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There are many things that LEGO is widely respected for, but their extreme attention to detail might be the most well-respected skill of the company. That attention to detail goes from huge builds with Easter eggs and crazy obscure pop-culture references and carries over into their Minifigures, which have become their own category of iconic collectibles. Many people collect Minifigs and are even willing to spend a lot of money on an entire set, just for coveted Minifigs that it includes.

I’m going to talk about the best Star Wars Minifigures and which sets you to need to buy in order to collect them. Keep in mind that this article is all about the Minifigs, not the sets, so if you feel like a set is overpriced or not worth building, that’s totally okay but that’s not the point of this particular list.

Bottom Line Up Front

Trouble on Tatooine is the best value for the best Star Wars Minifigs that you can buy right now. For only $30 you not only get a great set, but you get three excellent and coveted (one new!) Minifigs, none of which disappoint.

Best Star Wars Minifigures and Which Sets They’re In:

Boba Fett’s Throne Room

The brand new Boba Fett’s Throne Room is a highly anticipated addition to the Star Wars LEGO universe. Without going into too much detail about the set itself, this is a $99.99, 732 piece set for ages nine and up. It is a recreation of Boba Fett’s throne room complete with shaking steps, a pop-up option, and a secret chamber. But the stand-outs here are definitely the Minifigs.

Boba Fett’s Throne Room comes with seven Minifigs. For starters, there is the new for March 2022 Bib Fortuna. New for March 2022 means that Bib Fortuna has never been portrayed as a Minifig before. That means that this is literally the only set that you can get a Bib Fortuna Minifig in. There is also Boba Fett and his trusty right-hand woman Fennec Shand, Rystáll Sant or the Theelin Dancer, a Quarren, a Weequay Guard, and a Gamorrean Guard. If any of these names are familiar to you, you know that their Minifigs have to be as unique and imaginative as the mind of George Lucas.

I chose this set and several of the Minifigs included because LEGO chose to recreate ‘minor’ characters in this. While yes, Boba Fett and Fennec Shand are main characters, a Quarren character, and Weequay Guard aren’t exactly the headliners in any Star Wars film or movie. Still, LEGO recreated them and did it so well, I just have to put them on my list! These Minifigs are why I think this set is worth purchasing.

  1. Yes, Bib Fortuna is new, but it’s Rystáll Sant or the Theelin Dancer that stole the show for me. She is a pink-haired, easily recognized character who appears in more than just The Book of Boba Fett, she’s a half-human background dancer in several of the Star Wars films and shows. Her Minifig has really cool scales on her face and when you remove that iconic pink hair, you can see that LEGO took the time to add her horns. She has a two-sided head too, for two different facial expressions, but don’t worry — both have her scales and horns. Her hair is a color rarely found in Star Wars, an almost neon pink with curly details, cut into a bob that’s shorter in the back. The hair alone is such a show-stopper, you almost don’t need the rest of the Minifigs in this set! In short, LEGO really nailed it in depicting Rystáll Sant and that’s why her Minifig makes the top of my list.
  2. Now we have Bib Fortuna, the new to this set Minifig. The printed detail on the Bib Fortuna’s body shows a chubby waist bulge, and details of his outfit. His face is really awesome though, with bright, beady, red eyes and a mischievous-looking set of teeth. He also has a two-sided head, which you can turn if you remove his large headpiece. That headpiece has his head-tail, which wraps around his front and back. This is super cool, even though it impedes his arm movement, it’s worth it. This is not just a great start for a Bib Fortuna Minifig, I’m not sure where I see room for improvement for the next iteration!
  3. The Quarren Minifigure is another stand-out, and while he can’t move his head due to the nature of the tentacles or jowls, whatever you might call them, he is really accurate, fun, and unique. His head is also rubber, which makes it slightly moveable with a little give to make removing this piece to investigate the gorgeous print of the torso easier. In short, the rubberized nature of this headpiece won’t break. And LEGO didn’t skim on the rest of him while making this awesome headpiece. As I said, his torso has great print and details as well. I love this little guy!
  4. The Gamorrean Guard is adorable, though I do wish that they had a second (if you’re a fan of the show you know that the Gamorrean Guards work together). He has a great texture for his clothing on his bottom half and even has a pudgy pig-like belly (unlike Bib Fortuna, this is actually extra plastic, not just print dealing to show a bulging stomach). He has details like a belt, shoulder armor, hooves printed on his feet, and his helmet.
  5. The Weequay Minifig has a crazy amount of detail with braids printed down the back of his head and then wrapping around to the front of his torso. His face detail is also awesome with the wrinkles across his brow and down his face. This is a difficult character to tackle, and LEGO did a great job.

