Guide to the Best LEGO Hospital Sets

Best LEGO Hospital Sets: Building Heroes

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All across the country, there are places where heroes can be found every day. These are places where the most tireless warriors battle with the most insidious, fearsome opponents. What are these battlegrounds called?


Doctors, nurses, and medical personnel of all stripes spend their days keeping death and sickness at bay for a few minutes longer. They’re fighting a battle that will eventually end in failure, and they still show up daily to do it. They’re heroes, and they don’t consistently get recognized for it.

Fortunately, LEGO is among the companies that recognize and venerate hospital workers, and they’ve been doing it since the early twentieth century.

I’ve been playing with LEGO since the early nineteen nineties, with hand-me-down bricks that stretched all the way back to 1963! Several hospital sets were in the mix, and I’ve lost count of the hours I’ve spent playing with those old bricks.

Bottom Line Up Front: It was difficult to choose for this Best LEGO Hospital Sets list, but Set 9364: Hospital is the winner. While the layout could be better, it does the best job of presenting a usable hospital playset for potential builders. There are more than five hundred bricks, almost twenty minifigs, emergency vehicles, and medical equipment. It’s harder to get a better hospital set than this one!

Guide to the Best LEGO Hospital Sets Lego hospital set


With so many sets released in that short amount of time, how does a person choose? I’m gonna use five criteria today.

  • Respect – This is a list of heroes. If a LEGO set recognizes that better than others, it will be recognized for that.
  • Creativity – This is still LEGO, after all. If a set takes advantage of the opportunities that LEGO presents, then it’s going to get a better place. Licensed sets won’t be disqualified, but they will be rated lower.
  • Focus – LEGO has released many sets about medical personnel, but if it focuses more on a hospital, it will get a better place on the list.
  • Value – Anyone who has been to a hospital will tell you that medical care can be expensive. If a LEGO set offers you more bricks for a better price, it will be rated higher.
  • Love – It’s my list. I had many of these LEGO sets growing up. If I decide to break a rule or two? Then it’s my right to do so.

20. The Emergency Room

The emergency room LEGO set
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Pieces: 236
  • Theme: Spongebob Squarepants
  • Minifigs: 3
  • Approximate Skill Level: Moderate

Let’s start where no one wants to end up: staring at Spongebob Squarepants.

Okay, maybe that was a low blow, but I could never stand this show, even when I was the right age for it. I always imagined this is where the trend of non sequitur humor started. Spongebob’s voice was also utterly grating.

Still, it focuses not just on Spongebob and Patrick but the doctor’s character as well. It also has an ambulance to build and load Spongebob into and the emergency room itself. It’s got a good number of bricks to it for the price.

Honestly, it’s a good set. It’s one of the top twenty Hospital sets LEGO ever released, after all! It could have been in the top five if it wasn’t a licensed set (or I was a little more objective).

19. Set 6666: Ambulance

LEGO Set 6666: Ambulance
  • Year Released: 1994
  • Pieces: 79
  • Theme: City
  • Minifigs: 2
  • Approximate Skill Level: Beginner

Here’s another place many people want to avoid ending up: in an ambulance.

Riding in one of these is never fun, and the privilege can be way too expensive. Still, if you ever need one, it’s nice knowing that, most of the time, one is just a phone call away with life-saving equipment and personnel.

This set is small. It has just two minifigs, including one with the cocky grin and little shades I always associated with police sets. One of the best parts of this build is the antenna piece. It’s one of the bricks that moved back and forth like a little switch. I always imagined that setting it forward meant that it was en route to an emergency and backward en route to the hospital.

I was five, so it was nothing like accurate, but it was fun!

18. 4×4 Off-Road Ambulance

Best LEGO Hospital Sets 4x4 off-road ambulance
  • Year Released: 2023
  • Pieces: 162
  • Theme: City
  • Minifigs: 3
  • Approximate Skill Level: Moderate

This set was released earlier this year, and I wasn’t even going to put it on the list. I was one hundred percent sure that this was just a cute example of LEGO seeing real life and pushing its boundaries.

Then I did my research and discovered that, although they’re not common, Off-Road ambulances totally exist!

They’re more common in private ambulance companies and mountainous regions. Where they’re needed, they’re life savers. Literally! So I swallowed my pride and added this to the list.

It’s got a surprising amount of bricks in various bright colors. That was part of what made me think it was fake, but it is also part of the reality of the Off-Road Ambulance.

17. Set 363: Hospital

Best LEGO Hospital Sets 363
  • Year Released: 1975
  • Pieces: 225
  • Theme: Legoland
  • Minifigs: 7
  • Approximate Skill Level: Beginner

Nowadays, almost all sets are built to scale with LEGO’s minifigs.

This predates that as it comes only a year or two after the company tried their maxifigs. This set was released right after LEGO dove directly into the Uncanny Valley and started using these nightmare-inducing pod people minifigs.

