LEGO Indominus Rex Review and Guide

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In seven years since launching the Jurassic World theme, LEGO published just two sets featuring an Indominus Rex figure. This LEGO Indominus Rex review will focus on the most recent Jurassic World set inspired by the largest theropod in the Jurassic World universe.

The Indominus Rex Vs. Ankylosaurus 75941 had an 18-month lifespan, and it contained elements that enabled builders to reconstruct scenes from Jurassic World movies. The set’s dinosaur figures are unique, and they’re not included in building kits LEGO released in this theme in the last two years.

Bottom Line Up Front

A high retail price for a set with fewer than 600 pieces was one of the significant downsides of the Indominus Rex Vs. Ankylosaurus 75941 set while it was still in production. Its market value increased after it was discontinued making it an overpriced option for most young LEGO builders.

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The Ins and Outs of the LEGO Indominus Rex Vs. Ankylosaurus 75941

Basic info

  • Release date: June 1, 2020
  • Exit date: December 31, 2021
  • Piece count: 537
  • Age group: 8+
  • Price range: $$$

The Indominus Rex Breakout 75919 was a part of the first wave of Jurassic World sets released in 2015. With 1,156 pieces, the model was also one of the theme’s biggest building kits at the time. LEGO retired this model at the end of 2016 after a moderately successful market run.

Four years later, the toymaker added the Indominus Rex Vs. Ankylosaurus 75931 model to the Jurassic World theme. The new model didn’t resemble its predecessor, as the two sets shared only a handful of the same elements.

Like most models in the Jurassic World theme, the playset was designed for young LEGO fans, and it offered an easy build child could complete quickly. Almost six months after its exit date, the set is easily obtainable at secondary markets, but its price is unjustifiably high.

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Packaging and building instructions

There’s nothing unique or remarkable about the set’s box. Its front side depicts the assembled model of the Gyrosphere station along with the set’s Minifigures and two dinosaur figures. Jurassic World and LEGO branding are in the upper left corner, and the set’s basic information is below it.

The underside shows the Gyrosphere station from another angle and images of the building kit’s key features. The box contains four numbered bags, while the Ankylosaurus and Indominus Rex figures are packed in separate bags.

Top tip: Check if any of the set’s pieces are missing as soon as you open the box to avoid setbacks during the construction process. 

The 112-page building instructions booklet doesn’t have Jurassic World movie references or information about Indominus Rex’s origins. The sticker sheet has ten stickers, and nearly half of them are for the Gyrosphere sign.

An overview of the set’s pieces and Minifigures

Leg, body, tail, and head elements of Indominus Rex and Ankylosaurus figures are exclusive to this set. Also, this LEGO model introduces a transparent 6×6 satellite dish piece, cap and torso parts for the Park Guard Minifigure, and a new print on the Claire Dearing torso piece.

This 2020 set has the following Minifigures:

  • Zach Mitchel
  • Gray Mitchel
  • Oven Grady
  • Claire Dearing
  • Park Worker

Aside from Oven Grady, all other Minifigures are unique, but they’re not very valuable despite this. All other set’s pieces are common, so finding their replacement shouldn’t be difficult.

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Construction Process

No previous set-building experience is needed to assemble this set. Two dinosaur figures are composed of large pieces, so you just have to attach the tail, head, legs, arms, jaw, and head elements to their torso.

Once these two figures are assembled, you can start building the Gyrosphere sign accompanied by two tree elements with a Technic base that enables you to tip trees over. This stage of the build has just forty steps, and you won’t need more than half an hour to complete it.

Top tip: Stickers on the Gyrosphere sign are small, and applying them requires complete focus. 

The second bag contains pieces for the lower section of the Gyrosphere station composed of Technic and System parts. Building the structure’s upper portion can be time-consuming due to the large number of tiny pieces.

The final stage of the build includes assembling the roof, Gyrosphere deployment mechanism, a rail track, and the Gyrosphere toy. The entire build has 120 steps, and a moderately skilled builder can complete it in less than two hours.

A Look at the Assembled Model

The most impressive element of the Indominus Rex Vs. Ankylosaurus 75941 set are dinosaurs. Both toys have adjustable legs, arms, and tails, but moving the Ankylosaurus’ head isn’t possible. However, you can use its tail to tip over tree elements.

The model of the Gyrosphere station is ten inches wide, ten inches long, and four inches tall. It has a fairly detailed interior composed of a ticket booth and a turnstile despite modest dimensions. The ticket booth section has a rotating chair, a security monitor with a Brachiosaurus sticker, and a calendar on the wall.

The transparent Gyrosphere toy accommodates a Minifigure, and you can send it down the rail track by turning the knob on the deployment mechanism. However, the rail track element is short, and it ends abruptly once it reaches the front section of the Gyrosphere station.

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Set’s Playability

Most of the model’s play value comes from the dinosaur figures. Kids can use them to knock over trees or confront them with Oven Grady and other characters. Moreover, these figures are relatively small and easily portable.

Aside from a tranquilizer gun, the Indominus Rex Vs. Ankylosaurus 75941 model doesn’t have any other accessories.

The Gyrosphere station model offers limited play options since kids can use it to sell tickets to the visitors, deploy the Gyrosphere toy or defend it against dinosaur attacks. Combining this building kit with other LEGO Jurassic World sets can widen the range of play scenarios children can develop.

Top tip: Check the building instructions booklet to determine which Jurassic World models released in 2020 are compatible with this set.

