LEGO Harry Potter Burrow Review and Guide

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There is an extensive amount of finite details when it comes to the Harry Potter universe. From Platform 9 3/4 to the Room of Requirement, Harry Potter fans have a lot to love about this fantastic world. And because the world is so huge, the possibilities for creative LEGO sets recreating Harry Potter scenes, locations, and characters are equally as large.

One of the most popular Harry Potter LEGO sets is the LEGO Harry Potter Attack on the Burrow. I’m here to discuss this set, its pros and cons, and whether or not it’s worth spending your money and time on.

Bottom Line Up Front:

I recommend purchasing the Harry Potter Attack on the Burrow LEGO set for any fan of Harry Potter ages nine and up. This set is an appropriately challenging build with a lot of play options once it is constructed. It has awesome details from the wizarding world of Harry Potter, and any fan of the books and/or movies will appreciate this set.

The Nuts and Bolts of the LEGO Harry Potter Attack on the Burrow

The Harry Potter Attack on the Burrow set is aimed at a young audience of nine and up, with 1,047 pieces. Due to the age range of the target audience and the nature of the set, this is a build-to-play option for LEGO.

The set is $99.99 and is currently out of stock on the LEGO website. While you may be able to find it on other websites, the price may go up due to demand.

The scene of the Harry Potter Attack on the Burrow LEGO set is from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. This pivotal scene in the movie is a heartwrenching battle at the Weasley house when the Death Eaters attack, trying to lure Harry out of the house and get him alone to kidnap him for Voldemort.

And, spoiler alert, the house ends up being set on fire.

There are eight Minifigures, or Minifigs included. They are the Weasley family minus a few of the members (it’s a big family). The set includes Ron, Ginny, Arthur, and Molly Weasley (the parents). Nymphadora Tonks, Harry Potter, bad guy Fenrir Greyback, and of course the love-to-hate-her Bellatrix Lestrange are the other Minifigs included. It is strange that Remus Lupin is not included, seeing as he was an intricate part of this scene.

The playhouse is aimed to be played with but also displayed. Once completed, it measures just over 13 inches high, 8 inches wide, and 7 inches deep.

The scene includes a lot of really cool main characters and scary villains, it has fire, wands, magic, and heartbreak so this is a tall order for LEGO to recreate. Let’s talk about if this set lives up to the epic scene!

Outside the House

One of my favorite parts of this LEGO set is that once it’s constructed, it’s not straight. True to the movies and books, the burrow is slightly crooked. This is a brilliant element by LEGO!

While the front door opens, it doesn’t give a lot of access for play because half of the structure is enclosed while the other half is open for easier playtime.

On the side that is enclosed, there is a pig pen with a moveable door, complete with an adorable LEGO pig figure. There is a bucket outside the fence and a small green plant.

Around the back, there isn’t much action but a gear coming out of the house, which activates something pretty cool inside, so keep reading!

The fire pieces are only included to be put outside the burrow. They are small and on a platform, and while I love the burrow build, the set is called ‘Attack on the Burrow’, and not only is the burrow itself is unharmed when the build is completed, the fire included ends up only being on one piece. In the scene in the movie, there is a ring of fire around the whole house so the fire included in the set is pretty disappointing.

While I do think that LEGO could’ve done this a little better considering the theme and what they included for fire, we’ll talk more about why the fire is pretty cool as well!

The Details

So we already know that the Harry Potter Attack on the Burrow set includes eight Minifigs, but what other cool details did LEGO include?

First of all, in true LEGO form, accessories are correlated with the characters. Harry has his trusty owl Hedgwig, and Ron has his loveable clumsy owl as well. To name just a few of the adorable details: there are brooms, teapot, teacup, waffles, eggs, orange juice, a bucket to help put out the flames, and of course, there are wands to fight with during the battle.

To recreate the fire, LEGO has included two different fire pieces. One of those designs is orange and slightly see-through. The other ones are new designs and, like the orange ones, are shaped like flames but have a more reddish bottom that fades to grey at the top. These are also see-through pieces.

The fire pieces are to be put on a platform outside of the house. In the scene from the movie, Harry famously leaps through the flames just before they connect and surround the house. And your Minifig Harry can do the same in this set. That’s right. LEGO made the flames moveable. Part the flames and pursue the Death Eaters!

Inside the House

Inside the burrow are more lovely details and references to the books and movies. There are five floors so let’s start at the bottom and go up!

