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John Carpenter’s The Thing is a grim tale about paranoia and isolation, framed by the thawing of a horrifying extraterrestrial capable of mimicking organic matter. By the movie’s close, audiences were privy to gruesome displays of practical horror, dismemberment, and immolation. So, it makes perfect sense that a bright and chipper-looking game like Among Us would have its roots in the 1982 horror flick. 

Among Us is the questionable Saturday morning cartoon version of The Thing that sends players bouncing around as hapless colorful spacemen trying to complete tasks while not dying at the hands of the ominous Impostor. It’s a clever concept for a game that really tests the limits of trust and spotlights the detriments of self-doubt. One wrong decision could send an innocent Crewmate soaring into space and put you one space closer to being the Impostor’s next victim.

Though Among Us may teeter on the edge of adult entertainment, its characters and locations could make for some surprisingly intricate builds for adult fans of LEGO (AFOLs) and teenage fans of LEGO (TFOLs). After hopping my way through a few rounds and being ejected into space during half of them, I was able to visualize a collection of LEGO builds that would do this LEGO Among Us Build ideas justice. 

There’s still quite a bit of room on LEGO’s storefront for more gaming-themed sets, and I believe turning to Among Us and these build ideas is a great start to fleshing out a collection that goes beyond Minecraft and Super Mario Bros.  

Bottom Line Up Front

There were quite a few ideas I was fond of, but I truly love the Imposter in the Ducts Diorama idea. Inspiration for the build came from a Stranger Things’ LEGO Idea that bisects Hawkins to show an Upside Down-ridden underground tunnel. Just imagine a glimpse into the Skeld’s duct system, an Impostor patiently waiting while a hapless Crewmate cleans the 02 filters. There are quite a few possibilities for setting up this diorama that makes it a fun, dynamic setpiece for Among Us fans and LEGO collectors.

Selection Criteria

Typically, when trying to find some great LEGO Among Us build ideas, I scour the My Own Creation (MOC) collections and expand upon what’s there. Surprisingly, Among Us didn’t have a vast selection of MOCs to choose from, so I had to sit down, revisit the quirky game of teamwork and betrayal, and play for inspiration more than to score a victory.

The ideas flooded in, and after jotting down more than 20, this is the criteria I used to select the seven listed below:

  • Does it best represent the game?
  • Is it fun to build for LEGO and Among Us fans?
  • Will it display well?

7 Among Us LEGO Ideas

These seven Among Us LEGO ideas will test any builder’s ability to piece together a design without a roadmap. Thankfully, the end product more than makes up for the lack of clear instructions. Colorful visuals give some wiggle room for interpretation and creativity, but booting up a round of the multiplayer game should make it a little easier to remain faithful to the source material.

#01 Imposter In the Ducts Diorama

This diorama would really be a passion project for someone that loves Among Us. Why? Because there is going to be very little source material to reference. While vents are a core mechanic when playing as an Impostor, players never see the inner workings of the map’s ductwork. I can imagine it’s full of dust and the occasional space spider, but the rest is totally up to the builder. 

What’s fun about this MOC is the duality of it. The bisected view showcases two very distinct aspects of Among Us. Beneath the flooring is an Impostor, lying in wait for the hapless Crewmate to get engrossed in their tasks. Atop, just minding their business, is the victim, unaware of what horrors are just beneath them.

You can customize the look of the Impostor to either be a normal Crewmate minifigure or something more elaborate and terrifying. As for the task being performed, there are many maps and several rooms per map to choose from. You can go simple and recreate the Skeld’s Security Room or go a more difficult route with the Reactor Room.

#02 Full Map Bignettes

In LEGO speak, a “bignette” is a larger scale build that takes up more than an 8 x 8 space. I promise you, the maps of Among Us, even with individual rooms built to a small scale, will be large to recreate.

Though Among Us launched with only one map, The Skeld, it has since expanded to include an additional three — MIRA HQ, Polus, and the Airship. Each of these is uniquely laid out, features quite an assortment of rooms, and is littered with different tasks for Crewmates. Now, imagine recreating even just one of them for your next LEGO project.

Admittedly, it’s not an easy undertaking. All four maps pose their own challenges, from the Airship’s chaotic layout to the fact that Polus includes outdoor traversal. However, a master builder should have no issue visualizing the end product. And it’s relatively easy to get reference photos of each map. Your best bet will be to create small rooms that aren’t incredibly detailed and piece them together for a large but manageable build.

#03 Airship Model

Though the Airship wasn’t added as a map until 2021, its exterior and jumbled interior are so unique that it deserves its own build. The red ship sports a bulbous design and four engines, with a few embellishments that may be a little more difficult to recreate with LEGO. However, to really make this an impressive build, you’ll need to open the airship up to a miniaturized version of its map.

There are over 20 locations tucked away in the airship, including 12 vents. Recreating the full map within a moderately sized model will require you to shrink the details down. In fact, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to add much accuracy to the individual rooms or even include Crewmate and Impostor minifigures. 

The challenge of appropriately sizing this build is one creators will need to overcome themselves. With the right amount of red bricks, you can create a sizable vignette of the Airship. Or you can keep it simple, scale the size down, and really shrink down the details on the inside.

#04 Classic Skeld Room Dioramas

The Skeld was the map that started it all, and builders can pay tribute to the iconic map by choosing a room and crafting a diorama. If you’re not up for building the entire Skeld map, there are 14 locations that you can recreate in either an 8 x 8 vignette or a slightly larger space. 

