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LEGO Power Rangers Ideas – It’s Buildin’ time!

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Reader, Rita’s escaped! Recruit a multi-colored tightly-interlocking system of building blocks with attitude!

If you’re a nineties baby, like me, then there’s a good chance you know that line by heart. Aside from the building blocks, the line remains accurate to the original Power Rangers series. A group of teenagers working together in a tightly-interlocked team (seriously, they talked about the joys of friendship in almost every episode) while dressed in garish colors. They even have Robots that link up in different combinations!

LEGO and Power Rangers are a match made in heaven!

Maybe it’s just my Nostalgia talking, but with the 30th anniversary scheduled to air on April 19th, it was a shame that Power Rangers and LEGO never formed a Megazord between themselves. Since I am a huge nerd, my next thought was how cool it would be if they did!

I scoured the web for some ideas for the perfect match-up of Power Ranger LEGO Creations.

LEGO Power Rangers Ideas


So why did I arrange the following LEGO Creations in the order I did? It comes down to about four major categories.

  • How easy would it be for people to build? – If a Creation has more common pieces, and a design that can be replicated, it will place higher.
  • How recognizable is it to its source material? – It will place higher on the list if it looks like the thing it’s trying to look like.
  • How inspirational/aspirational is the Creation? – If a build clearly took more inspiration to create, it will place higher. It can also place higher if it’s something for LEGO Masters to aspire to create.
  • Nostalgia. – This is my list about one of my favorite properties. Nostalgia is gonna play a part in my decisions herein.

LEGO Power Rangers Ideas

20. Blue Triceratops Zord

LEGO Power Rangers blue triceratops zord
  • Approximate Skill Level: Moderate
  • Creator: Flickr User, ckb ckd

Power Rangers was always happy to indulge in every facet of its genre. A big part of that was giant robots. When the Rangers themselves went up against more significant threats, they would call in their “Zords,” giant robots stylized as dinosaurs (or other animals and vehicles in later seasons).

As a child, my favorite power ranger was Billy Cranston (played by David Yost). He was scientifically minded, wore the blue suit, and piloted the Triceratops Zord. This Creation is comparatively straightforward but almost perfect in its representation of the robotic dinosaur.

19. Yellow Sabretooth Zord

LEGO Power Rangers yellow sabretooth zord
  • Approximate Skill Level: Beginner
  • Creator: Flickr User, ckb ckd

A Sabretooth tiger may not technically be a dinosaur, but the laws of physics never stopped Power Rangers, so it was unlikely taxonomy would. This beautiful Creation can be made relatively quickly, and its only flaw is that it makes me sad. Unfortunately, we lost the Yellow Ranger’s actress (Thuy Trang) in 2001.

18. Pink Pterodactyl Zord

LEGO Power Rangers pink pterodactyl zord
  • Approximate Skill Level: Beginner
  • Creator: Flickr User, ckb ckd

Kimberly (portrayed by Amy Jo Johnston) was the group’s resident “valley girl.” Since it took place in the nineties, she was going to be the pink power ranger and pilot the Pterodactyl Zord. This can also be put together incredibly quickly! This Creation has fewer points of articulation than some others, but to be fair, neither did the robot in the show.

17. Black Mastodon Zord

LEGO Power Rangers black mastodon zord
  • Approximate Skill Level: Moderate
  • Creator: Flickr User, ckb ckd

This Creation is one of the most complicated builds so far and includes a working trunk! The Mastodon was the battle vehicle of Zach (played by Walter Emmanuel Jones), and while it was never my favorite, this elegant construction might make me reconsider that.

16. Red Tyrannosaurus Zord

LEGO Power Rangers Red Tyrannosaurus Zord
  • Approximate Skill Level: Advanced.
  • Creator: Flickr User, ckb ckd

The Red Ranger was the team’s leader, and the Tyrannosaurus was his Zord. Austin Saint John portrayed Jason, and he was the one who would call the orders. This build is a little more complicated than the others, but it is worth the effort.

15. Dino Megazord, Tank Mode

LEGO Power Rangers dino megazord, tank mode
  • Approximate Skill Level: Advanced
  • Creator: Flickr User, ckb ckd

At last, we come to the reason that Power Rangers and LEGO would have made such a great partnership.

The Rangers didn’t just use giant robots to fight their most dangerous enemies. When enemies were particularly potent, they would combine their Zords to form the Megazord. Very occasionally, they would form it into its “Tank Configuration,” where all the individual Zords Laser weapons were still usable.

This clever innovator has found a way to build the Ranger’s Zords in such a way that they can combine together! In this configuration, they mimic that tank configuration.

