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Sets from the Minifigures theme usually feature characters from all walks of life, from cavemen to pop stars and police officers. The LEGO Minifigures Series 21 continues this tradition by offering a variety of unique fictional and real characters.

Like most models in this theme, the Minifigures Series 21 71029 set had a short lifespan, and it was retired after 13 months on the market. Still, nearly all major online retailers have this set in stock, although its price has almost doubled since the exit date.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the key features of all collectible Series 21 Minifigures and help you decide if you should purchase the entire set.

Bottom Line Up Front:

Each Minifigure in the Series 21 71029 set is authentic, and it adds to an impressive collection of characters featured in earlier editions of these sets.

So, despite being the theme’s first model with just 12 Minifigures, the Series 21 71029 is an excellent set for all LEGO fans regardless of their age.

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LEGO Minifigures Disney Series

The ins and outs of the Minifigures Series 21 71029 set

Basic info:

  • Release date: January 1, 2021
  • Exit date: February 5, 2022
  • Piece count: 83
  • Age group: 5+
  • Price range: $$

The first series of unique LEGO Minifigures was released in May 2010. The Minifigures Series 1 8683 set had 16 Collectible Minifigures, including a ninja, a zombie, and a caveman. This model set blueprint for the entire theme as nearly all subsequent series had 16 Minifigures.

The following Minifigures models published since 2010 had more than 16 Minifigures:

The Minifigures 21 is the theme’s first set with 12 Minifigures. Subsequent models like Series 22, Looney Tunes Series, and Marvel Studios Series continue this trend as they feature just twelve unique Minifigures.

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Packaging and building instructions

All sets released within the Minifigures theme have unique colors, so the Series 1 model had yellow polybags, while polybags in the Series 20 were silver. Minifigures included in the Series 21 71029 arrive in green polybags similar to those used in the Series 11 71002 set.

Series 21 Minifigures are sold in separate blind polybags or boxes with 36 or 72 polybags. A single case with 36 polybags contains three full sets, but keep in mind that you can only purchase an entire Series 21 case from third-party retailers.

Top tip: Buying an entire Series 21 box will limit the number of duplicates you’ll get before collecting all 12 of the set’s Minifigures. 

The contents of all blind polybags are the same, as you’ll get a random Minifigure from the set, a 3×4 stand plate, a building instruction paper sheet, and a collector’s character checklist.

LEGO Minifigures Series

The Minifigure Overview

These Minifigures don’t arrive preassembled, but putting them together takes only a few minutes. Each character is equipped with accessories, while some models come with accompanying figures.

Violin Kid

Lego 71029 Collectable Minifigures Series 21 - Violin Kid

The stylish hairstyle and simple but elegant costume are some of the first details that caught my eye after I assembled the Violin Kid Minifigure. The central section of its torso has multiple printed B letters, a reference to the Blacktron subtheme of the Space theme.

The Minifigure is equipped with the first LEGO violin accessory ever, and a brown wand doubles as a violin bow. The rod connection on the back enables builders to place the violin in the playing position.

Airplane Girl

LEGO 71029 Collectable Minifigures Series 21 - Airplane Girl

The dual-expression headpiece allows you to switch between different moods. The Airplane Girl has a blue jumpsuit that stretches over the torso and leg elements.

The torso has several printed decorations, including a nameplate with J.P initials. The unique red airplane accessory fits around the Minifigure’s hips.


LEGO 71029 Collectable Minifigures Series 21 - Beekeeper

The Beekeeper’s white suit has a few printed decorations of a honeycomb logo and honey stains. The front end of the dual-molded helmet has a large opening that reveals the Minifigure’s kind face with a mustache.

2×2 honeycomb tile with several printed bees and the bee smoker made of two existing LEGO pieces are the only accessories that come with this Minifigure.

Paddle Surfer

LEGO 71029 Collectable Minifigures Series 21 - Paddle Surfer

A beautifully designed torso with a printed dolphin on the front and a logo on the back is one of the Paddle Surfer’s most alluring elements. The Minifigure’s legs and arms are black and yellow, while its ponytail is blond.