On the bottom floor are the iconic Weasley kitchen and dining room. It’s nice and cramped just like you remember it, full of food, dishes, vases, and chairs. The kitchen even moves away from the base of the house on a hinge. Moving the dining room out gives you a further peek inside the house to view all your hard work. You have an armchair that the Minifigs can now access and a cool Grandfather clock. A unicorn painting is on the wall there next to one of a phoenix. These are both stickers on bricks.

On the other side of the ground floor, there is another hinge. When you open that side of the house you can now see the Weasley’s living room or sitting area. Here you have a fireplace and space to play more freely within the set. There are also really cool details like candles and vases. One even has a cute flower. I will say that this side locks in place. I believe this is done because it is the side of the building that is enclosed. Therefore, I understand why it locks. But builders report that moving the set is difficult because, unlike this side of the house, the other hinge connecting the kitchen to the house does not lock in place.

The living room is where you get to see that gear in the back of the house in action. By turning the gear on the outside of the house, the fireplace changes from a regular old fireplace to one with green flames, meaning it is now a magical flue system. Any fan of the novels and movies will love this intricate detail!

The next floor is Ginny’s room. She has a mounted broom, hairbrush, and wall mirror. Ginny also has a poster of the Weird Sisters, a popular band in the Harry Potter universe. This is applied with a sticker, there are a lot of stickers in this set. Her bedspread also has a sticker on it, as does Ron’s.

Upstairs is the bedroom of Arthur and Molly, which has an adorable quilted bedspread which is accomplished with LEGO bricks, not stickers, over their iron rod bed frame. They also have one of my favorite details on this set: the enchanted knitting needles, knitting alone on the couch.

And above the parents’ room is Ron’s, which is very sparse. He has a sticker detail on his bedspread and a sticker for a poster but other than that, this room is very empty. Outside of Ron’s room to the left is another bare room. It is simply a white balcony with a broom mounted on the wall. I consider this floor a lot of missed opportunities for details from LEGO. However, I do understand that this is a set made to be played with, and to do that, the kids need space. This floor offers a lot of space for play.

Above Ron’s room is a space for the owls to be perched. That means it has studs in it so Minifigs can certainly be placed here if the user desires. The building itself is then topped with a chimney. All in all these top floors are very sparse and simple, especially compared to the bottom floors.

Pros and Cons of the Harry Potter Attack on the Burrow Set:


  • Tells the story of the Weasley house well.
  • Great for a moderately challenging build.
  • Excellent for a play model.
  • LEGO hits a lot of excellent details from the books and movies.
  • Eight Minifigs of main characters and villains.
  • Cool for a display piece as well as a piece to play with. (It measures just over 13 inches high, 8 inches wide, and 7 inches deep.)


  • The fire is a minimal element which is strange considering the scene is about a battle that ends with the house being destroyed in a fire.
  • There is no option to add fire damage or to build in damage from the fire, which again is strange considering the theme of the set.
  • Both hinges should have lock features, not just one.
  • Ron’s room and top floors overall could have more details. All the details are on the bottom floors.
  • Despite Remus Lupin being an important character in this scene, he doesn’t have a Minifig included here.

FAQs about the Harry Potter Attack on the Burrow Set:

Question: Would you buy this for an adult Harry Potter and LEGO fan?

Answer: Yes, I would. I think that any LEGO fan is going to get a kick out of the crooked structure of this build and while it is aimed at a younger audience, it makes a cool display set too.

Question: Is this aged appropriately in regards to the build’s difficulty for nine years olds?

Answer: You may need to help your nine-year-old, but I do think they will enjoy the challenge of this build. LEGO always has great and clear instructions. This set comes with just one book to help with the build.

Question: Is this set worth the price tag?

Answer: Yes. This set has a ton of details and cool elements with plenty of Minifigs to keep kids happy and busy. I’d consider it a great gift for a child, especially if they love Harry Potter.

Final Thoughts on the Harry Potter Attack on the Burrow Set

While it’s never easy to recreate an amazing scene from one of the most popular franchises in human history, LEGO seems to rise to this challenge, and so so well, time and time again. And Harry Potter offers a huge amount of scenes, scapes, and characters for LEGO to do so.

LEGO’s Attack on the Burrow is no different from any of the other epic scenes that LEGO has successfully recreated. I love the details of this set, from the crooked structure to the stacked LEGO wood logs by the fireplace that switches from a regular fire to a magical one. I think LEGO did an excellent job referencing the Weasley house and bringing its charm to life and into our homes.

The bottom line is that I think this is a great piece worth the $99.99 (if you can find it). It succeeds in creating a wizard world right in your home, ready to be played with and enjoyed by kids of all ages.

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