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LEGO Zombie Ideas: 15 Ways to Bring the Undead to Playtime

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Zombies have been consistently popular in films, television, and video games for decades. There have been several hit movies and acclaimed shows, from Zombieland to The Walking Dead. However, as a toy company, LEGO provides products predominantly aimed at children, making zombies a problematic theme to approach. As a result, there are minimal offerings for official LEGO Zombie products.

Currently, LEGO has zombies available only within the Minecraft theme, inspired by the ever-popular videogame of the same name. The zombies in the game are 8-bit stylized and green, lacking most of the gore seen in other media featuring the monsters. This makes it abide by the specific policies LEGO has in place for developing age-appropriate toys and broader themes.

Fans always look for new ways to experience LEGO and their favorite themes. This article will present some ideas for Zombie-related LEGO builds within the fan community and some ideas I thought up while considering this particular theme. It will be divided into ideas aligning with LEGO’s approach and ideas for fans who want something the company can’t provide.

LEGO Zombie Ideas

Bottom Line Up Front

Zombie lines are complex for LEGO to produce and approach considering the inherent violence of reanimating the dead. In media, the theme often calls for guns and other intense weaponry that doesn’t work in children’s toys. As a result, anything with increased violence would require fans to have them custom done as MOCs (My Own Creations) outside of official LEGO licensing and branding.

7 LEGO Zombie Ideas LEGO Could Actually Use

Despite the popularity of zombie films and series, few ways exist to make zombie-themed sets friendly for younger consumers. Without appropriate weaponry, iconic zombie stories like The Walking Dead don’t work well in LEGO. However, LEGO has left a few breadcrumbs in other themes that can be used creatively to bring builders fun – and acceptable – sets.

Selection Criteria: LEGO Possibilities

While it was a challenge, these are the criteria I used when making my selections for ideas LEGO could consider producing:

  • Concepts with the potential to fit LEGO’s brand in terms of violence allowability
  • Incorporation of zombies available – or that were previously available – on the market from LEGO
  • Youth-friendly with high playability

Plants vs Zombies

LEGO Zombie Ideas plants vs zombies
  • Builder: Aggravator
  • Source: LEGO Ideas
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Piece Count: 2,193

Supported by over 1,000 fans in the community, Plants vs. Zombies – Front Lawn brings in another hit video game franchise that makes zombies a little more friendly. Like Minecraft, Plants vs. Zombies focuses less on zombie-theming’s gory and violent components. The best part, however, is that this idea isn’t simply a set but a defensive strategy game. I love having board game nights and am always on the lookout for new options to try.

This is definitely a game I’d love to try. It provides a high level of interactivity with a few different zombies and numerous types of plants. It also incorporates a few moving elements. The game focuses on defense instead of offense, allowing for a less bloody experience. Given the success of LEGO’s Minecraft theme, bringing Plants vs. Zombies into the mix could also expand the company’s video game-inspired options.

Zombie House

LEGO Zombie Ideas zombie house
  • Builder: Iyan Ha
  • Source: LEGO Ideas
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Piece Count: 2,131

Zombie apocalypses always start somewhere, and what could be scarier than zombies in your own home? Coming from LEGO Ideas, this zombie house has over 3,000 supporters. Its storyline revolves around saving a baby from the inside, surrounded by a horde of zombies. This build was rendered digitally, and the house looks very nice, making it a fun zombie play option and a great potential display piece!

The one downside relative to LEGO’s policies is the gun wielded by one of the central figures. However, he also has a baseball bat, and his companion carries a frying pan. Zombieland incorporated unconventional weaponry into its action sequences, so shifting up the accessories could add a comedy element.

Eliminating the gun would lessen an aspect of violence without sacrificing the core story. The zombie figures used in the rendering also aren’t very grotesque, making similar designs very possible for LEGO. Despite the house and area being run-down, no bloody elements are incorporated into the build itself. A set like this could be compared to a themed haunted house, making it a flexible option for zombie-themed play.

Marvel: Zombie Captain America

LEGO Zombie Ideas marvel zombie captain america
  • Builder: Eugenio Iacono
  • Source: Rebrickable
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Piece Count: 359

Marvel sets, and figures have always been a staple in my toy collection, especially those involving Spider-Man. The MCU has brought numerous incredible sets, but Marvel’s What If? definitely provides a ton of potential for future LEGO offerings. After the debut of Captain America as a zombie in the series, fans took to their collections to bring the undead hero to life.

This Brickheadz-style MOC of him is paired with Spider-Man as a zombie hunter, making it one I’d love to recreate myself. The Multiverse is extensive and ever-expanding, creating tons of potential for undead variants to rise from the grave!

Marvel: Undead Doctor Strange

LEGO Zombie Ideas marvel undead doctor strange
  • Builder: Eugenio Iacono
  • Source: Rebrickable
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Piece Count: 506

Expanding on Marvel’s potential for zombie mayhem, this Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness Brickheadz MOC features the zombie version of the titular hero. This build is much more complex than the previous Brickheadz build. It also diverges a bit from the simplicity of the line, but it definitely provides fans with more Marvel-centric options. I’ve yet to feel Marvel burn-out, so I always look for new set options featuring my favorite superheroes.

