LEGO Captain Rex Review and Guide

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This LEGO Captain Rex review will look at one of the best-known models from the Star Wars Rebels subtheme and help you decide if it’s worth getting it.

The Captain Rex’s at-TE 75157 set was discontinued at the end of 2017, just a few months before the final season of the Star Wars Rebels series ended. This model has become a collector’s item even though it wasn’t a part of the LEGO Ultimate Collector Series.

Bottom Line Up Front

More than four years after its production stopped, the Captain Rex’s at-TE 75157 is still in high demand primarily because of its unique Minifigures. Aside from being expensive, this LEGO set is also hard to find, so it’s only a good option for collectors of rare, discontinued LEGO models.

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The Ins and Outs of the LEGO Captain Rex’s at-TE 75157 Set

Basic info: 

  • Release date: June 1, 2016
  • Exit date: December 31, 2017
  • Piece count: 972
  • Age group: 9 – 14
  • Price range: $$$$

The Star Wars Rebels subtheme was launched a few months before the first episode of this animated TV show premiered on the Disney Channel. The toymaker released around fifteen sets from 2014 to 2017 before halting the production of new models based on this TV series.

Sets from this subtheme had similar piece counts, and only two models had more than 1,000 pieces. Nearly all Star Wars Rebels building kits contained gunships, starfighters, and various versions of ground vehicles.

Here are a few of the most notable LEGO sets from this Star Wars subtheme:

The Captain Rex’s at-TE 75157 playset has all the key characteristics of models LEGO released within this subtheme. The third-largest LEGO Star Wars Rebels set had a 17-month lifespan, and it was one of the subtheme’s last models.

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Packaging and Building Instructions

LEGO Captain Rex’s at-TE 75157 Set

Basic info: 

  • Number of bags: 8
  • Building instructions booklets: 1

Like all LEGO sets with approximately 1,000 pieces, the Captain Rex’s at-TE 75157 model arrives in a medium-sized box. Its front section depicts the at-TE Walker and the set’s characters engaged in battle. The branding, the set info, and images of the set’s Minifigures are arranged around the battle scene.

The box’s underside shows the at-TE Walker from a different angle, and it features several illustrations of its schematics and features.

Top tip: Contacting the retailer before purchasing this set will help you ensure its packaging is in pristine condition. 

The box contains eight bags of pieces, a single building instructions booklet, and an extensive sticker sheet.

The manual has 168 pages, and it doesn’t include information about Captain Rex or his at-TE Walker. However, lists of compatible Star Wars sets and Minifigures that can help you extend the set’s range of play options can be found at the end of the booklet.

An Overview of the Set’s Pieces and Minifigures

Four out of five Minifigures are exclusive to this set. Hence, the Imperial Inquisitor, The Fifth Brother, Captain Rex, Commander Wolffe, and Commander Gregor are a part of the reason why this set is so valuable.

  • Captain Rex –The Minifigure’s head has gray facial hair that indicates the character’s age. It has printed armor decorations on the front and back ends of the torso, while the legs and arms don’t have decorative elements. The hair and helmet parts for this Minifigure aren’t available.
  • Commander Wolffe – The head element has a scar over the right eye and gray beard, while its torso is decorated with armor prints.
  • Commander Gregor – The dotted facial hair dominates the Minifigure’s head element. The torso features unique but simple gray t-shirt and belt prints.
  • Imperial Inquisitor The Fifth Brother – The head element has two faces with angry and mean facial expressions on each side. The print of the Inquisitor’s uniform extends over its torso and leg elements. The shoulder shield with insignia prints and helmet parts are included in the set.
  • Stormtrooper – This Minifigure is identical to other Stormtroopers featured in Star Wars Rebels sets. It has a removable helmet and standard armor prints on the torso and legs.

Besides the Imperial Inquisitor, armed with a double-bladed lightsaber, all other Minifigures are equipped with blaster guns. This set doesn’t have new or unique parts, but despite this, it can be a valuable source of pieces for MOC Army builds.

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Construction Process

Captain Rex’s at-TE 75157 Set

Captain Rex and Imperial Inquisitor Minifigures are assembled at the start of the build. Once you put these Minifigures together, you’ll move to construct the cockpit seat and two canisters with hidden blaster pistol and thermal detonator accessories.

