Samantha Valencia

Samantha Valencia is a freelance writer with a Master's degree in Library Science from the University of North Texas. She has been a building block aficionado since her first playtimes with a LEGO Freestyle box and the 1990s Mega Bloks Megaville line. From LEGO Classic McDonald's Happy Meal toys to Disney castles, she's built more sets than she can count.

LEGO Zombie Ideas

LEGO Zombie Ideas: 15 Ways to Bring the Undead to Playtime

Zombies have been consistently popular in films, television, and video games for decades. There have been several hit movies and acclaimed shows, from Zombieland to The Walking Dead. However, as a toy company, LEGO provides products predominantly aimed at children, making zombies a problematic theme to approach. As a result, there are minimal offerings for official LEGO Zombie

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Naruto LEGO Ideas

Naruto LEGO Ideas

Anime and LEGO don’t go hand in hand, as there aren’t any officially licensed sets for a series from the company. However, that doesn’t mean builders worldwide don’t have ideas about bringing together one of the most prominent manga and anime franchises to the playful block world. While Naruto may not be included in LEGO’s official offerings,

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