Mark LoProto

Outside of the fact that he has been building LEGOS from a very young age, Mark has been writing about the gaming and entertainment industry since 2009 and has a passion for not just being a part of the gaming community, but also for the LEGO community. He adores nothing more than sitting down for a huge build and keeps up to date with the latest sets on the horizon.

LEGO Among Us Build Ideas

John Carpenter’s The Thing is a grim tale about paranoia and isolation, framed by the thawing of a horrifying extraterrestrial capable of mimicking organic matter. By the movie’s close, audiences were privy to gruesome displays of practical horror, dismemberment, and immolation. So, it makes perfect sense that a bright and chipper-looking game like Among Us

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Call of Duty LEGO Ideas

First released in 2003, the Call of Duty series has remained an ongoing series, spanning multiple console generations with its wartorn battlefields, controversial themes, and memorable characters. The series has spanned the great battles of World War II, taken players to the distant future, and pit heroes against undead hordes. But there’s one thing publisher Activision has

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