The hospital is made of almost nothing but standard red LEGO bricks and is too small to fit the pod people inside. There’s nothing wrong with LEGO making representations of things rather than more “realistic” versions, but I really hate these minifigs. They went right to the bottom of their boxes and never saw the light of day.

They did, however, see plenty of moonlight, as I was neither kidding nor being hyperbolic about the nightmares!

16. On the Move Hospital

Best LEGO Hospital Sets on the move hospital
  • Year Released: 2002
  • Pieces: 16
  • Theme: Explore
  • Minifigs: “2”
  • Approximate Skill Level: Not Applicable

DUPLO is a separate arm of the LEGO company that focuses on a different building system that focuses on much larger bricks with much larger studs. Initially, they were designed to be twice as large in every way as a standard LEGO brick. They were released in the late sixties and targeted at small children, as they were less of a choking hazard.

I don’t usually talk about DUPLO stuff. My parents didn’t like to spend money, so they just waited and gave me their old toys.

However, when this came out, my younger brother was just the right age for DUPLO stuff. He had this one. It’s a little backpack with an interior made up to look like a hospital. You’re supposed to fill it with other DUPLO and take it anywhere to have a hospital set ready to unpack and play.

I approve of anything that gets kids to be more creative and honors Hospital workers, so this gets my approval.

15. Doc and Patient

Best LEGO Hospital Sets doc and patient
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Pieces: 19
  • Theme: City
  • Minifigs: 2
  • Approximate Skill Level: Not Applicable

Doctors used to make house calls.

They still do these in some areas or extreme cases, but it’s rare.

Doctors used to do this more because they’re healers sworn by oath to do no harm. I don’t know if that includes “by inaction,” but I like to think it does, and that’s this set in a nutshell.

This set is tiny. It’s got less than two-dozen pieces, including those that make up the minifigs. So how did it make it a quarter of the way down the list?

That’s because I’m a big fan of forensic storytelling, and this set always reminds me of a doctor passing by an unhoused person and doing their job. It encourages builders to play through a story of human kindness and compassion. I absolutely love that, and it deserves a spotlight.

14. Trauma Team

Best LEGO Hospital Sets trauma team
  • Year Released: 1992
  • Pieces: 291
  • Theme: Town
  • Minifigs: 5
  • Approximate Skill Level: Beginner

I have rarely seen so many yellow LEGO bricks in one set before!

This is honestly closer to what I would have imagined for “off-road” rescue vehicles. It’s primarily normal-looking vehicles with some extra wheels for extra grip in dangerous situations. I always thought that the helicopters would have done the Lion’s Share of rescue work in the hinterlands, but it makes sense that they couldn’t do it alone.

I also love that the set includes four medical personnel to one “regular person” minifig. It reminds me of a crack team of healers heading into the wilderness to rescue a lost child at any cost, and that’s something to be commended.

(Also, bonus points for the motorcycle minifig having a motorcycle helmet.)

13.) Emergency Treatment Center

Best LEGO Hospital Sets emergency treatment center
  • Year Released: 1987
  • Pieces: 305
  • Theme: Town
  • Minifigs: 5
  • Approximate Skill Level: Moderate

We’re back in the ER!

This was released not long after they started using the more familiar minifigs, and right after, they began to scale their builds to them. The ER is meant to represent a part of a larger whole that the builder was supposed to fill in or attach to other Hospital sets in circulation.

The open back makes turning it around more accessible and allows the minifigs to play inside for a more significant immersion factor.

This set includes five minifigs, with a three-to-two advantage in favor of the medical personnel. It might seem unrealistic today, but I prefer to consider it an aspirational ratio.

12. Set 231: Hospital

Best LEGO Hospital Set 231
  • Year Released: 1978
  • Pieces: 379
  • Theme: Homemaker
  • Minifigs: It predates them.
  • Approximate Skill Level: Beginner

This is from an experimental period in LEGO’s history.

The set includes the maxifigs that I was talking about a little earlier. This was one of the last sets to use them, and it had larger singular pieces designed to fit together quickly and easily. Essentially, this is kind of the very start of those big pieces that only work for one type of build.

Other than that, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s a cute little scene. There’s a doctor, a nurse, and two children (that look suspiciously like theirs). The most remarkable thing about the design is that it’s hinged!

When the builder wants to play more inside of it, they can open it up outwards to create more space to fit things inside!

11. Rescue Helicopter

Best LEGO Hospital Sets rescue helicopter
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Pieces: 239
  • Theme: City
  • Minifigs: 3
  • Approximate Skill Level: Moderate

This is an exceptional part of any hospital.

