Best LEGO Sets Under $10

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A large and expensive LEGO set containing hundreds of pieces can be overwhelming for children who never had contact with the LEGO world.

That’s why you should consider one of the best LEGO sets under $10 if you’re searching for a set that will introduce your children to the world of LEGO and help them develop set-building skills.

The first association most people have when LEGO sets are mentioned are large and complex sets that take hours and sometimes days to assemble. Nonetheless, LEGO offers a broad spectrum of inexpensive sets that are suitable for novice LEGO builders.

In this guide, I’m going to walk you through all the steps you need to find the best LEGO sets under $10, and I’m going to suggest several models that might be the right option for your child. Please read our guide to best LEGO fire trucks for more information about these sets’ cost and key characteristics.

At a Glance – The 5 Best LEGO Sets Under $10

Model Number of pieces  Age group Latest price 
Captain America Mech Armor 76168 121 7 or older Check the latest price
Creative White Bricks 11012 60 4 or older Check the latest price
Roadwork Truck 60284 58 4 or older Check the latest price
Town Farm Animal Care 10949 11 2 or older Check the latest price
Sports Car Toy 31100 134 6 or older Check the latest price

Bottom Line Up Front

In my opinion, the Town Farm Animal Care 10949 is the best set for parents who are searching for a set that is suitable for children aged 2 or older. I recommend the Creative White Bricks 11012 if you want to encourage your child to develop DIY LEGO projects.

Selection Criteria

Finding a LEGO set that costs less than $10 isn’t difficult, but deciding which set in this price range has the most to offer can be challenging because there are so many models to consider.

During the selection process, I had to use several parameters that helped me decide which LEGO sets under $10 I should include in this article. Here are some of the most selection criteria I utilized to choose the best LEGO sets in this price range.

  • Set’s topic – In addition to being fun to play with, the sets I selected also cover interesting topics such as construction, cinema, or farming. This criterion has helped me choose sets that can encourage children to learn more about a specific field.
  • Age group – Even though most LEGO sets that cost $10 or less are aimed at children under the age of 10, I used this parameter to pick suitable sets for toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children.

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A Brief Guide to the Most Affordable Sets in LEGO Themes

Having a good understanding of LEGO themes can make your search for the best LEGO set under $10 much easier. Some LEGO themes are aimed mostly at adults, and they contain sets with hundreds or thousands of pieces that usually cost $25 or more.

Hence, themes like Architecture or Art don’t feature sets that cost less than $10, while Technic and Ideas themes offer only a handful of $10 LEGO sets. Let’s go through some of the LEGO themes that offer a variety of affordable sets:

Creator 3-in-1

Creator 3-in-1

Sets from this theme are equipped with pieces that allow you to build three models instead of one. The Creator 3-in-1 theme currently has 28 sets, including 13 models that cost less than $25. The least expensive sets from this theme are:


Fire Stunt Bike 60311

In addition to being one of the oldest and most popular LEGO themes, LEGO City is also one of the brand’s themes that contains the largest number of inexpensive sets. At the moment, the LEGO City theme offers more than twenty sets that cost less than $10, and some of the most popular options are:


Daisy Duck 40476

Even though it was launched just a few years ago, the BrickHeadz theme has more than forty sets. The majority of sets in this theme are inexpensive, and you can choose from a broad range of models that cost under $10. The most affordable sets from the BrickHeadz theme are:

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Best LEGO Sets Under $10 for Toddlers

My First Unicorn 10953


The size of pieces in standard LEGO sets makes them potentially dangerous for children under the age of four. Even so, you won’t have to waste too much time searching for an inexpensive LEGO set that is suitable for toddlers because the LEGO Duplo theme offers a wide range of sets that cost less than $10.

Getting one of the following sets can be a great way to introduce your child to the LEGO world from an early age:

A limited number of pieces is the biggest downside of inexpensive sets from this LEGO theme. These sets are easy to assemble, and they don’t encourage children to develop their set building skills.

Browse through our guide to the best LEGO Disney Castle sets if you’d like to get a more complex set for your child.

The Size of LEGO Sets Under $10

The vast majority of sets in this price range are small, as they usually contain fewer than 150 pieces. None of the $10 LEGO sets from the LEGO Duplo theme have more than fifteen parts, and your child is going to outgrow them quickly.

Even though $10 sets equipped with standard pieces are somewhat larger, their size rarely exceeds 100 parts. Children don’t need more than an hour to put together sets of this size, and they might get tired of them because they don’t offer a lot of playing options.

However, most LEGO sets with a particular theme are compatible, and you can combine several sets that cost under $10 to extend the range of play scenarios a child can develop.