Pros and Cons of the Boba Fett’s Throne Room Minifigs:


  • The set includes a brand new Minifig: Bib Fortuna, who has amazing detail and is well-executed.
  • Bib Fortuna’s headpiece particularly is really cool and accurate, and his face is great!
  • There are great ‘minor’ characters in this set, and they steal the show with their attention to detail.
  • The Quarren Minifig has a rubberized head, which allows for a little give when removing it.
  • For $100 you’re getting a great set with five all-star Minifigs.


  • Boba Fett is the focus of this set, but his Minifig is lackluster. His armor is an outdated color for this scene and yet his head has scarring which is on point for this scene. All in all, he wasn’t recreated adequately.
  • Fennec Shand has room for improvement too. LEGO also could have included a helmet for her but chose not to. Her ponytail is high while Fennec Shand wears hers low, though the hair does have her braiding details.
  • For $100 for a Boba Fett set, you may want Boba Fett himself to be better.
  • There should have been a second Gamorrean Guard.

Hoth AT-ST

The Hoth AT-ST only has three Minifigs included, but it makes the list because of one of them: Chewy. Yes, Chewbacca, is a classic fan favorite. I chose this set particularly though because Chewy has snow on him. That’s right, true to the scene from The Empire Strikes Back, Chewy is frosted.

The Chewbacca Minifig is a dark brown with textured detailing on the torso for his fur. He has a lighter brown face with dark brown eyes and mouth, even with a sort of mustache-looking fur running over the corners of his mouth. The Chewy Minifig also has light brown fur patches on his knees to break up the dark brown, which is a great addition by LEGO. And since this Chewy is in the snow, he has white snow peppering him. He even has snow on his feet!

This set is $49.99 and 586 pieces for ages nine and up. It also has two other Minifigs: a Hoth AT-ST pilot and a rebel trooper. Those are great, but not really worth discussing further. If you’re into Chewbacca and collecting different Chewy Minifigs, this is worth the $50 because you’re getting the rest of the set as well, which is also excellent. This Chewy also comes with his signature bowcaster, in case you needed some icing on this Chewy cake.

Pros and Cons of the Hoth AT-ST Minifigs:


  • Chewbacca is the reason to purchase this set for a Minifig. He is in rare form, with snowy details!
  • Comes with two other unnamed characters that are rebel fighters. Their details are great but not compared to Chewy.
  • Comes with Chewy’s weapon of choice: a bowcaster.


  • For $50 I’m not sure you should buy this just for Chewy. You’d have to enjoy the set as well.

Death Star Final Duel

The Death Star Final Duel set is retiring soon so if you’re interested in this, I’d highly recommend buying it now! The set will run you $99.99 and is 775 pieces. It is aimed at ages nine and up and is unfortunately sold out at the moment.

I love the Minifigs in this set because they’re oldies but goodies. The set includes Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, and two Imperial Guards. It takes place in Emperor Palpatine’s throne room and recreates a scene from Return of the Jedi.

I’m going to talk about each of these Minifigs because the Imperial Guards are exactly the same so we’re really only talking about four, not five, Minifigs. As with Boba Fett’s Throne Room, I am rating these from my favorite to least favorite!