Marvel’s What If? Recreations & Playsets

LEGO Zombie Ideas marvel's what if recreations & playsets
Image source: Instagram
  • Builder: cody_lego_ac
  • Source: Instagram
  • Difficulty: Variable
  • Piece Count: Variable

Another way fans can add some Marvel Zombie to their playtime is to incorporate Marvel minifigures into dioramas and scenes, similar to how it has been done by @cody_lego_ac. This build combines Captain America with custom zombie minifigures (unofficial, not licensed or produced by LEGO).

This can provide various build options based entirely on a builder’s construction skills and available bricks. From altered LEGO City sets broken apart to resemble destruction or adjustments to iconic Marvel structures fans may have in their collections, there’s nothing like repurposing a fun set into a new scene. Even a flipped-over LEGO car with an open door can add the right amount of damage to a zombie apocalypse scene.

Given that Marvel has already released a zombie Captain America figure in Marvel’s What If? minifigure series, it is plausible to expand on this figure by developing an alternate universe line around it. After all, there is a Marvel Zombies comic that can provide plenty of ideas that go beyond the show!

This would be a fun and kid-friendly expansion that would only grow the sets that families have already been collecting and playing with. Incorporating the comic series, which began publishing in 2005, would allow an alternate universe full of creepy variants in Marvel’s comic universe. It is ripe for the picking with the success of other LEGO Marvel sets.

Minecraft Zombie Attacks

LEGO Zombie Ideas minecraft zombie attacks
  • Builder: veyniac
  • Source: Rebrickable
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Piece Count: 302

LEGO fans with some Minecraft sets featuring zombies can use alternate terrain builds instead of just relying on the ones out of the box. I’ve spent more hours in Minecraft than I dare share, and I’m always excited when new biomes are added to the game – because it means more time to spend building in new areas. Bringing new biomes from Minecraft to reality is even better!

This build by veyniac on Rebrickable is an excellent example of using what builders already have and changing up some scenery for a new playset. The diagonally angled pieces may divert from Minecraft’s typical grid system. Still, the approach as a whole is straightforward while opening up new scenarios for interaction.

Scooby-Doo: Zombie Island

LEGO Zombie Ideas scooby-doo mystery machine lego

I am a huge Scooby-Doo fan, having watched numerous series within the franchise. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve sung Simple Plan’s theme for What’s New Scooby-Doo? at the top of my lungs – whenever I hear it. Looking at my shelves and seeing the Scooby-Doo-themed LEGO sets brought back fond building memories and a desire for more custom builds using them.

Given the popularity of the original movie, Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island, and the release of a sequel in 2019, this could be a viable and child-friendly option for LEGO to revitalize the line. Scooby-Doo’s villains are never what they seem, leaving room to incorporate the zombie theme effectively for young builders. Additionally, with other sets already fitting this theme released in 2015, this is a great way to bring those sets out of storage for builders who need more of the mystery gang.

Scooby-Doo is a classic franchise with plenty of room to add creepy horror elements in positive ways. Fans with the Mystery Machine set (75902) featuring the Zombie minifigure could build MOCs centered around Zombie Island. Combining this figure with those of Mystery Inc. and an island or swamp MOC would result in tons of fun – which I will try to build myself soon!

Island Setting

LEGO Zombie Ideas pirate island

Swamp Setting

LEGO Zombie Ideas swamp setting
  • Builder: Curraheetom
  • Source: Rebrickable
  • Difficulty: Moderate (remove Star Wars specific elements like droids)
  • Overall MOC Difficulty Potential: Easy to Moderate (based on builder’s skill level, collection, and choice of terrain)

8 LEGO Zombie Builds only Fans Can Deliver

Removing LEGO’s strict criteria opens up many options for zombie aficionados. I selected builds that range in difficulty, allowing fans of all skills to get in on the action. I also dug into zombie fandom to discover if the most popular stories had been recreated in brick form. Given the broad nature of the theme, it’s no surprise that there are dozens of builds to create. Sometimes, fans just make the best – and most creative – builds when there is no limitation.

Selection Criteria

  • Does a set fit a popular series or brand that fans love?
  • A range of difficulties for builders of all skill levels
  • Wide range of piece counts
  • Playability and display potential

Zombie vs Woodcutter

LEGO Zombie Ideas zombie vs woodcutter
Image source: Instagram
  • Builder: BrickONE
  • Source: Instagram/YouTube
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Piece Count: Under 100

Sometimes keeping things simple is the best route, as seen with this build that BrickOne lists as only requiring 5 minutes! The simple base, impressive tree, and custom chainsaw weaponry combines the best of all worlds. There is enough zombie action to count in the theme, but it’s quick and small enough to fit into builders’ budgets and spaces!

Walking Dead – Camper

LEGO Zombie Ideas walking dead camper

Since I’m very squeamish when it comes to movies and shows, I’ve yet to be able to get through The Walking Dead series from AMC. However, reading is a free-for-all with me for zombie mayhem. I have greatly enjoyed what I’ve read of the Image Comic series that inspired the show, written by Robert Kirkman.