The first bag features the pieces you’ll need to build most of the at-TE toy’s frame composed of Technic and System parts. The first stage of the build has just twenty steps, so it won’t take long before you start constructing the vehicle’s upper structure.

The cockpit, a small cabin, multiple platforms, and the carrying handle are constructed from pieces in bags numbered two through four. The legs, rotating turrets, cranes, side panels, adjustable cannons, and removable hatches are assembled at the later stages of the build.

Top tip: Handle the at-TE toy carefully while turning it around during the construction process because some parts are loosely attached. 

This set features spare spring-loaded shooters stored underneath the main turret element. The toy also has an easily detachable spring-loaded shooter at the front section of the main turret, so you can decide if you want to add this element to the toy.

Completing the construction process takes one to two hours, depending on the builder’s skills and previous experience. Applying the stickers is arguably the most challenging part of the build.

A Look at the Completed Model

The at-TE’s design is based on its appearance in ‘The Lost Commanders’ and ‘Relics of the Old Republic’ episodes of the Star Wars Rebels series. At first sight, the at-TE toy isn’t impressive, as it is just 12 inches long and 9 inches wide.

Its legs aren’t posable even though they have joints that allow them to bend, so changing the toy’s pose or creating an illusion of movement isn’t an option. The front section features lanterns, platforms, rotating cannons, and other details that are true to the source.

The single-Minifigure cockpit is also located in the front section of the toy, and it features a sliding seat element equipped with a printed console piece. The main turret has an adjustable gun that can be moved up or down, while the turret’s seat has an identical console piece to the one in the cockpit.

The toy’s interior isn’t easy to reach since opening the gray door on the rear end gives you partial access to the at-TE’s cabin. Removing the top platform covering the cabin is the only way to get a clear view of the interior.

The carrying handle is one of the model’s nicest details because it allows LEGO builders to move the toy safely.

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Set’s Playability

LEGO Captain Rex’s at-TE 75157 Set

Exploring all the play options the Captain Rex’s at-TE 75157 model offers will take a while. The toy’s battle features make reenacting scenes from Star Wars Rebels series easy and leave plenty of room to develop alternative play scenarios.

This set has a broad spectrum of accessories that ranges from thermal detonators and blaster pistols to coffee mugs. An excellent selection of Minifigures extends the building kit’s playability, and you can add LEGO Star Wars stormtrooper Minifigures if you’d like to recreate complex scenes.

Top tip: The size of the rebel shuttle featured in The Phantom 75170 building kit fits the at-TE’s top platform perfectly, so combining these two sets will widen the range of play options you have at your disposal. 

The set also has spare spring-loaded shooter, ladder, and crane elements that encourage active play. Some pieces are loosely attached, so you may have to rebuild entire sections if you apply too much pressure to this toy.

Price and Value

The value of the Captain Rex’s at-TE 75157 set has tripled in the last four years. Its retail value was around $120, while its current market value is around $380. The model’s price is similar to other discontinued LEGO Star Wars Rebels sets that usually cost between $300 and $500.

The Imperial Inquisitor is the set’s most valuable Minifigure, and its estimated market value is a bit over $60.

Captain Rex Minifigure costs around $30, while other Minifigures from this set can be purchased for less than $20. The price of the Captain Rex’s at-TE 75157 will continue to grow in the upcoming years, and its price could exceed $500 by 2025.

However, these prices only apply to unused 75157 sets, and models that don’t have the original packaging are much more affordable.

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Pros and Cons of the Captain Rex’s at-TE 75157 Set

Captain Rex’s at-TE 75157 Set


  • This set has four unique Minifigures
  • The construction process has less than 300 steps
  • The built-in handle makes moving the at-TE toy easier
  • A versatile selection of accessories
  • Excellent playability


  • Toy’s legs aren’t posable
  • Tight interior space
  • Fragile construction

The Best Alternatives to the Captain Rex’s at-TE 75157 Set

None of the active LEGO Star Wars sets feature an at-TE toy. Moreover, discontinued models like at-TE 4482, at-TE Walker 7675, or at-TE 75019 were released within the Clone Wars and Episode II subthemes, so they don’t include characters from the Star Wars Rebels series.