14. The Mighty Morphin Megazord

LEGO Power Rangers mighty morphin megazord
  • Approximate Skill Level: Advanced
  • Creator: Flickr User, ckb ckd

If the tank configuration didn’t defeat their enemy (which it never did), the Rangers would finish their Zords transformation and finally form the Megazord. This giant robot had arms made of the Mastodon, legs of the Triceratops and Sabretooth, a body made from the Tyrannosaurus, a chest of the Pterodactyl a big honking sword.

This Creation stands tall and robust, just like the battle-ready robot it mimics. It may take a while to put together, but I know that when I did it (because, of course, I did), I almost squealed when I finally did so! Of course, this builder wasn’t content to leave it at the tank configuration either.

13. Chibi Mega Dinozord

LEGO Power Rangers chibi mega dinozord
  • Approximate Skill Level: Beginner
  • Creator: Flickr User, The Hydromancer

Not all builds need to be big and complicated. While the larger ones are fun for older audiences, if you’re looking for a project for a younger LEGO master, then this tiny little Megazord might be perfect. It is simple enough to finish quickly but still has a few points of articulation for pretend play.

12. 2017 Power Rangers Zords

2017 power rangers zords
  • Approximate Skill Level: Moderate
  • Creator: Pinterest User, Zachzilla

Power Rangers has survived the media landscape for thirty years and is still growing. Like most properties that reach a certain age and “size,” someone tries to reboot it. These versions of the power rangers Zords come from that particular film. They’re small and look deceptively quick to assemble. However, they’re made up of tiny pieces and will take longer to build.

11. 2017 Megazord

LEGO Power Rangers 2017 megazord
  • Approximate Skill Level: Moderate
  • Creator: Pinterest User, Zachzilla

Following the last entry, the same user created the Megazord from the 2017 film. Unlike the original Megazord, it’s implied that this one was created by accident, as the movie’s villain slammed the various Zords together. It has many smaller pieces that must be arranged just to make this small, simplified, but still recognizable representation of the gigantic robot.

10. DinoMegazord and Dragonzord

LEGO Power Rangers dinomegazord and dragonzord
  • Approximate Skill Level: Moderate
  • Creator: Reddit User, Uberlee

This user created a matching pair that looks like they can go toe-to-toe with each other. I won’t lie. I considered breaking out some LEGO pieces to do just that. They also have the right mix of simple designs while having multiple points of articulation. These designs are probably the easiest for aspiring Builders to assemble from available LEGO pieces.

9. Dragonzord Roars

LEGO Power Rangers dragonzord roars
  • Approximate Skill Level: Moderate
  • Creator: Pinterest User, Zachzilla

I’ll be honest. I definitely had a favorite power ranger growing up. It’s not an unusual pick, as Tommy Oliver was many people’s favorite Ranger. Although introduced as an antagonistic figure, he quickly joined the team, becoming a powerful ally with the powers of the Dragonzord at his command.

Tommy has the unique distinction of being the longest-serving Ranger on the team, as Jason David Frank played the character until his untimely death in 2022. Fittingly, this Lego portrayal of his Dragonzord is posed to be mid-roar, as if it is calling out in grief at the loss of its pilot.

It’s another small design with just the right blend of simplicity and complexity to make it a good build for LEGO builders of any age.

8. Chibi White Ranger Tiger Zord

LEGO Power Rangers chibi white ranger tiger zord
  • Approximate Skill Level: Beginner
  • Creator: Reddit User, Whizzkid22

A big part of what made Tommy Oliver one of the longest-running characters in the franchise is that he was multiple rangers. When his original Green Dragon Ranger Powers failed him, he was made the White Tiger Power Ranger instead.

This user has recreated the White Tiger Zord in both its Tiger mode and its Megazord mode. They also modified a regular LEGO minifig to resemble Tommy himself to show their dedication to the concept.

7. Thunder Mega Zord and White Tiger Megazord

thunder mega zord and white tiger megazord
  • Approximate Skill Level: Advanced
  • Creator: Twitter User, GDiggerz

The Power Rangers lost access to their Dinosaur-themed powers and Zords about halfway through the run of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Their lost powers were replaced with a new, supercharged set of abilities and animals necessary to Japanese Mythology.

These LEGO creations are based on these Thunderzords in their Thunder Megazord configuration and a more complicated build of the White Tigerzord in both its Tiger mode and its Megazord formation.

