should be. If it isn’t and you don’t have the missing parts, state that in your listing.
  • Specified Product – While Boba Fett’s minifigure is known for its insanely high value, it is a particular figure. LEGO has released several Star Wars sets featuring the bounty hunter since. You don’t want to falsely advertise having the rare figure if you have a figure from sets based on The Book of Boba Fett.

8 Best Places to Sell LEGOs

For Casual Sellers

1. eBay

Where to Sell LEGOs Online Where to Sell LEGOs Online ebay

Everyone knows this might be the default selling site but for a good reason. eBay is one of the most user-friendly resale markets on the internet. It’s familiar, it’s popular, and you can sell bulk LEGOs here. The site does take a commission fee which is built into the final pricing for buyers.

It is possible to interact with potential buyers with questions about your listing. You can just throw it all together and unload it at once if you want it to be as quick and easy as possible. There are always LEGO fans looking for extra pieces for custom builds! I haven’t bought any LEGOs from eBay, but my boyfriend has picked up several listings for assorted LEGO minifigure parts.

2. Poshmark

poshmark Where to Sell LEGOs Online

Poshmark is very similar to eBay. What originally began as a site to sell clothes no longer in use has since expanded to feature listings with more product variety. This includes LEGO. Like eBay, this is also a good place to list bulk LEGO bricks. If you just want to get rid of the majority of the bricks, this will also be a very straightforward and easy way to do so.

Like eBay, Poshmark also takes a commission from sales. Sales under $15 have a $2.95 commission fee. Sales above that amount will be split 80% for the seller and 20% for Poshmark. Be sure to check which site fits your needs, pricing, and usability.

3. Replay Bricks

replay bricks Where to Sell LEGOs Online

Replay Bricks is a great company for getting rid of LEGOs you no longer need lying around your house. This is especially true if you don’t care what you have in it or if you mainly just have assorted, standard bricks.  They will buy your collection and provide a free shipping label to have it sent to them. You don’t have to know what’s in the collection. You send them the estimated weight of the collection, the authenticity of it to the LEGO brand, and the overall condition.

Unfortunately, this selling option is only available in the United States if you don’t live in Alaska or Hawaii.

The best part? These bricks will be “recycled.” They will be cleaned and prepared for use by other LEGO fans so they don’t end up in the landfill. I’m averse to selling my LEGOs, but I’ve heard many stories where parents sell their children’s collections without asking. If I were one of those kids, I would’ve been upset, but with this option, I’d at least know my collection would be used and potentially appreciated!

4. The Plastic Brick

the plastic brick Where to Sell LEGOs Online

The Plastic Brick focuses on selling “used and out-of-production sets.” The good thing about this site for casual sellers is that it buys them from you! This is similar to ReplayBricks, as The Plastic Brick will buy the sets from you and will take care of “payment, shipping, and cleaning.”

However, the limitation is that the site will only buy sets from the United States and Canada for economic reasons. There are further limitations too, in that open polybags will not be purchased. Damaged boxes are okay; just label them as such in the sales forms you submit. There is no guarantee the site will accept your collection, but if you want the selling process to be as out-of-your-hands as possible, this is a good site for exactly that.

5. Toy Brick Brigade

toy brick brigade Where to Sell LEGOs Online

As of May 2023, this site has been under limited operation. However, it can be an excellent option for large collections once it reopens to standard operation. The site usually buys collections weighing 30 pounds or more – even over 500 pounds! After an influx of offers, Toy Brick Brigade has had to pause submissions to catch up.

They pay by the pound depending on the LEGOs’ conditions and types. However, sealed sets are only paid by the pound, so you’re better off taking these out and selling them separately to potentially get a better return on them. While not open now, this is certainly a group to be on the look out for in the future.

For LEGO Enthusiasts

1. BrickLink

bricklink Where to Sell LEGOs Online

BrickLink is one of my favorite LEGO resources. I use it to check set values, piece availability, and for information when doing research to write various LEGO articles. While I’ve never sold on it, there have been many times I’ve wanted to buy pieces. The site is well-organized and user-friendly, making it easy to find what I need and to check values, release years, and piece counts for sets.

This LEGO marketplace works best for sellers and buyers who know what they have. It can take more time to set up since it sells parts and sets, so sellers need to know what they have. However, it’s easy to see the prices of fellow fans and competitors, so it makes value evaluation a bit easier at times. You can set up your own shop, so buyers can see everything you have to offer.

This site is also perfect for when you know you have a rarer item that LEGO enthusiasts would specifically want. This is certainly the case for official minifigures and specialty bricks exclusive to certain LEGO Themes. This is always my go-to when I need a part of any kind, including minifigures and minifigure parts.

I drop a note for my boyfriend, and the part magically appears – granted, it comes with a slew of others since he usually has several bricks waiting to be purchased! I’ve never had a bad experience with BrickLink.

2. Brick Owl

brick owl Where to Sell LEGOs Online

Brick Owl is very similar to BrickLink. It is a LEGO-specific marketplace where users can set up shops and sell off parts, minifigures, and sets. I have personally never bought from Brick Owl. I tend to prefer the layout and navigation of Brick Link, so that is usually my go-to LEGO stop when I need specific pieces.

Nonetheless, Brick Owl is a good, reputable marketplace for LEGO. Deciding between the two as a seller will often come down to the site layout and navigation. Stick with the one that makes you the most comfortable and that you can effectively do everything you need. I’ve never sold anything here, but I’ve seen fans in the community use both sites regularly.

3. PilotBrick

pilotbrick Where to Sell LEGOs Online

PilotBrick is a much more specialized marketplace for LEGO selling. The site focuses primarily on set resale instead of primarily loose parts. I have not used this site to purchase items. I usually buy sets directly from typical retailers like LEGO’s online store, Walmart, Target, or Amazon. I often look around in the parts marketplaces for things to add to my collection or to plan for specific custom builds I’d like to do.

However, this PilotBrick might be just what you’re looking for if you have a set that is complete or even sealed in the box still. There are no commission fees, and like the other sites, you can also have a storefront listing all the sets you’re looking to get rid of.


Question: How do I pick a LEGO marketplace to sell on?

Answer: Consider what you’re selling (ex: bulk parts, individual parts, minifigures, sets) and see which best fits your needs!

Question: Do I need to pay commission fees at online marketplaces?

Answer: For the majority of resale sites and LEGO resale sites, yes. A commission fee for the host site is usually worked into prices or required each calendar month for storefronts.

Question: Where can I buy used or new LEGO sets?

Answer: If you’re looking for new sets, you can go online to retailers like LEGO, Walmart, and Amazon. For individual parts, bulk parts, or used items, consider going to LEGO marketplaces like Bricklink, Brick Owl, or even eBay.


Where to Sell LEGOs Online lego sets to sell

Selling LEGOs can be a very lengthy process, especially when trying to find the best place to put listings. Your knowledge of your wares and timeframe for sales will be the biggest determining factors for which site works best for you. It’s okay to get rid of things fast or to base your sales on individual part listings.

Ultimately, the site design, fees, and the nature of your LEGOs will be the decider in which site will get you the most visibility, profit, and user satisfaction. While I have never sold my LEGOs, and there isn’t much chance of me doing so in the future, I know which sites will best benefit my various shopping needs. BrickLink has gotten so much business from me! If they aren’t working out, there’s nothing wrong with trying different approaches and changing to a new method or marketplace when needed!

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