This camper doesn’t feature zombies in its build, but they’re easy enough to add! Fans of the show will love adding an element from it to their collections. It also brings something new to the table regarding zombie-themed offerings.

Apocalypse Diner

LEGO Zombie Ideas apocalypse diner
  • Builder: gabizon
  • Source: Rebrickable
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Piece Count: 813

One of my favorite things about zombie stories is the apocalyptic settings. It’s always so eerie to see the destruction of familiar locations. Zombies need impressive landscapes to wander about, like this building with an abandoned diner. The meals in this hellish landscape likely won’t be pleasant, making it perfect for builders who need a place to put their zombies. The power line is a good touch, and the vegetation adds a significant layer of depth and a sense of abandonment.

Zombie Apocalypse School Bus

LEGO Zombie Ideas zombie apocalypse school bus
Image source: Instagram
  • Builder: hachiroku92
  • Source: Instagram
  • Difficulty: Hard

In every zombie apocalypse, people must be trying to survive – with a fast set of wheels. While a school bus may not be known for its speed, it has many other perks. It has plenty of room for people AND supplies. As this build shows, it can also be customized to have a handy roof for lookout and attack.

This bus is definitely not the average LEGO City model, as it is much more awesome. It certainly wouldn’t be a build for beginners, but it is a great inspiration source for customizing any bus in your collection to be apocalypse ready!

Setting Inspiration: The Last of Us

LEGO Zombie Ideas the last of us
Image source: Instagram
  • Builder: billsbrickz
  • Source: Instagram
  • Difficulty: Moderate

While The Last of Us is technically not a zombie story, it definitely shares a setting and thematic similarities with the genre. This build inspired by the video game series turned tv show provides another expected setting: the barricaded room. Zombies are not easily stopped, making barricades a much-needed element of any zombie build involving enclosed spaces.

The boarded windows and stacked items in front of them are perfect to add to a diorama or scene with an undead threat looming. This kind of MOC would also be great for display on a bookshelf. It’s small enough to be compact, but big enough to include plenty of intriguing visual details.


LEGO Zombie Ideas cemetery
  • Builder: gabizon
  • Source: Rebrickable
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Piece Count: 922

Another classic setting for zombie mayhem is a cemetery. This build isn’t overly complex, but it has a lot of smaller details that could test the patience of younger builders. However, it does feature many great elements that can be incorporated on a smaller scale. The tombstones are very straightforward, and it seems easy enough to remove a few to fit in some zombies. This would make a great spot for a zombie horde to arise, giving it great playability potential.

Resident Evil Umbrella Corporation

LEGO Zombie Ideas resident evil umbrella corporation
Image source: Instagram

Resident Evil is an iconic game that hasn’t stopped bringing fans zombie action. The Umbrella Corporation has been responsible for unleashing horror on the world, making a build of it in LEGO a must for gamers. The layout lends itself well to staging a breakout. The custom elements put this over the top, but even without them, this is a great challenge for builders.

Call of Duty Zombie Ray Gun

LEGO Zombie Ideas call of duty zombie ray gun
  • Builder: thebrickxbrick
  • Source: Rebrickable
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Piece Count: 539

If I’m not building LEGOs or reading, I tend to be playing video games. While Call of Duty and its zombie ray gun may not be everyone’s first thought when it comes to the undead, I think it’s a worthwhile inclusion since it’s such a unique build. It adds an extra element of fantasy with the coloration and Call of Duty has become known for its Zombie Mode, after all.

Despite being off the path from expectation, this LEGO replica will bring out the inner zombie hunter in all builders. It will also make for an impressive conversation starter and display model.


Question: Does LEGO make zombie sets?

Answer: While LEGO does not make stereotypical zombie sets in terms of gore and grotesque imagery, the company does have themes that feature zombies in some form. This includes Minecraft, which incorporates zombies in a youth-friendly manner. This allows the company to maintain its policy on anti-realistic violence.
This policy has imposed limitations on military-inspired products and weaponry. Following this guideline, LEGO has had to be creative about incorporating popular theming, including zombies.

Question: Why doesn’t LEGO make zombie sets?

Answer: LEGO doesn’t use military violence in its sets and generally veers away from violence. The company stays close to alternate versions of zombies that are slightly more friendly to younger viewers, like Minecraft and Marvel.

Question: Where can I find LEGO Zombie Ideas to build?

Answer: LEGO Ideas has fun concepts from other community members that can provide inspiration. Sites like Rebrickable also share MOCs (My Own Creations) within the brick-building toy community that could help design your own zombie build.


While LEGO may not have many current zombie options, many ways exist to creatively incorporate the broader theme. Despite its violence being a potential hindrance, workarounds exist to bring more zombies into the company’s offerings. It might take a bit of creative thinking and adjustment. Still, fans in the LEGO community are known for their creativity and encouragement of imaginative ideas. For fans building customs, however, the sky has always been the limit!

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