Paddle Surfer features a removable light blue ball cap and azure life jacket. The paddleboard has two studs on its upper side so that you can easily mount the Minifigure and use the oar to go on adventures with the blue dolphin figure.

Pug Costume Guy

LEGO 71029 Collectable Minifigures Series 21 - Pug Costume Guy

Aside from the blue bone, the Pug Costume Guy Minifigure doesn’t have any other accessories. Its head has two faces, both with a cheerful expression and the tongue sticking out. The costume’s removable head element has two black ears on the top, printed black eyes, and a black nose segment.

The Minifigure’s torso and legs are tan with a single bandana print around the shoulders.

Shipwreck Survivor

LEGO 71029 Collectable Minifigures Series 21 - Shipwreck Survivor

You can switch between several looks of the Shipwreck Survivor Minifigure because its hair and beard pieces are removable. The head element has a printed goatee and a somewhat scared facial expression.

The shirtless torso features a single shell neckless print, while the anchor tattoo print is included on the right shoulder. Torn blue pants are partially printed and have several black decorative elements. The accessories include a green bottle with a printed message and a lovely hermit crab.

Centaur Warrior

Lego 71029 Collectable Minifigures Series 21 - Centaur Warrior

The brown hairpiece and the dual-expression head let you experiment with different display options of the Centaur Warrior Minifigure. Its green torso has printed floral elements on both sides, while its arms have bracer decorations. The Minifigure is holding a bow and an apple in its hands.

The brown centaur body has a black tail and a quiver accessory.


LEGO 71029 Collectable Minifigures Series 21 - Alien

The Alien Minifigure introduces a new species to the Minifigures theme. Its green head has two awkwardly positioned black eyes and a breathing device with a small hose. The orange jumpsuit extends over the Minifigure’s torso, arms, and legs with printed black and gray elements.

Crowbar and blue crystal accessories and the color of its jumpsuit suggest that the Alien is running from the law.

Lady Bug Girl

LEGO 71029 Collectable Minifigures Series 21 - Ladybug Girl

The red and black costume makes the Lady Bug Girl one of the set’s most adorable Minifigures. The removable red helmet has two black antennas, and the head has two red dots on the cheeks. The wings, upper legs, and the front end of the torso have black dot prints.

This Minifigure comes with leaf and ladybug figure accessories that can fit in its hand.

Ancient Warrior

LEGO 71029 Collectable Minifigures Series 21 - Ancient Warrior

Although the manufacturer doesn’t offer any information regarding the inspiration for the Ancient Warrior Minifigure, it is evident that its design has references to the Aztec culture.

Jaguar prints on the headdress, a painted black and red face, and torso decorations indicate that the Minifigure recreates the look of Jaguar Warriors. Moreover, its sword and shield also suggest that this Ancient Warrior is an Aztec.

Space Police Guy

LEGO 71029 Collectable Minifigures Series 21 - Space Police Guy

The Space Police logo on the Space Police Guy’s helmet and shield indicates that the Minifigure is based on this iconic LEGO theme. Besides a centrally positioned Space Police logo, the white helmet also has a red visor covering the Minifigure’s frowny face.

The black and white uniform stretches over the torso, arms, and leg elements with multiple printed decorations. This Minifigure is equipped with a riot shield, armor, handcuff and light baton accessories.

Cabaret Singer

LEGO 71029 Collectable Minifigures Series 21 - Cabaret Singer

As expected, the Cabaret Singer comes with a microphone stand that holds a small black mic. The extravagant Minifigure has a feathered headdress with printed glittery segments. Both facial expressions include heavy makeup.

The purple and teal torso has dress prints on both ends. The dress print is complemented by a small piece of cloth that attaches to the Minifigure’s hips.