6. Dino Mega/Zord Set

  • Approximate Skill Level: Advanced
  • Creator: CreationsByLendy

The LEGO Ideas website allows the LEGO community to influence upcoming releases from the company. Users submit their designs for future LEGO sets based on existing properties or items in the real world. If an Ideas submission gets enough traction, it can be released as a LEGO property to the world at large.

There are some caveats and addendums, but that’s the general idea of the LEGO Ideas brand.

This particular set would feature the five Dinozords in exacting recreations of their on-screen counterparts and the pieces to build the Megazord itself.

5. Mighty-Morphin Dino Megazord

LEGO Power Rangers mighty-morphin dino megazord

The original Megazord was such a classic design that it has fans from different generations across the world. This iteration of the Dino Megazord is a very complex design that includes all five original Dino Zords and their individual weapons! While the finished design would consist of five minifigs of the original ranger team, the pictures show only loose representations.

It also loses just a few points for being so incredibly complicated that it looks like it would swallow my weekend whole – even if I would love every second of it!

4. Mighty-Morphin Megazord

LEGO Power Rangers mighty-morphin megazord
  • Approximate Skill Level: Advanced
  • Creator: LegoIdeas User, legotruman

This Ideas set would feature not only the Zords themselves but the ability to transform them to form the Dino Megazord. It includes five unique minifigs of the original five rangers themselves! It would be a great starter kit for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fans.

3. Dragonzord

LEGO Power Rangers dragonzord 
  • Approximate Skill Level: Advanced
  • Creator: LegoIdeas User, zpetot2010

Ah, we meet again, Dragonzord. This Ideas set represents Tommy’s original Zord, complete with missile-firing fingertips! Of course, because no hero can be complete without their villains, this set would have included Minifigs of the show’s worst villains, Rita Repulsa and Goldar.

2. Megazord and Dragonzord

LEGO Power Rangers megazord and dragonzord
  • Approximate Skill Level: Advanced
  • Creator: LegoIdeas User, TheHAWK1209

This clever creator devised a way to make the original Dino Megazord and the Dragonzord. They also created a way for the individual Zords to combine not just into their respective Megazords but also with each other to form the tank configuration and the Mega Dragonzord.

What’s the Mega Dragonzord?

The most metal thing my childhood had ever heard. When the original ranger team and the green Ranger put aside their differences, they learned to form the Mega Dragonzord. All six Zords joined together to create one of the most amazing Megazords conceived in the franchise’s thirty-year history.

1. Power Rangers Command Center

LEGO Power Rangers command center
  • Approximate Skill Level: Advanced
  • Creator: LegoIdeas User, bruceywan

So, when I hear Power Rangers and LEGO, I thought of something very similar to this. The original Power Ranger Headquarters, complete with every Ranger in the original series and their robotic assistant, Apha-5. This set would have been fantastic for any Power Rangers fan in their collection. It would have even included the potential for a Megazord to be produced!

Unfortunately, even though it made it to the second stage of the process, where LEGO officials reviewed it, it wasn’t approved for production.

However, enterprising LEGO enthusiasts can recreate something similar to existing LEGO pieces, as demonstrated throughout the list up to this point. Also, just because this particular set wasn’t approved, it doesn’t mean another similar set (like some of the ones earlier on this list) won’t be in the future!

Alternatives to LEGO for Power Rangers Building Sets

LEGO never produced any official Power Rangers merchandise (YET!). However, several other companies partnered with the brand to make their own sets! This list isn’t ranked in any particular order, and although some of these sets can still be acquired, many are out of production.

Primarily it’s meant to inspire LEGO builders to go forth and create their own fun in the Power Rangers universe.

1. MegaBloks MegaForce Gosei Great Megazord

megabloks megaforce gosei great megazord

Power Rangers: Megaforce was created to be the show’s twentieth season and was written to celebrate all the history that came before it. How well it did depends on who you ask (I think it did so poorly). However, what’s not up for debate is that it nailed it by producing a set with MegaBloks.

This set is absolutely fabulous, if for no other reason than the absolute dynamite example of alliteration.

This Megazord set is pretty basic. It includes the ability to build the Megazord itself without any ability to construct the individual Zords. However, it did have the ability to add lights and sounds to the design and a minifig of the team’s leader, the Red Megaforce Ranger.

2. MegaBloks Red Ranger Showdown

megabloks red ranger showdown

However, before the disappointment that was MegaForce came the much more exciting Power Rangers: Samurai. MegaBloks produced several sets this season, including the Red Ranger Showdown set.

This included a Minifig of the Red Ranger and one of his primary rivals from the show, the mysterious swordsman, Deker.

Each warrior also had the pieces of a plane-like vehicle to ride in as they did battle, with multiple configurations for each one to take. This is interesting as, while Power Rangers has always been open to toys and merch, neither of these vehicles was seen on the show.