Read our guide to the creative LEGO ideas to find inspiration for the next DIY LEGO project you can complete with your children.

Where to Buy LEGO Sets Under $10?

LEGO DUPLO Town Pizza Stand

The price of a LEGO set often varies from one retailer to another, which is the reason why purchasing a set directly from the manufacturer or one of the LEGO certified stores is often the most affordable option.

Also, it is important to factor in the shipping costs when buying a LEGO set online because shipping fees can increase the overall price of a LEGO set that costs less than $10.

It is advisable to check how reliable an online retailer is because purchasing a LEGO set from e-commerce stores carries the risk of getting a set that is missing key pieces.

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The Most Important Factors to Consider While Choosing a LEGO Set Under $10

The sheer amount of LEGO sets under $10 can be overwhelming, even though having a fixed budget can help you narrow down the options you have at your disposal. You’ll have to choose from over a hundred sets that cover a variety of themes and require different levels of set-building skills.

I’ve selected several factors that can make deciding which LEGO set under $10 is the right choice for you, so let’s take a closer look at them.

Set’s Release Date

LEGO retires a certain amount of sets every year but discontinued sets remain on the market for as long as online or brick-and-mortar stores have them in stock.

However, their price starts to increase soon after they’re retired, which is the reason why getting a set that is still in production is a more affordable option.

Checking the set’s release date is important when shopping online because it can help you determine if you can find that set at a lower price than the one offered by a specific e-store.

The Number of Pieces and Buildable Models

The size and range of models you can build with a LEGO set depend on the set’s number of pieces. Opting for a set from the LEGO Classic or Creator 3-in-1 themes will grant you versatility sets from City or BrickHeadz themes cannot offer.

A LEGO Classic or Creator 3-in-1 set lets you build at least three different models, even if it has fewer than 150 pieces. Likewise, $10 sets from LEGO Marvel and similar movie and comic book-inspired themes are a great option if you want to build models of your favorite movie characters.

Set’s Theme and Topic

Choosing a LEGO theme will save you time browsing through countless set categories in search of the perfect LEGO set under $10. However, specific themes can have more than twenty sets that cost less than $10, which is the reason why you should also know the topic you’re searching for.

Knowing the interests of the person the set is intended for can make choosing the set’s theme and topic much easier.

Age Group and Assembly Difficulty Level

LEGO’s small and inexpensive sets are aimed at children under the age of ten, but some models might not be suitable for preschoolers. In contrast, others might be uninteresting for children who are already attending elementary school.

The set you choose should be adjusted to your child’s set building skills, and a set that doesn’t have a high piece count might be a better choice if you’re searching for your child’s first LEGO set.

Accessories and Mini-Figures

Mini-figures and accessories make playing with LEGO sets more fun because they allow children to create different scenes or develop play scenarios. Opting for a set with at least a few mini-figures and accessories will ensure that your child won’t get tired of it quickly.

Optionally, you can purchase mini-figures or accessories separately from sets if you want to extend your child’s range of playing options.

The Advantages of LEGO Sets Under $10

LEGO Classic Creative White Bricks

Keeping Children Occupied While Traveling

Small LEGO sets under $10 can keep a child occupied during long journeys. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about finding space for these sets in your luggage because they usually contain fewer than 150 pieces.

Easy to Assemble

Getting a simple and inexpensive LEGO set can be a great way to introduce your child to the world of LEGOs because these sets are straightforward to assemble. A more robust set might discourage a child from developing their set-building skills.

Set variety

Getting several compatible LEGO sets under $10 will provide you with more variety and a more comprehensive range of play scenarios than opting for a large and expensive set that lets you build just one model.

The Disadvantages of LEGO Sets Under $10

Finding a LEGO Set Under $10 Aimed at Adults is Difficult

LEGO sets that cost $10 or less are mostly made for children, so you won’t have a lot of options at your disposal if you’re looking for a small and affordable LEGO set for an adult LEGO fan.

Top 5 LEGO Sets Under $10

Captain America Mech Armor 76168 – Best for Marvel Fans

Captain America Mech Armor 76168

Children aged 7 or older can use the Captain America Mech Armor 76168 set as a display piece or as a toy. Even though it costs less than $10, this set has more than a hundred pieces and a Captain America mini-figure.

The mech figure is equipped with a shield, and it features a cockpit for the Captain America mini-figure. In addition, the legs and arms of the mech figure are easily adjustable, which enables you to change the figure’s poses effortlessly.

In addition, you can combine this set with the Iron Man Mech, Miles Morales Mech, and other sets from the LEGO Marvel theme.


