Best LEGO Police Cars

Best LEGO Police Cars

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LEGO and the police have always gone together very well. This synergy is largely because LEGO City has been such a fundamental brand for the building blocks, and the police are a fundamental part of any city. And when it comes to the police, it’s hard to think of a stronger symbol than the cop car. It’s one of those universal images that can be recognized regardless of language or culture.

As someone with a heavy imagination, I usually like to dive headfirst into the more fantastical areas of LEGO. This, of course, includes things like space and dragons.

However, it’s hard not to love LEGO City and its various police sets. As a kid growing up in the ’90s, cops and robbers was a basic game I loved playing with my neighborhood friends. LEGO was able to perfectly transcribe the essence of that game into its figures. It took something serious and made it playful.

While other LEGO brands evolved with the times, LEGO City and its police sets stayed the same, and the cop car always remained at the center. Over the years, LEGO got more creative and varied its police cars a bit.

But they always served the same purpose for me. I would always have the cops chasing robbers around the streets of the city my friend had built in his basement (which his parents never forced him to take it down).

Best LEGO Police Cars

Selection Criteria

Here are some of the qualifications I considered when choosing which to use.

  • Variety: There are many very simple police cars available, but filling a force just with them would be boring.
  • A rounded-out fleet: Different cars serve different purposes. A police force needs to be ready for anything.
  • Playability: This might be a consequence of the first two qualifications, but it can’t be understated. LEGO sets are to be played with, and the police, especially, should be fun.

Top 10 Best LEGO Police Cars

Patrol Car (60239)

lego police patrol car (60239)

Sometimes it pays just to keep things simple, and it doesn’t get more basic than this set. It’s a standard police cruiser that comes with an officer, perfect for putting a regular patrol on the street. It also might not seem like much, but the two cones included in the set are key if you want the officer to get out and start interacting with the average citizens of LEGO City.

I wouldn’t mind having several of these depending on the size of the city you are playing with. Since it’s such a uniform police car, a large city could have multiple of them on patrol. It’s not like a specialty vehicle, which a city needs only one of. It might not have the flash or swagger of something cool like a command unit or helicopter, but these police cars are the backbone of a police force. Their importance cannot be understated.


  • Simplicity: There’s something to be said about not overthinking the classics.
  • Playability: As a regular police car, they’re pretty versatile with how they can be used.


  • Bland: Depending on what you’re looking for, you may want to pass on this car if you want something special and unique.

Ice Cream Truck Police Chase (60314)

Lego ice cream truck police chase (60314)

I love sets that are built around a story. It takes some creativity on the part of the designers, but once they figure out the right elements to include, it becomes so much more fun to not only build but play with the set afterward. This one excels in that regard.

There are so many little features, such as the road tacks, ice cream launcher, and ice cream cone disguises, that offer up tons of playability. An especially nice feature is the chain and ATM that provide a means for the crooks to steal. Breaking open an ATM is a classic cops and robbers trope, so to see it pulled off so well with LEGO is a real treat.


  • Playability: Some sets might have one or two features that make them fun to play with. This one has several.
  • Price: It’s fairly priced for the number of pieces involved, but I think it’s cheap when the playability is considered.


  • Launcher troubles: It took me a few tries to get the launcher to work properly.
  • Simple car: While the ice cream truck might be original, the police car is plain.

Technic Police Pursuit (42091)

Lego technic police pursuit (42091)

There are a couple of different Technic sets associated with the police. Since Technic by itself doesn’t fit in too well with a regular LEGO City, I wanted to include something completely different than just a standard police vehicle. That’s where this set comes in. It comes with a pull-back feature that charges the car and lets it drive on its own, hence the pursuit aspect in its name.

Some other Technic cars have this feature, but none combine a roadster vehicle with the police. If you wanted to include it in a LEGO City set, you could theoretically pretend it’s a state-of-the-art drone vehicle meant to chase criminals, as you can’t fit a regular LEGO figure into the driver’s seat. I like to keep things within the LEGO City brand, but I sometimes need to branch out for something different.