  1. Darth Vadar is number one for me because it’s so good to be bad! The printing on his figure surpasses Emperor Palpatine, but that makes sense because where Palpatine’s recognizable features largely are in his face, Vadar is all about that outfit, from the helmet to the cloak. And of course, the has a great cloak and a very accurate helmet. Vadar even has printing down his arms, which is rare in Minifigs, and printing on his back, under the cape. And what’s under the helmet? Glad you asked. His face is a perfect pale white with red scarring on the back, making this a one-sided head, which I don’t mind because the whole thing is great. The eyes are sunken in, and he has wrinkles on his forehead. This is really a homerun Minifig.
  2. Number two is Emperor Palpatine. Let’s start with his clothes: he has a great, removable, black hood with fabric details that leads down to his cape, which is actually made of fabric. His torso is black with a metallic clasp for his cape around his neck and lines for details of his clothes. While the back of this Minifig has no details, I don’t believe it needs any. He is all darkness after all, and the reason why his face is so important. Emperor Palpatine has two faces, both with great details. He has wrinkles, he looks angry, he has scars, he just has a depth that is so hard to achieve in such a tiny, limited space.
  3. Luke Skywalker doesn’t have a ton of details, but that’s also true to this scene. He is wearing all black and has printed details for his clothes. His hair is that perfect, early 80s style cut but what I really love about this, otherwise boring Minifig is that LEGO took the time to give Luke his chin details. This is most definitely Mark Hamill.
  4. The Imperial Guards are bright red and are new because they have cloaks, which LEGO hasn’t done for these Minifigs before. I love this red color and I love the simple, black slit for the eyes in the helmets. Their torsos have some printing for the fabric but no print on the back, which definitely makes sense for these characters.

Pros and Cons of the Death Star Final Duel Minifigs


  • The Darth Vadar Minifig has great attention to detail and is by far the stand-out of this set. From his cloak to his printing down his arm and that headpiece! 10/10 for LEGO!
  • Emperor Palpatine has excellent facial details, which is so important for his character.
  • I love the red of the Imperial Guards and the simplicity of their torsos makes sense. They’re gorgeous.
  • I love Luke’s chin!
  • This set overall is definitely worth $100.


  • Luke Skywalker is a little boring, though he does match this scene from the movie.
  • This product is about to be retired and is currently sold out on LEGO’s website.
  • I don’t believe these Minifigs are worth $100 alone, and since it’s about to be retired I’d expect newer Minifigs in another Star Wars set soon enough. (Star Wars shows no sign of slowing down and LEGO would be crazy to break this contract.)

Trouble on Tatooine

Trouble on Tatooine is a really great set and I have to say that I love each and every Minifig included. For that reason, this whole set is on my list. The set has lots of great layers for fun, but we need to focus on the Minifigs here so let’s just talk about how awesome they are. These are not in any order because I love them all equally. Here’s a complete review on Trouble on Tatooine for more details.

  1. First, we have everyone’s favorite hunk in metal, The Mandalorian. He is shown for the first time in his beskar’gam armor. Before the release of this set in 2021, he wasn’t nearly so shiny. That’s right, his armor is reflective and even though he has a cape, there are still details printed on the back of the Minifig torso.
  2. The Child is not quite a Minifig, but I am including him on this list because he can’t really be portrayed as a proper Minifig without veering from the proportion of the Star Wars universe. So yes, this is a shorter figure than The Mandalorian, because The Child, or Grogu, is much smaller than all the other characters around him. For that reason, he does not have legs that bend,  his bottom half is portrayed as a sort of brown blob, true to the show, as he walks around in a potato-sack-looking outfit. His head is rubber, with those ears you know you love so much, sticking out.
  3. And finally, we have the Tusken Raider. The way that LEGO created the Tusken Raider’s head is really what makes me love this Minifig so much. They have pegs coming out and print depicting the wraps they have all around the head. Finally, the mouth and eye depictions are dead on. They didn’t spare any details while creating these unique characters, and I’m glad. Even though he isn’t a new Minifig, he didn’t need any 2021 updates.