Some of the rooms, like Security and Storage, don’t have a ton of detail to build out and may be easier for more novice builders. Master creators, on the other hand, may tackle more complex rooms like the Reactor, the Upper or Lower Engine, or Electrical. Since these are individual rooms, they may seem out of place on display, especially to anyone unfamiliar with Among Us.

If you want to take things a step further, you can build the rooms so that they connect via stretches of hallway. Maybe you want to build the whole left half of the ship or want to integrate the Cafeteria as a hub for minifigures. No matter the choice you make, you’ll be honoring the start of Among Us in a way only a LEGO fan can.

#05 Among Us on Mobile

As part of its video game releases, LEGO dropped the Nintendo Entertainment System build, featuring a console and TV displaying Super Mario Bros. That fun set is the inspiration for this idea, which is really just an oversized mobile device with a scene from Among Us on the screen. I chose a smartphone because that’s where the game first launched, and I’m all about nostalgia.

The phone won’t be too difficult to recreate, especially if you use this LEGO Idea as a guide. What may be challenging is deciding how to recreate a scene from Among Us for the screen? Do you just print out a sticker and break a purist’s heart? Or do you do what LEGO did for the NES set and build a scene out of bricks?

Don’t forget a phone stand, too. This adjustable MOC stand should work well as a display for the Among Us Mobile build.

#06 The Lobby

This is technically where it all begins. Everyone gathers around, chatting away, changing their character’s color, and swapping out hats as they wait for the match to start. At this stage of the game, everyone’s still friends. No one is out to kill everyone else, and the whole point is to simply mingle. 

While the space isn’t anything special, a set of this initial room is nostalgic in a way. Among Us has been out for more than four years, and the player stats indicate it may need a little revitalization. What better way to do this than by recreating the room everyone gathers in before mercilessly accusing one another of murder.

The bulk of this build will be the angled walls and unique flooring. Otherwise, you’re looking at creating a few crates and some seating. Of course, this is your MOC, so you can tweak it any way you wish. Don’t forget, the lobby is attached to a larger craft that you get a glimpse of. So, you can turn this into a bigger and more complex set if you so wish.

#07 Individual Crewmate Minifigures

Of all the things I expected LEGO to do with Among Us, a series of Crewmate minifigures was pretty high on that list. Alas, as there are no official Among Us LEGO sets or figures, it’s up to you to piece them together. 

Creating these minifigures will require some ingenuity as they’re not ordinary humanoid shapes. In fact, a completed minifigure may come out a little bigger than standard figures, as you need to account for the Crewmate’s backpack, rounded head, and glass visor. What’s great about creating a series of Among Us minifigures is that you have an assortment of colors to choose from. It only takes one color to complete a figure, unless you add a slight variation for the shading depicted on the sprite.

There’s plenty of fun to be had with the Crewmates, as you can make one or two into an Impostor and add all sorts of accessories for seasonal displays or just to change things up. If you want a template, this MOC is about as close as you’ll get to an accurate figure.

Will We Ever Official See Among Us LEGO Sets?

There is one major factor working against the possibility of an official Among Us LEGO set, and that’s the game’s popularity. Unlike other games that LEGO developed builds for, like Sonic the Hedgehog and Minecraft, Among Us hasn’t quite had the same staying power. For reference, Minecraft, which was released in 2011, has had approximately 170 million active players per month (in 2022). Per SteamCharts, Among Us only has approximately 8,500 playing in a 24-hour period. 

Other Among Us Merchandise

Just because we may not have official LEGO sets to shop for doesn’t mean Among Us is devoid of all merchandising opportunities. On the contrary, has an entire line of Among Us merchandise, including t-shirts and pins. There are also several blind box and blind bag collectibles out there, along with blind plushies, a puzzle, and even a ceramic piggy bank.

The bulk of Among Us merchandise can be found on Etsy. Using 3D printers and creativity, shop owners have come up with everything from Crewmate Airpod cases to Crewmate 3D LED lamps

There’s no shortage of user-generated content to scratch that Among Us itch with.

FAQ About LEGO Among Us Build Ideas

Question: Are They Making an Among Us 2?

Answer: Though developer Innersloth did plan on moving on to Among Us 2, it decided the player base was too high to risk sinking resources into another project. So instead, Innersloth dropped Among Us 2 and focused on content for Among Us
Though the player base has since dropped, there still hasn’t been any word on whether Among Us 2 has returned to development.

Question: Is Among Us Free?

Answer: Among Us is only free to play on iOS and Android devices, so long as you’re okay with sitting through ads, it’s free. The game is approximately $5 on all PlayStation and Xbox consoles and the Nintendo Switch and PC. At the time of writing, Among Us is also available on Xbox Game Pass. 

Question: Is Among Us Cross-Platform?

Answer: You can enjoy Among Us with players on any platform. If you’re on PC and have friends on PS4 you want to join, simply provide them with the “Code” available at the Lobby screen.

Building Nightmares in Space

It’s very possible we’ll never see an official Among Us LEGO set, and that’s okay. The seven ideas above should give any AFOL Among Us fan the inspiration needed to start digging through bricks and find a way to bring them to life. That Imposter in the Ducts concept is a surefire showstopper, especially if the Imposter can be customized to switch between looking like a monstrosity and blending in with other Crewmates.

Among Us may not seem like a property made for LEGO, but there’s plenty of inspiration there for a decent series of large and small builds. Though it may be on the older side, thousands of players still load up into the lobby to try their hand at surviving the Imposter. Gaming AFOLs and TFOLs would surely eat up an entire collection of Among Us LEGO, even if they weren’t fans of the game. Among Us has a very stylistic aesthetic that makes it great for merchandising, and that would surely carry over into LEGO territory.

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