If you’ve ever had the great misfortune of having a loved one in a hospital not equipped to save their life, you might have seen a helicopter like this. The Life Flight program started in California before expanding outwards or inspiring similar programs across the rest of the United States. It saves thousands of lives yearly as it’s one of the fastest travel methods.

The build is generic-looking, but it’s clearly equipped for medical transport and search and rescue operations. It’s made of many standard bricks, which I absolutely love, and it’s getting a boost for being the closest tangible thing to an angel of mercy that most people will ever see.

10. Doctor’s Car

Best LEGO Hospital Sets doctor's car
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Pieces: 66
  • Theme: City
  • Minifigs: 1
  • Approximate Skill Level: Beginner

Quickly! To the Doctor-Mobile!

This set hearkens back to the olden days when doctors casually made house calls. It has a single doctor armed with medical equipment and a car with hospital livery.

To be clear, doctors can still make house calls. It’s usually the effect of a program or because of a specific need, but it still happens. I don’t think they show up in a hospital car when it does. (Most doctors are part of their private practice rather than a direct part of the hospital.)

It is a fun design, however. Sometimes, LEGO has to LEGO.

9. Paramedic Unit

Best LEGO Hospital Sets paramedic unit
  • Year Released: 1980
  • Pieces: 137
  • Theme: Legoland
  • Minifigs: 2
  • Approximate Skill Level: Beginner

This was an earlier attempt to scale designs with the minifigs.

This was not particularly well thought out for several reasons. It’s a minimal design, with a car that doesn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen paramedics drive or use. The minifigs are also far happier than most people when paramedics are involved.

It got a relatively high spot on the list despite those things. Among others, it’s one of the hand-me-downs I played with a lot. Beyond the nostalgia, it was also one of the early medical sets that featured LEGO’s iconic minifigs.

Experimentation isn’t wrong, and it won’t get punished just because they perfected the formula later on.

8. Emergency Vehicles HQ

Best LEGO Hospital Sets emergency vehicles hq
  • Year Released: 2023
  • Pieces: 706
  • Theme: City
  • Minifigs: 5
  • Approximate Skill Level: Advanced

If there was more of a focus on the “hospital” element, this set could have quickly taken number one.

Instead, it focuses on having incredibly complex and detailed First Responder vehicles. That’s not bad, but it does lose some points on the hospital list. An argument could be made that a hospital is one of the only facilities that would house an ambulance, a police vehicle, and a helicopter, but this is LEGO, where a wizard has been to the moon, and dragons show up randomly.

A building only meant as a garage to house three vehicles is far from the realm of impossibility in the LEGO world.

If this had built out the medical center part of it more, it would have been another contender for number one. It shares a lot of the problems of number seven below.

7. Emergency Response Center

Best LEGO Hospital Sets emergency response center
  • Year Released: 1998
  • Pieces: 423
  • Theme: Res-Q
  • Minifigs: 5
  • Approximate Skill Level: Moderate

This is a very similar problem to the one above. It’s a building that’s filled with medical personnel.

Except it’s mainly dedicated to their vehicles. That’s not a bad thing! Each of the vehicle’s builds is very nice. They’re very complex and indispensable, except for the motorcycle. Even that could have its place as an escort, messenger, or high-speed scout-type vehicle.

Still, it earns its high place on the list for similar reasons to the one above. It shows many necessary medical vehicles without an attached facility to care for anyone they rescue. That may not be the point. You may be supposed to build the rest of the hospital around it.

Either way, this set has a lot of character to it. I played with it extensively, and I DID build a hospital into the back of it. At the time, I was absolutely in LOVE with that EXTREME Nineties color scheme.

6. Heartlake Hospital

Best LEGO Hospital Sets heartlake hospital
  • Year Released: 2017
  • Pieces: 871
  • Theme: Friends
  • Minifigs: “5”
  • Approximate Skill Level: Advanced

Many readers will already be familiar with “the pink tax.”

To those who are not, anything marketed directly to girls or women will usually cost more, despite being essentially the same product. I’m not a big fan of gendering toys, but something as broadly-appealing as LEGO seems ridiculous.

Even so, that’s what LEGO Friends did. It produces sets designed “for girls.” Its bricks use many floral and pastel colors, replacing the standard minifigs with more detailed “mini dolls.” I’m not saying that children won’t enjoy it, and there’s no market for it, but it strikes me that plenty of children of all genders would want that kind of set.

Despite that, this set is still an excellent Hospital set.

It’s set up to have many accessible floors with LEGO replicas of medical equipment throughout. The bricks are massive, and many are designed to only be usable with this or another “Friends” set, but many are just standard LEGO.

Hospitals are meant to serve everyone, and it’s a shame this one was so directly marketed, but other than that, it’s a great set!

5. Helicopter Rescue

Best LEGO Hospital Sets helicopter rescue
  • Year Released: 2012
  • Pieces: 425
  • Theme: City
  • Minifigs: 4
  • Approximate Skill Level: Moderate

The set is called Helicopter Rescue, but that’s a misnomer.

