David Borgogni

David is a dedicated and experienced content creation professional with a love for BMX, Ecommerce, the outdoors, and, most importantly, LEGO. Having grown up with these monumentally popular bricks, David knows a thing or two when it comes to LEGO sets, best building practices and always has ear to the ground for new sets on the horizon.

Best LEGO Yoda Sets

It is impossible to imagine the Star Wars universe without Yoda, a wise and adorable Jedi who trained Luke Skywalker. So, if you’re a fan of Star Wars movies getting one of the best LEGO Yoda Sets can help you recreate one of the cinema’s most beloved characters. LEGO launched the first set from the …

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5 Best LEGO Fire Trucks

Most children dream of doing courageous and adventurous jobs, and you’ll often hear them say that when they grow up, they want to become police officers, firemen, or astronauts. Getting one of the best LEGO fire trucks can help your children live out their fantasies and even encourage them to become firefighters. Besides inspiring children …

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