LEGO Among Us Build Ideas

John Carpenter’s The Thing is a grim tale about paranoia and isolation, framed by the thawing of a horrifying extraterrestrial capable of mimicking organic matter. By the movie’s close, audiences were privy to gruesome displays of practical horror, dismemberment, and immolation. So, it makes perfect sense that a bright and chipper-looking game like Among Us …

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Call of Duty LEGO Ideas

First released in 2003, the Call of Duty series has remained an ongoing series, spanning multiple console generations with its wartorn battlefields, controversial themes, and memorable characters. The series has spanned the great battles of World War II, taken players to the distant future, and pit heroes against undead hordes. But there’s one thing publisher Activision has …

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10 LEGO Transformers Ideas

Rumors of the LEGO Optimus Prime set have been spreading online since the start of 2022. If these rumors prove true, the Optimus Prime 10302 will become the first LEGO Transformers set ever. LEGO still hasn’t released an official confirmation of these rumors. This model is not yet available on the company’s website, which indicates …

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10 Best LEGO Tank Ideas

War toys offer children a learning tool that helps them process strong emotions and understand the concept of responsibility. Despite this, the LEGO tanks are rare, as the toymaker has strict policies regarding the production of realistic weapons and military vehicles. Tanks featured in LEGO sets are modeled after the vehicles from Star Wars movies …

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10 Awesome LEGO Army Ideas

Weapons, military vehicles, or soldiers have never been the main topics of LEGO sets, as the company has made a long-term commitment to promoting non-violence through its toys. So, the best LEGO army ideas are the ones LEGO builders can construct themselves. Guns, swords, and other weapons aren’t entirely excluded from LEGO sets, but they …

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