There is a helicopter, but it’s not the star. There’s also a full ambulance in the set, so it might as well have been called “Ambulance Rescue” and been just as accurate. A helipad on top of the building can support the helicopter, and a garage also fits the ambulance.

It’s more than just a vehicle repository, however!

The helicopter and ambulance have an attached medical center. The size and scale of the helipad and the garage to the medical center make it clear that the vehicles are still the set’s focus. The set includes four minifigs, including a doctor, a driver, a paramedic, and of course, a patient.

4. Set 7892: Hospital

Best LEGO Hospital Sets hospital set 7892
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Pieces: 382
  • Theme: City
  • Minifigs: 4
  • Approximate Skill Level: Moderate

Occasionally, LEGO releases a bundle of previous sets that go well together. (Or they repackage sets that didn’t sell as well as they’d hoped, but that’s more cynical than I want to be.)

This set includes a helicopter set, an ambulance set, and three sets that combine to form a hospital. It’s not very large, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s big enough to fit some minifigs inside and let the builder have a hospital to play in. There’s rudimentary medical equipment, but imagination can fill in the rest.

I say that because this is a set that my brother had, and he ALWAYS wanted me to play with him. I did so to make him happy.

…And not at all because I was a nerd who still wanted any socially-acceptable excuse to play with LEGO as a teenager.

3. City Hospital

Best LEGO Hospital Sets city hospital
  • Year Released: 2018
  • Pieces: 861
  • Theme: City
  • Minifigs: 13
  • Approximate Skill Level: Advanced

This build puts the focus of a hospital set precisely where it should be: on the hospital and the people it serves.

There is an ambulance and a helicopter because people can’t always get to the hospital under their own power.

However, the hospital is the star of this building. It’s one of the largest on the list so far, and it puts all of its bricks to work in this creation. It’s three floors worth of medical equipment that was made to resemble their real-world counterparts.

One of the best parts of this build is the sheer amount of minifigs included. There are hospital workers, doctors, nurses, and patrons. There’s also a baby and a skeleton!

2. Set 60330: Hospital

Best LEGO Hospital Sets hospital set 60330
  • Year Released: 2022
  • Pieces: 816
  • Theme: City
  • Minifigs: 13
  • Approximate Skill Level: Advanced

This is one of the most advanced sets that LEGO has ever released. It’s essentially the refined form of number three, complete with ambulance and helicopter.

There’s also still the same incredible number of minifigs with this set. They’ve lost the skeleton but kept the baby. There is also five medical personnel for eight patients, so we’re creeping towards a more realistic number of doctors to patients.

This is definitely the hospital set that is most similar to its source material! The hospital is designed to have a more modern design and layout, complete with giant windows and even a kids’ area! The included medical equipment is also fantastic, as LEGO even got so ambitious as to include an MRI machine.

So what could beat this out?

1. Set 9364: Hospital

Best LEGO Hospital Sets hospital set 9364
  • Year Released: 1993
  • Pieces: 522
  • Theme: DACTA
  • Minifigs: 19
  • Approximate Skill Level: Moderate

This was a tough choice, but ultimately, I went with this one for several reasons.

This was a part of the LEGO DACTA line. DACTA produced sets meant for education in addition to recreation. This hospital set is a twofer. It’s a LEGO set about hospitals for schools.

It’s also got a ton of standard bricks that can be used in almost any creation you ever make. If that’s not enough, this set has NINETEEN minifigs with different hair pieces, outfits, and accessories. The value is clear.

The layout isn’t as well thought through as others, nor is it as true to life as other sets. However, it includes a comprehensive enough floor plan with enough pieces that you can fix that! You can quickly build any hospital you want in the space it provides.

This LEGO hospital gives you everything you need to create, expand, and build whatever medical facility you want!


Guide to the Best LEGO Hospital Sets hospital set lego

LEGO has been creating hospitals for almost fifty years! They’ve created sets that are both imaginative and respectful. They’re also still designing and releasing them practically every year. As long as doctors and nurses continue to be the heroes they are, LEGO will always make sure they have a place in builders’ hearts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What was the first Hospital-themed LEGO set released?

Answer: That would be the Hospital set released in 1975. An ambulance set was released five years before that and could qualify with a loose enough definition, but the first complete hospital set didn’t come out until 1975.

Question: What was the last Hospital-themed LEGO set released?

Answer: It depends on how you define it. If your definition is a little loose, it was Emergency Vehicles HQ, released earlier this year. However, the last set released labeled as a Hospital was Number Two. It was released in 2022.

Question: Are there any currently available in retail stores?

Answer: There are several, actually! Emergency Vehicles HQ and Hospital are currently available on LEGO’s site and in many retail stores!

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