The Best LEGO Call of Duty Sets

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LEGO has a long history of collaborations with gaming companies, and some of the brand’s best-selling products are the results of these partnerships. However, you won’t be able to find the best LEGO Call of Duty sets because LEGO never released a model based on this iconic video game.

LEGO’s main competitor Mega Brands offers a variety of Call of Duty sets, so the addition of Call of Duty sets to LEGO’s product portfolio seems unlikely at this point.

Moreover, the long-anticipated collaboration between LEGO and Activision Blizzard was postponed indefinitely. It is unclear if the Danish toymaker has any plans to publish sets inspired by the video games developed by the gaming industry giant in the future.

In this article, I’m going to take you through some of the best alternatives to LEGO Call of Duty sets and suggest several models based on this and other video games. Please read our guide to the biggest LEGO sets if you’re searching for a set with a high piece count.

At A Glance – The Best Alternatives to LEGO Call of Duty Sets

Model  Brand  Piece count Price range
Call of Duty Special Ops Copter Mega Construx 363 $$
Call of Duty WWII Battle Pack Mega Construx 415 $$$
Adventures with Luigi Starter Course 71387 LEGO – Super Mario 280 $$
The Modern Treehouse 21174 LEGO – Minecraft 909 $$$$
Nintendo Entertainment System 71374 LEGO – Super Mario 2,646 $$$$

Bottom Line Up Front

LEGO doesn’t offer sets based on Call of Duty, and you’ll have to consider the alternatives if you’d like to get a set inspired by a video game. You can either opt for a set like the Call of Duty Special Ops Copter produced by Mega Construx or get one of the LEGO models based on Super Mario and Minecraft games.

Selection criteria

LEGO doesn’t produce Call of Duty sets, and there is no indication that the brand has plans to introduce these sets soon. Moreover, future collaborations with Activision Blizzard seem unlikely after the recent events that scrutinized the gaming giant.

That’s why I decided to include the Call of Duty construction set manufactured by other brands in the final selection, as well as several LEGO models based on different video games. Here are a few parameters I utilized to choose the construction sets for this article.

  • Set’s topic: Besides construction sets inspired by Call of Duty, I also considered all other LEGO playsets based on video games.
  • Set size: This parameter has enabled me to identify sets with high and low piece counts so that you can choose the option that best fits your set construction skills.

Check out our guide to the best LEGO sets under $50 to discover the brand’s latest models in this price range.

Activision Blizzard and LEGO collaboration

The first news of the LEGO and Activision Blizzard partnership was announced more than four years ago during the Licensing Expo event in 2018. Blizzard made the announcement that suggested the two companies plan to collaborate on producing the first Overwatch LEGO set.

It also indicated that companies plan to produce merchandise based on Call of Duty, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and other Blizzard video games. LEGO launched the Overwatch theme in October 2018 but ended up releasing just ten sets before retiring the theme.

Here are a few Overwatch models LEGO released in 2018 and 2019.

A new Overwatch set titled Overwatch 2 Titan 76980 was scheduled for January 2022, but it was delayed due to sexual harassment lawsuits filed against Activision Blizzard. When or if this set is going to be released is currently unknown.

Please browse through our guide to the best LEGO Disney sets to find out more about the most sought-after models in this theme.

What is Call of Duty LEGO maps?

More than a decade ago, Traveller’s Tales, one of the largest game developers working under the LEGO license, collaborated with Activision Blizzard on the development of the LEGO Call of Duty video game.

The game was inspired by Black Ops and Modern Warfare versions of the Call of Duty video game, and it contained World at War, Black Ops, Black Ops 2, and Modern Warfare 1, 2, and 3 chapters.

A few years ago, DiamondLobby hired Evghenii Loctev, a 3D artist, to create maps made of LEGO bricks for this video game. The artist utilized the Bricklink Studio 2.0 software to generate 3D models of eight Call of Duty maps.

However, gamers cannot use these maps within the current version of the LEGO Call of Duty video game. Please go through our guide to the best Harry Potter sets to learn more about the latest sets in this theme.

LEGO themes based on video games

Themes based on video games are a relatively recent addition to the brand’s product portfolio. Besides the Overwatch sets, LEGO also added sets inspired by Super Mario and Minecraft video games to its product lineup. Sets from these two themes are currently the only LEGO models based on video games.

Super Mario

LEGO released the first Super Mario set in 2020. This theme features sets inspired by the Super Mario video game series, and it allows builders to recreate the challenges the main characters have to overcome. Here are a few of the most popular models from this theme.


