David Borgogni

David is a dedicated and experienced content creation professional with a love for BMX, Ecommerce, the outdoors, and, most importantly, LEGO. Having grown up with these monumentally popular bricks, David knows a thing or two when it comes to LEGO sets, best building practices and always has ear to the ground for new sets on the horizon.

Biggest LEGO Sets Guide

Biggest LEGO Sets Guide

Regardless of how young or old they are, LEGO fans take pride in designing unique creative ideas or completing challenging sets. In this guide to the biggest LEGO sets, I will introduce you to models that will test your building skills and provide you with a beautiful display piece upon completion. LEGO sets have gotten …

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10 Best LEGO Tank Ideas

10 Best LEGO Tank Ideas

War toys offer children a learning tool that helps them process strong emotions and understand the concept of responsibility. Despite this, the LEGO tanks are rare, as the toymaker has strict policies regarding the production of realistic weapons and military vehicles. Tanks featured in LEGO sets are modeled after the vehicles from Star Wars movies …

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Best LEGO Storage

Best LEGO Storage Ideas

Keeping LEGO pieces in their original packaging isn’t really an option because they arrive in plastic bags that wear out quickly after you open them. That is why you’ll have to explore some of the best LEGO storage ideas to find a suitable storage solution for your collection. Unless you’re planning on keeping all sets …

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LEGO Minifigures Series 21

Sets from the Minifigures theme usually feature characters from all walks of life, from cavemen to pop stars and police officers. The LEGO Minifigures Series 21 continues this tradition by offering a variety of unique fictional and real characters. Like most models in this theme, the Minifigures Series 21 71029 set had a short lifespan, …

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