  • Pull-back feature: This is a fun thing that regular LEGO cars don’t seem to have too often.
  • Technic: Some kids like to build with these pieces instead. It makes them feel more grown-up.


  • Not LEGO City: It’s not an official LEGO police car, as Technic doesn’t qualify.
  • Design: Although it might look cool as its own thing, it has a weird design that doesn’t make it look like a regular car.

Mobile Command Truck (60315)

Lego police mobile command truck (60315)

The mobile command truck is another police set that is awesome for a multitude of reasons. It has so many different features that it’s hard to keep track of them all. First off, its standard police car isn’t a police car at all. It’s a truck, which is awesome because the command center it’s attached to is technically a trailer `it tows. Inside the trailer are an office and a jail.

Sets that I grew up with as a kid would stop there, but in this day and age, where more is always needed, the set keeps going. It comes with a drone and a four-wheeler that deploys from the back of the truck. Extra vehicles that emerge like this always hit me in the nostalgia because I grew up collecting Hess trucks, which this design reminds me of fondly.


  • Versatility: There’s just so much to do here that today’s hyper-focused children won’t get bored very easily.
  • Police truck: Many bigger sets throw in a police car for good measure. The fact that this one is a truck makes it stand out.


  • Quirky story: Some sets have a standard breakout story. This one is very peculiar, with a crook dressed as a farmer, an egg launcher, and a tractor used as a getaway vehicle.
  • Simple builds: While the command center itself and the truck are fun to build, the extra cars are a bit lackluster construction-wise.

Police Car (60312)

Lego police car (60312)

This entry is another police car, a standard cruiser that can make up the bulk of a LEGO City’s police force. It’s a little different than the other police car featured higher up on the list. For one, it’s slightly more detailed with a light outside the driver’s window. (It’s not an actual light, though, just a pretend one.)

It also looks like a more souped-up car that can go faster, leading to more high-speed chases throughout the city. The great thing about these small cars is that they aren’t too expensive. So if you want to fill out your city with a whole bunch of different vehicles, police and civilians alike, you can buy a pretty good number of them to make your city populated with LEGO characters and cars.


  • Price: They are pretty cheap online, which is good if you want to buy a couple of them.
  • Quick build: Sometimes you just want to do something quick and easy that’s not too complicated.


  • Imagination required: Because it doesn’t have many unique features, you’ll need to get imaginative and creative when you play with it.
  • Best with others: It’s just a standard police car, so unless you have other sets to go with it, it can be boring by itself.

Mobile Command Center (60139)

Lego police mobile command center (60139)

While I like the mobile command truck listed above a bit more, this one has many features that may be arguably better. It comes with a lot of the same features such as a breakout jail and a trailer that dispatches a motorcycle, but the command center aspect of the set feels more fleshed out, which creates a better sense of play. I also found the construction side a bit more fun, too.

Since the truck and the command center are part of the same unit, they aren’t separate like the other set. It’s hard to justify having both sets as they essentially accomplish the same police task, but if you are lucky enough to have two police stations in your LEGO City, they each may need their own mobile command center.


  • Playability: It has many features that make it fun to play with.
  • Fun build: Construction-wise, it’s enjoyable to put together.


  • Lack of figures: I wish it came with more characters.

Police Chase at the Bank (60317)

Lego police chase at the bank (60317)

I especially love sets that bake a story into the set itself. This one has everything you need to get started and play right away. It’s essentially a bank set, but it comes with many other features, including a drone, a helicopter, and a robbers’ truck. It does come with a police truck, as well, which technically allows it to be on the list.

But this set has so much more that allows the truck to be utilized in an awesome play situation. By itself, the truck might not rise to the level of an awesome police vehicle. It would be a simple set to add something to an already-created police station. But that’s the great thing about a fully fleshed-out LEGO set. It allows something so simple to be a part of something great, furthering diverse construction and a wide range of playability.