Here are a few active sets that can improve the Indominus Rex Vs. Ankylosaurus 75941’s playability:

Price and Value

The model’s retail price during its 18-month lifespan was close to $100. The high price tag was one of the main points of criticism since most LEGO sets with similar piece counts are considerably less expensive.

The Indominus Rex Vs. Ankylosaurus 75941’s price increased by 25% after its exit date, making it a pricy option for its intended age group. Its average market value floats around $140, but some online retailers offer this model for more than $200.

The combined value of the set’s Minifigures is $16, although the price of unique Minifigures could increase in the future. Indominus Rex and Ankylosaurus figures are the building kit’s most valuable elements as they’re not featured in other sets from this LEGO theme.

The most recent LEGO Indominus Rex model is overpriced because it is more expensive than the considerably bigger T-Rex Breakout 76956 build-to-display set.

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Pros and Cons of the LEGO Indominus Rex Vs. Ankylosaurus 75941 set


  • Short and easy build
  • Both dinosaur Minifigures are unique
  • Gyrosphere station has a nicely decorated interior
  • The gyrosphere deployment mechanism is simple and effective


  • Overpriced for a set with fewer than 600 pieces
  • A limited selection of accessories
  • The set doesn’t have a high play value

The Best Alternatives to the Indominus Rex Vs. Ankylosaurus 75941 set

Aside from a prohibitively expensive Indominus Rex Breakout 75919 set that is almost impossible to find in pristine condition, you won’t have any other options if you’re looking for a LEGO set with an Indominus Rex figure.

Optionally, you can consider other LEGO Jurassic World models released in 2020, but most of them are discontinued and hard to find. Getting one of the theme’s active models is the best replacement for the Indominus Rex Vs. Ankylosaurs 75931 model. So let’s take a look at some of the best alternatives to this set.

Giganotosaurus & Therizinosaurus Attack 76949

  • Piece count: 810
  • Age group: 9+
  • Price range: $$$

Young Jurassic World fans can effortlessly assemble the Giganotosaurus & Therizinosaurus Attack 76949 set even if they don’t have advanced set-building skills.

Constructing the HQ building is the most challenging part of the construction process because it has a high amount of details scattered over the structure’s three levels. This building has a laboratory, a garage, and a helipad for the buildable helicopter toy.

In addition, the set has an observation tower with a collapsible platform and various other fun features. Each of the six Minifigures is equipped with multiple accessories. Both dinosaur Minifigures are exclusive to this set.

T-Rex & Atrociraptor Dinosaur Breakout 76948

  • Piece count:  466
  • Age group: 8+
  • Price range: $$

The T-Rex & Atrociraptor Dinosaur Breakout 76948 set gives you a glimpse of the upcoming Jurassic World Dominion movie by allowing you to recreate some of its scenes. The market element has an enclosure for the 4-inch tall T-Rex figure and an escape function that sets the dinosaur free.

The truck toy has a detachable container with enough space for two Atrociraptor figures, but only Atrociraptor is available in the set.

This LEGO Jurassic World model has four Minifigures, including Soyona Santos and Oven Grady. Tranquilizer guns and dinosaur eggs are among the accessories that come with this building kit.

Atrociraptor Dinosaur Bike Chase 76945

  • Piece count: 167
  • Age group: 6+
  • Price range: $

You can combine the T-Rex & Atrociraptor Dinosaur Breakout 76948 and Atrociraptor Dinosaur Bike Chase 76945 set to extend the range of play options you have at your disposal.

The 76945 model features a small market element with a collapsible wall and rotating battle pit that matches the large market component of the 76948 model.

This building kit comes with an Atrociraptor toy that fits into a truck container alongside the Atrociraptor figure from the other set and two miniature dinosaur figures. Oven and Rainn can use the motorcycle toy and tranquilizer guns to catch T-Rex or Atrociraptor.

Notable mentions

Frequently Asked Questions about LEGO Indominus Rex

Question: Is Indominus Rex Vs. Ankylosaurus 75941 Set Still Available in LEGO stores?

Answer: This set was retired less than six months ago, and it could be available in LEGO stores that still have it in stock.

Question: What to Do if my Indominus Rex Vs. Ankylosaurs 75941 set is Missing Pieces?

Answer: Contact the retailer as soon as you realize that your set is missing pieces, but you may not be able to return it if you have already opened some of the bags. You should also check if you can order missing pieces from the LEGO website.

Question: Will there be a New LEGO Indominus Rex?

Answer: Indominus Rex won’t appear in the Jurassic World Dominion film, so a new LEGO set inspired by this hybrid dinosaur seems unlikely.

Question: How to get Digital Building Instructions for the Indominus Rex Vs. Ankylosaurus 75941 set?

Answer: You just have to scan the QR code on the building instructions booklet to view all steps of the assembly process on a Smart device.

Final Thoughts

Buying a discontinued LEGO set from online retailers is always a risk, as you can easily end up with a used or damaged set. Aside from being retired, the Indominus Rex Vs. Ankylosaurus 75941 is also expensive for a model in its piece count range.

That’s why I don’t recommend buying this set unless you’re collecting LEGO Jurassic World dinosaur figures. Instead, you can get more affordable models like Giganotosaurus & Therizinosaurus Attack 76949 or T-Rex & Atrociraptor Dinosaur Breakout 76948 with similar piece counts.

Our guide to the best LEGO gifts can help you find an awesome present for a young LEGO fan if the most recent LEGO Indominus set doesn’t fit your budget.

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