The best part of this set is that it’s only $29.99 and you can have all three wonderful Minifigs and a great build in your possession. It’s only 276, aimed at ages seven and up.

Pros and Cons of the Trouble on Tatooine Minifigs:


  • This is the first set you have the Mandalorian in his traditional, shiny, handsome armor.
  • The Child is too cute to not love, just look at him and those huge, rubber ears!
  • The Tusken Raider holds his own against the other two huge, loved, characters. The detail is perfect from head to toe.
  • For $30 you’re getting a wonderful set and three amazing Minifigs.
  • There are no weaknesses in the Minifig selection.


Mandalorian Battle Pack

The Mandalorian Battle Pack is a small, concise set of iconic Mandalorian warriors. Aimed at ages six and up this is only 102 pieces at $14.99. It is also currently sold out. I’m adding this small set to the list because it’s an easy way to get four, hard-to-find Minifigs. These Mandalorians are unnamed representations of some of the background warriors from the show The Mandalorian, as their armor is all different colors. Still, they’re fun and worth mentioning.

One of them is blue, purple, and gray with a green cloak. Another is orange, brown, and silver and another is more orange, blue, and black. The final Mandalorian is bright green and a brighter blue with a grayish cloak. All of them have cloaks and all of them have blacked-out faces. That choice makes sense because none of these characters will (or are allowed to) remove their helmets per their religion. I do really like that even though they all have capes, they all still have printed details on their torso so LEGO didn’t skimp on that. I also like that each of their helmets has that antenna-looking lever for honing in on targets and it actually moves up and down.

Pros and Cons of the Mandalorian Battle Pack:


  • You get four Mandalorian warrior Minifigs for only $14.99 in this small set.
  • Each Minifig is a different color with great details like dings on their armor.
  • All of their faces are blacked out, which is true to the show.


  • This is a Minifig-focused set so you don’t have a lot to build.
  • The Mandalorians are not specific characters or, I should say, are unnamed in the show as of yet.
  • Currently sold out.

FAQs About the Best Star Wars Minifigures

Question: Can I just buy separate Minifigs?

Answer: No, you have to buy sets to get specific Minifigs like Star Wars characters or Marvel universe characters for example. If you go into a LEGO store, you can create your own characters and potentially recreate a Star Wars character, but you can’t just buy one off the shelf.

Question: When they retire a LEGO set, do they also retire the Minifigs?

Answer: Not necessarily, there’s no reason they can’t reuse some of the same Minifigs later, though LEGO will probably take the time to update them. They’re always looking for ways to improve their details and get people interested in buying new sets and see what added details they’ve included in their new Minifigs.

Question: If a product is about to retire, does that mean it isn’t as good?

Answer: No, it just means that LEGO is ready to start something new!

Question: Why are Minifigs so important?

 Answer: Minifigs are important because they help tell the story of the entire LEGO set. LEGO is all about telling stories, whether it’s recreating movies like Star Wars or creating their own universe for a moment, storytelling is imperative, and therefore the characters are as well.

Final Thoughts on the Best Star Wars Minifigures

While spending money on an entire set just for a Minifig may seem silly to many, for those who collect iconic Minifigs, it’s a way of life. Collecting rare, new, or old Minifigs is an interesting hobby because you can see an evolution of a Minifig across time, you can also see new trends from LEGO (printing down the arms for example). For a LEGO enthusiast, this niche is exciting, and I love looking at the tiny details of these Minifigs and seeing where LEGO can surprise me.

The Star Wars and LEGO collaboration is a fruitful one, with Minifigs being no exception to the creativity that these two powerhouses bring forth. In the end, it’s hard to find a Star Wars Minifig that isn’t awesome, unique, and nostalgic.

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