Price and value

The Minifigures Series 21 71029 set was discontinued in February 2022, and its price has increased significantly in just a few months. Models from the active Series 22 cost around $5, while the market value of a single polybag from the Series 21 set is around $10.

The market value of the entire Series 21 71029 set is around $150, so purchasing the whole set is more affordable than buying individual polybags. The value of this set will continue to rise, and it is expected to reach $200 by the end of 2022.

The price of the Series 20 71027 model discontinued in January 2021 has already exceeded the $200 mark, and it is safe to assume that the Series 21 71029 will follow the same trend.

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Pros and cons of the Minifigures Series 21 71029 set


  • This set contains numerous unique pieces and accessories
  • Assembling Series 21 Minifigures is easy
  • All Minifigures are collectible and unique
  • Compatible with earlier Minifigures Series sets
  • Series 21 Minifigures are valuable


  • This set is retired
  • Collecting all Minifigures from Series 21 can be difficult
  • Low play value

The best alternatives to the Minifigures Series 21 71029 set

Finding a true replacement for the Minifigures Series 21 71029 isn’t possible because all of its Minifigures are unique. I don’t recommend buying the theme’s retired models unless you’re sure that the set you’d like to get is in excellent condition.

I selected several active models from the LEGO theme that can be an excellent substitute for the Series 21 set, so let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

Minifigures Series 22 66700

Minifigures Series 22 66700

  • Piece count: 113
  • Age group: 5+
  • Price range: $$

Like its predecessor, the Minifigures Series 22 66700 has twelve unique characters equipped with different accessories. Figure Skating Champion, Wheelchair Racer, and Bird-Watcher are some of the set’s Minifigures with a broad range of unique parts and beautiful printed decorations.

The set’s accessories include a lute, binoculars, a shield with a snowflake print, and a sword, among numerous others.

The Muppets 71033

The Muppets 71033

  • Piece count: n/a
  • Age group: 5+
  • Price range: $$

The Muppets 71033 is the first LEGO set to feature characters from this legendary TV show. The model is similar to earlier Minifigures sets like The Simpsons or DC Comics series because it depicts each character realistically.

Kermit the Frog with his legendary banjo, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, and Gonzo are some of the set’s highlights. As all other Minifigures models released after Series 21, this set has 12 characters.

LEGO Minifigures Marvel Studio 71031

LEGO Minifigures Marvel Studio 71031

  • Piece count: 99
  • Age group: 5+
  • Price range: $$

What IF…, Wanda Vision and Falcon & The Winter Soldier are some Marvel TV series that served as inspiration for the Minifigures included in the LEGO Minifigures Marvel Studio 71031 set.

Captain America, Captain Carter, Loki, and Vision the most famous Marvel characters you’ll find in this set. Each Minifigure is equipped with recognizable shields and weapons these characters are using in the TV series.

Noteworthy mentions

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How many pieces does a LEGO Minifigures Series 21 polybag have?

Answer: Series 21 polybags have around eight pieces, but the piece count varies slightly from bag to bag.

Question: What is the most valuable Minifigure from the Series 21 set?

Answer: The Space Police Guy is the most valuable Minifigure in this set, with a current market value of approximately $12.

Question: Do Series 21 polybags have spare parts?

Answer: Yes, each polybag contains several extra pieces.

Question: What is the price per piece ratio of the Series 21 set?

Answer: A single piece in this set costs 72 cents, which reflects the model’s steep price.

Final thoughts

Each set LEGO releases in the Minifigures theme brings new pieces, unique designs and introduces new characters. Despite being the theme’s first model with 12 minifigures, the Series 21 71029 set still delivers plenty of value.

However, its price has almost doubled just a few months after LEGO stopped its production, and it will continue to rise as its availability decreases.

So, you should consider more affordable active Minifigures models like the Minifigures Series 22 66700 and The Muppets 71033 if you missed the chance to purchase the Series 21 set at its original price.

Please browse through our guide to the best LEGO NINJAGO Minifigures for more information about the most valuable Minifigures inspired by characters from this animated series.

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