Despite having lower piece counts, these sets are more expensive than the Captain Rex’s at-TE 75157 model. Opting for one of the sets from the Star Wars Rebels subtheme is, in my opinion, the best substitute for the 75157 building kit.

Let’s take a look at the several models from this subtheme you should consider as replacements for this set.

Rebel Combat Frigate 75158

Rebel Combat Frigate 75158

  • Piece count: 936
  • Age group: 9-14
  • Price range: $$$$

Like all other Star Wars Rebels models, the Rebel Combat Frigate 75158 set was retired years ago, and you may struggle to find it. The playset is centered around the conflict between Agent Kallus and the rebels.

Besides Ashoka Tano, Commander Sato, and Ezra Bridger Minifigures, this set also features a Chopper Astromech Droid Figure. The Combat Frigate toy has foldable wings, a rich engine section, spring-loaded shooters, and a stud shooter.

Its top panel is removable, so accessing the starship’s cabin is easy, but the interior doesn’t have a lot of details or accessories.

Vader’s TIE Advanced and A-Wing Fighter 75150

Vader’s TIE Advanced and A-Wing Fighter 75150

  • Piece count: 702
  • Age group: 9-14
  • Price range: $$$

Despite a low piece count, the Vader’s TIE Advanced and A-Wing Fighter 75150 set offers a variety of active play options. As its title suggests, the building kit contains the pieces you need to build Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced Starfighter with an opening cockpit and spring-loaded shooters.

The 7-inch long A-Wing Fighter toy has non-firing laser cannons on both sides and a single-Minifigure cockpit. Darth Vader Minifigure is equipped with a lightsaber, while Sabine Wren, Grand Moff Tarkin, and A-Wing Pilot Minifigures are armed with blaster pistols.

Imperial Assault Carrier 75106

Imperial Assault Carrier 75106

  • Piece count: 1,216
  • Age group: 9-14
  • Price range: $$$

As one of the subtheme’s biggest sets, the Imperial Assault Carrier 75106 is an invaluable addition to any Star Wars Rebels collection. The Imperial Assault Carrier toy has a carrying handle, and it can store four miniature TIE Fighters you can deploy by pushing the release button.

The toy has a rotating turret with two blaster guns, a single-Minifigure cockpit, and a missile storage bay. Lifting the carrier’s fuselage gives you access to the interior that can serve as a playground for Imperial Astromech Droid, Agent Kallus, Sabine Wren, Imperial Officer, and two Pilot Minifigures.

Notable Mentions

Wookie Gunship 75084

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is LEGO Planning to Release New Star Wars Rebels Sets?

Answer: This Star Wars subtheme isn’t officially retired, but LEGO hasn’t released a single Star Wars Rebels set in almost five years. Moreover, there’s nothing to suggest that new models inspired by this series might be on the horizon.

Question: How Many Variants of Captain Rex Minifigure are there?

Answer: Besides the version of the Minifigure included in Star Wars Rebels sets, LEGO also created Phase I and Phase II variants of this Minifigure released in sets from the Clone Troopers subtheme.

Question: Is LEGO Still Producing Pieces for the Captain Rex’s at-TE 75157 Set?

Answer: The company isn’t making the pieces for this model anymore, but the set contains a lot of common parts that could be available on the LEGO website.

Question: How Much are the Minifigures from the Captain Rex’s at-TE 75157 Set Worth?

Answer: The combined value of the set’s Minifigures is approximately $140.

Final Thoughts

Sets based on the Star Wars Rebels series have become a rarity in the last few years, as finding unopened models from this subtheme is becoming increasingly difficult. The Captain Rex’s at-TE 75157 is an easy-to-build set that used to be an excellent option for young LEGO builders because of its playability.

Steep price and limited availability have turned this Star Wars Rebels model into a collector’s item that is only suitable for the fans of the series who don’t mind spending close to $400 on a new addition to their collection.

Sadly, all sets released within the Star Wars Rebels subtheme are retired, and models like Rebel Combat Frigate 75158 or Vader’s TIE Advanced and A-Wing Fighter 75150 are also expensive for their piece count range.

Please look at our guide to the best Boba Fett sets if the models from the Star Wars Rebels subtheme don’t fit your budget.

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