Minecraft was the first LEGO theme inspired by a video game, and almost ten years later, it is one of the brand’s most popular themes. LEGO currently offers 25 active Minecraft sets, so let’s take a look at some of the best models.

Go through our guide to the best Marvel sets if you’re looking for a set inspired by Marvel superheroes.

Is Mega Construx a part of the LEGO brand?

Nearly all Call of Duty construction sets you can find on Amazon or Walmart are produced by the Mega Construx brand, a subsidiary of the Mega Brands company. Hence, none of the available Call of Duty construction sets has the LEGO logo.

Bricks in the Mega Construx sets are compatible with LEGO bricks, but some pieces may not fit together. That’s why combining sets produced by these two toy manufacturers isn’t advisable because the models you build are going to be unstable.

Even though Mega Construx sets construction sets are inexpensive, their quality is considerably lower than the quality of LEGO sets. Please browse through our guide to the best LEGO Pirate sets to get more information about pirate-themed LEGO sets.

The key factors to consider while choosing alternatives to LEGO Call of Duty sets

Despite having a relatively successful partnership with Blizzard in the past, LEGO never released a single set based on the Call of Duty video game. Even the production of new LEGO Overwatch sets was put on hold after the recent scandals surrounding the gaming industry giant.

That’s why you’ll have to explore the alternatives if you’d like to get a set based on this video game. Let’s go through some of the factors that can help you go through this process smoothly.

The set’s theme

You can either opt for one of the Call of Duty sets produced by LEGO’s competitor or get a LEGO set inspired by some other video game. Keep in mind that the quality of Mega Construx sets isn’t the same as the quality of LEGO sets.

As I already noted, none of the currently active LEGO sets are based on video games produced by Activision Blizzard, and you can choose between Super Mario and Minecraft models.

Piece count and age group

Like sets manufactured by LEGO, Mega Construx sets are also designed for specific age groups. Most Call of Duty models isn’t suitable for children under 10, while some sets are recommended for fans of this video game older than 16.

The piece count of LEGO sets based on video games varies from set to set, and you can choose from models with a few hundred or more than two thousand pieces. Mega Construx’s Call of Duty sets rarely has more than 500 pieces.

Your set-building skills

Most Calls of Duty sets are relatively easy to build, and you won’t need extensive experience to assemble them. In addition, Mega Construx’s models come with building instructions that guide you through each step of the process.

None of the LEGO sets from the Minecraft theme has more than 1,000 pieces, and they’re suitable for kids aged six or older. The Super Mario theme has a few sets designed for experienced LEGO builders.

Minifigures and accessories

Aside from the figures of tanks, helicopters, and other army vehicles, Call of Duty sets often include soldier minifigures. In addition, these sets feature different types of weapons and armor accessories.

Sets from LEGO themes based on video games usually feature a broad spectrum of accessories and minifigures. However, the exact number of accessories and minifigures depends on the set’s size.

Paying attention to this factor during the selection process can help you pick a set that offers a wide range of playing options.

Price range

Call of Duty sets isn’t expensive since most models cost less than $50, while only a handful of models cost more than $100. LEGO gaming sets are also affordable since just six models from Minecraft, and Super Mario themes are priced above $100.

Choosing a specific price range can help you eliminate all models that exceed your budget and narrow down your options.

The advantages of LEGO Call of Duty set alternatives

A broad spectrum of playing options

Sets inspired by Call of Duty and other video games allow children to develop different play scenarios. In addition, adults can use these sets as display pieces in their collections.

A wide selection of models

LEGO offers more than fifty sets inspired by different video games, while Mega Construx, its main competitor, has a versatile Call of Duty sets collection. Hence, finding the option you like shouldn’t take too much time.

Affordable prices

LEGO and Mega Construx gaming sets aren’t expensive as you can purchase most models for less than $100.

The disadvantages of LEGO Call of Duty set alternatives

These sets contain guns

Even though sets based on Call of Duty or other first-person shooter video games don’t promote violence, they still contain guns and other military-themed accessories.

Top 5 Alternatives to LEGO Call of Duty sets

Call of Duty Special Ops Copter

You don’t have to be an experienced LEGO builder to assemble the Call of Duty Special Ops Copter set. This set has just 363 pieces, and it comes with detailed building instructions that guide you through the assembly process.

The helicopter toy has rotatable blades, and its cockpit is large enough to accommodate the pilot figure. The soldier figure attaches to the helicopter’s side, and it is equipped with a rifle. This set is compatible with other Call of Duty sets produced by the same manufacturer.