3. MegaBloks Power Ranger Samurai Megazord and SuperSamurai Megazord

megabloks power ranger samurai megazord

These two sets prove that the more something changes, the more it stays the same. The Power Rangers still attempt to fight monsters on their own before they bring their Zords together to form the Megazord.

 Power Ranger supersamurai megazord

I included both sets in one entry because they are, at least in the storyline, the same Megazord.

The difference is that, in the first season, the Samurai Rangers fought less powerful enemies and could rely on their Samurai Zords and Samurai Megazord to battle. However, when the season changed to Power Rangers: SuperSamurai, their old equipment needed upgrades to face the deadlier threats. One of those was the claw armor, pictured herein.

These are very similar sets in that, while they use different pieces, each has instructions for three configurations and two different iterations of the Red Ranger Minifig.

4. MegaBloks Samurai Battle Pack ISamurai HQ Battle Set, and Megaforce Collectible Set

megabloks samurai battle pack i

If you were getting bored of the Red Ranger, don’t worry! MegaBloks released several other options for Power Ranger Minifigs. This is likely the most MiniFigs they released by themselves, and this particular set included a Blue Ranger and a Gold Ranger, as well as two of the show’s villains for them to fight.

samurai hq battle set

The Samurai HQ Battle Set included this show’s version of the Power Rangers’ home base, Samurai HQ, and four more minifigs. The Red and Green Rangers could do battle with two of the vicious Nighloks, using some of the lever-controlled battle placements within the battle set’s floor.

Power Ranger megaforce collectible set

MegaBloks also saw fit to release the entire Power Rangers MegaForce Team in its blister pack. This included minifigs of all six MegaForce rangers, ready to enter the MegaBloks world.

5. MegaBloks Blue DragonZord

megabloks blue dragonzord

Indeed, most Power Rangers series focus heavily on the Red Rangers, as they are usually the team’s leader. Fortunately, the various releases don’t always follow suit.

Although this is listed as part of the Samurai series, this Blue Dragon Zord (no relation to Tommy Oliver’s Dragonzord) actually belonged to the Blue Ranger of the Power Rangers: Ninja Steel team several series later.

6. MegaBloks Minifigs Blindbags

mega bloks power rangers samurai series 1 minifigure mystery pack

One of the many ways collectibles get released is in “Blind bags.” These are small items, typically figurines, that are individually packaged in such a way as to make it impossible to tell what thing you’re getting beforehand. They are entirely random, and if luck is not with you, you often have to buy multiple Blindbags to get the particular collectible you want.

series 1 mystery pack mystery pack super megaforce series 1

I’m not a big fan of them.

mega bloks power rangers super samurai series 3 minifigure mystery pack

However, MegaBloks released whole lines of Blind Bags for their Power Rangers minifigs. Many of which are still available.

7. MegaConstrux Ranger Line

mega construx power rangers mystery figure blind pack styles may vary

The loss of the first Yellow Ranger’s actress hangs heavy on the hearts of many fans. That may be why, when MegaConstrux decided to release their version of a Zord, they chose to release the Yellow Ranger’s Sabretooth Zord.

This buildable creature could be a better likeness of the Zord from the show, but it can be built. It also has block studs upon which you can add additional pieces.

A Zord isn’t complete without the Ranger to pilot it, and fortunately, this set includes a minifig of the Yellow Ranger to sit behind the controls.

If you wanted more than just the Yellow Ranger, however, MegaConstrux released their own Blindbags. These include a few of the show’s Power Rangers and some of their villains. Like the Zord above, they are not the best likeness to their on-screen counterparts, but they do exist, which is more than can be said for LEGO Power Rangers Minifigs.


Power Rangers is a series that has survived almost thirty years, and there’s a reason for that. The show is creative and fosters a sense of creativity and friendship in its audience. That makes it strange that it never partnered with a brand as creative as LEGO to produce something extraordinary.

Although other companies did, it’s a shame we’ve never gotten a true LEGO Power Rangers collaboration.

Fortunately, LEGO Builders are nothing if not creative. LEGO lets you build all the Zords you could ever want and form Megazords that the show never even imagined! LEGO enables a person to take that imagination and run wild with it. LEGO may be leaving money on the table by not making it easy for Power Ranger fans to make their favorite creations, but we can still create what we want.

Your creations may not look perfect, but they don’t necessarily have to. All they have to do is work and let your imagination flow through them to enjoy a world of spandex and monsters.

Now go forth, build, and may the Power Protect You!

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