  • Price: Depending on where you get it, it may be a bit on the steep side, but it’s a value considering what’s included.
  • Playability: There are just so many little features included in the set that it’s hard to play with in the same way twice.


  • Simple truck: While the set as a whole is amazing, the police truck itself is very basic.
  • No station: Usually, police cars as an accessory come with a station. After the bad guys are arrested, there’s nowhere for them to be taken to. You’ll need to buy a station separately.

Technic Police Interceptor (42047)

Lego technic police interceptor (42047)

Here’s another Technic set that goes in the opposite direction from the one above. They both have the pull-back feature, but this Interceptor resembles more of a Jeep than a roadster. When it comes to cars, I’m more of a truck guy. Although I’m a fan of speed, there’s something about the strength and power of a truck that resonates with me much more.

So personally, I like this Technic design a lot better. It’s rugged and mountainous, so it gives off tougher vibes than the other one. Still, they both suffer from the same drawbacks as Technic sets. They don’t gel very well with other police sets, which is what is most fun about building stations and police cars.


  • Enjoyable build: As far as technic sets go, this one’s fun to assemble.
  • Durable: True to its rugged appearance, this one has rollover capability.


  • Retired: It’s an older set and maybe more difficult to find.

Mobile Police Dog Training (60369)

Lego mobile police dog training (60369)

This set combines a lot of features that I like. I’m a dog person, so obviously, I will have an affinity for a dog-training police set. I also like sets that step outside the urbanization that comes with many LEGO City sets. Cities are many different things. They aren’t just downtown streets and skyscrapers.

So the fact that this SUV comes with a camper and has more of a forest setting is a definite plus. As far as playability is concerned, it does come with a little set for the officers to train these pups in an isolated forest setting. Other than that, though, it can be lacking as it doesn’t fit with other cops and robbers sets and only has a few figures.


  • Change of scenery: I like the fact that it’s a forest setting.
  • Dogs included: Pups can be police officers too, so I’m happy sets are including them.


  • Lack of figures: With only two police officers, it isn’t a populated set.
  • On its own: The forest setting is great, but it might be hard to find a way to fit in if you have other LEGO City sets.

Police Prisoner Transport (60276)

lego police prisoner transport (60276)

At first glance, this set looks remarkably simple. It just has three vehicles without any settings. However, these particular vehicles go together well to create great playability. Most sets have a breakout feature, but this one is special as the breakout is the basis for the entire set. The police transporter and the breakout vehicle go together extremely well. However, it’s the motorcycle police escort that rounds it out.

It’s a simple addition, but when an escort is added to the set, it creates a set meant to be played with on the go. It’s a scenario I love to recreate on the streets of LEGO City, so the fact that I have a set perfectly geared toward that situation is a plus. It has playability baked right into the vehicles without having to be attached to something like a police station or other location.


  • Varied figures: Some police officers are boring, but these figures have a little character, even if there aren’t that many of them.
  • Immediate playability: Most vehicle-only sets don’t seem that playable by themselves. This one is.


  • Design: The set still could have used a little bit of flare to make it at least look unique.


This list makes it obvious just how essential police cars and other vehicles are to the play factor in LEGO City. Police stations may serve as a setting, a physical place for play to take part in, but a city isn’t just one place. It’s many. Once your LEGO City starts expanding, police cars are that essential unit that makes playing within the city limits a unified experience.

And the variety of police vehicles at their disposal is very impressive. LEGO does a fantastic job of creating play opportunities within the vehicles themselves. Between command centers and other transport trucks, LEGO police cars might be some of the most important LEGO City sets in the entire brand.


Question: Do police cars light up?

Answer: Some bricks do light up, but they do not come with every set.

Question: Are there any SWAT police vehicles?

Answer: LEGO likes to limit its violent figures, so there are no SWAT police vans.

Question: What is the oldest LEGO police car?

Answer: The first LEGO Police Car (600) was released in 1978.

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