  • Simple assembly process
  • Beautiful action figure
  • The mech figure is 4-inches tall
  • Compatible with other sets from the LEGO Marvel theme


  • Some parts are small and easy to misplace
  • LEGO might retire this set soon

Creative White Bricks 11012– Best for DIY LEGO Projects

Creative White Bricks 11012

Like all sets from the LEGO Classic theme, the Creative White Bricks 11012 set doesn’t limit the number of models you can build with it. Instead, the set comes with building instructions for three model ideas that show children how to make a snowman, a sheep, and a seagull.

However, children can use the pieces from this set to create a broad range of figures, but the set doesn’t contain enough parts to create more complex models. Also, you can pair the Creative White Bricks set with the Creative Blue Bricks set and extend the range of figures your child can build.


  • Fosters imagination and creativity
  • Lets children design their own LEGO models
  • The set comes with three model ideas
  • An excellent choice for a child’s first LEGO set


  • Set’s price depends on the retailer
  • Children will outgrow this set quickly

Roadwork Truck 60284 – Best for Introduction to LEGO Sets

Roadwork Truck 60284

Even though it contains only 58 pieces, the Roadwork Truck 60284 set still offers plenty of playing options. Besides the model of a truck, this set also includes accessories like a wheelbarrow, roadwork sign, or traffic cones.

These accessories make recreating a worksite area easy, while children can also develop different scenarios that involve a road worker equipped with a shovel and a tiny mouse.

This set features starter bricks that are easy to assemble, so your child won’t need a lot of time to put the truck model together.


  • Teaches children to build vehicles from LEGOs
  • The set comes with detailed instructions
  • Fun to play with
  • Features a wide range of accessories


  • The set has just one mini-figure
  • The truck model is 3-inches long

Town Farm Animal Care 10949 – Best for Toddlers

Town Farm Animal Care 10949

A simple set like the Town Farm Animal Care 10949 can keep two-year-olds occupied during long car rides. In addition, playing with cat, sheep, duck, or pig figures from this set can help toddlers to develop motor skills by preparing a bed for them in the barn, while feeding animals can teach them empathy.

This set has 11 pieces that arrive fully assembled so that your child can start playing with them right away. Like all sets from the LEGO Duplo theme, the Town Farm Animal Care has safe parts for toddlers.


  • Motor and emotional skill development
  • All parts are made from durable materials
  • Animal figures fit perfectly in small hands
  • Children can play with this set anywhere


  • It doesn’t help children learn how to build LEGO sets
  • This set has 11 pieces

Sports Car Toy 31100 – Best LEGO toy car set under $10

Sports Car Toy 31100

You can build three different models from the Sports Car Toy 31100 set pieces. Besides the sports car, you can also build an airplane or a hot rod, but you should keep in mind that you cannot build multiple models simultaneously.

This set from the Creator 3-in-1 theme is aimed at children aged six or older, but the assembly process can be overwhelming if they don’t have set building skills. Each of the models you can build with this set can function as a toy or a display figure in a kid’s room.


  • Challenges children to develop set building skills
  • Hot rod and sports car models have space for a mini-figure
  • All models are sturdy
  • Compatible with other sets from the LEGO Creator 3-in-1 theme


  • No accessories or mini-figures
  • The assembly process can be challenging for inexperienced LEGO builders

Frequently Asked Questions About LEGO Sets Under $10

Question: Are LEGO sets under $10 collectible?

Answer: Some but not all sets that cost less than $10 can become collectible after they’re retired.

Question: Can I buy replacement parts for LEGO sets under $10?

Answer: Yes, you can buy replacement parts at LEGO’s website, but you’re going to need the part’s number to find the piece you’re looking for.

Question: Does Lego’s Harry Potter theme have sets that cost less than $10?

Answer: Currently, all sets within this theme cost more than $10.

Question: How long does it take to build a Lego set that costs less than $10?

Answer: The duration of the assembly process depends on the number of pieces in a set, but in most cases, children can build a set in less than an hour.

My Verdict: How to Know Which LEGO Set Under $10 is the Best?

Even a simple LEGO set that doesn’t have a lot of pieces can captivate a child’s imagination and spark their interest in architecture, history, or any other field. Getting an inexpensive LEGO set can also be a great way to introduce a child to LEGO toys and enable them to learn how to build sets.

I recommend the Creative White Bricks 11012 set because it gives children the freedom to experiment and explore different ways to combine LEGO bricks. In addition, you should consider getting the Town Farm Animal Care 10949 set if your child is still too young to play with standard LEGO sets.

Which LEGO set under $10 are you going to choose? Let me know in the comments or continue reading our guide to the best LEGO lightsaber sets if you want to learn more about sets from the Star Wars theme.

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