  • Both figures have detachable armors
  • The helicopter toy has a camo finish
  • All elements of the set contain a lot of details
  • This set isn’t expensive


  • It doesn’t include a lot of accessories
  • This set isn’t designed for adult LEGO builders

Call of Duty WWII Battle Pack

Gaming fans can stage action-packed scenes with the Call of Duty WWII battle pack that features American and German forces composed of officer, soldier, medic, and dog minifigures. Each mini-figure is equipped with authentic WWII weapons and uniforms.

This set has multiple barricade elements and a rotating machine gun for the American soldier minifigure. It also includes accessories such as grenades, supply packs, barbwire, or canteens. Kids aged ten or older can combine this set with other Call of Duty sets or use it independently.


  • WWII-themed minifigures and accessories
  • It can extend playing options offered by other Call of Duty sets
  • This set can help children learn the history
  • All mini figures have posable arms and legs


  • Long assembly process despite a low piece count
  • This set is in high demand, and it can be hard to find

Adventures with Luigi Starter Course 71387

First-time LEGO builders can hone their set-building skills with the Adventures with Luigi Starter Course 71387 set. Assembling the seesaw, tower, Start Pipe, or Goal Pole elements is so easy that even a six-year-old can do it without anyone’s assistance.

This set comes with the interactive Luigi figure that offers audio and visual reactions. It also features figures of Super Mario characters like Boom Boom, Yoshi, and Boon Goomba. Keep in mind that the building instructions for this set are only available in the Super Mario app.


  • Straightforward assembly process
  • Kids can play with different Super Mario characters
  • Compatible with all Super Mario expansion sets
  • An excellent introduction to the LEGO world


  • Low piece count
  • It’s not a good option for teenage or adult LEGO fans

The Modern Treehouse 21174

Young Minecraft fans will enjoy building The Modern Treehouse 21174 set because it’s stacked with fun features and accessories. Children can choose if they want to position the kitchen, library, bedroom, or study elements separately or combine them with the towering tree element.

Creeper, ocelot skin, panda skin, chicken, or zombie are some of the Minecraft characters you can find in this set. In addition, The Modern Treehouse set features beds, chairs, swords, and countless other accessories.


  • Modular design allows kids to recombine elements in any way they want
  • It features authentic Minecraft accessories
  • This set encourages creativity
  • Versatile selection of Minecraft characters


  • It occupies a lot of space
  • More expensive than most sets from the Minecraft theme

Nintendo Entertainment System 71374

The Nintendo Entertainment System 71374 set might be the right choice for you if you’re searching for a LEGO gaming set that will test your set-building skills. You can build a display model of a vintage television set and a Nintendo gaming console with this 2,646-piece set.

The TV model is 8 inches tall and 9 inches wide, and you can easily place it on a display shelf in your home or office. This set also features a controller element that attaches to the NES model.


  • A beautiful display piece for all gaming enthusiasts
  • Vintage design
  • The TV is displaying a scene from the Super Mario video game
  • The set contains extra pieces for tiny and fragile components


  • The long and difficult assembly process
  • This set is expensive

Frequently asked questions about LEGO Call of Duty sets

Question: Does LEGO offer sets based on first-person shooter games?

Answer: None of the active LEGO sets are inspired by this type of video game.

Question: Is LEGO going to renew its partnership with Activision Blizzard?

Answer: It is unclear when or if LEGO plans to continue publishing sets based on Blizzard video games.

Question: What is the biggest LEGO gaming set?

Answer: The Nintendo Entertainment System 71374 is the biggest LEGO set inspired by a video game. Check out our guide on the biggest LEGO sets here!

Question: Does LEGO produce Call of Duty-themed minifigures?

Answer: LEGO doesn’t manufacture mini-figures based on the characters from this video game.

Final thoughts: Considering the best alternatives to LEGO Call of Duty sets

Even though LEGO collaborated with Activision Blizzard in the past, none of its currently active models is based on the Call of Duty video games. Hence, your only option is to consider some of the Call of Duty sets produced by one of the brand’s greatest competitors.

I recommend the Mega Construx’s Call of Duty Special Ops Copter set because it is affordable, fun, and easy to build.

LEGO sets like the Nintendo Entertainment System 71374 or The Modern Treehouse 21174 might be a good option for you if you’re considering models that aren’t inspired by Call of Duty video games.

Which alternative to LEGO Call of Duty are you going to choose? Let me know in the comments or continue reading our guide to creative LEGO ideas to find inspiration for your next LEGO project.

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