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T’Challa is one of the most prominent characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite this, LEGO released only a handful of sets featuring this character since introducing the Marvel theme in 2012. Hence, the assortment of the best LEGO Black Panther sets is limited to a handful of models.

Most LEGO sets inspired by the Black Panther movie are retired, and the brand currently offers just one set based on this superhero. However, discontinued models are still relatively easy to find, although they’re more expensive than most active LEGO Marvel sets.

In this article, I’ll guide you through the process of choosing the best LEGO Black Panther set, and I’ll recommend several models you might like. Please see our guide to the best LEGO Captain America sets to discover models based on this Marvel superhero.

At a Glance – 5 Best LEGO Black Panther Sets

Model  Piece count Age group  Price range 
Black Panther Dragon Flyer 76186 202 Eight or older $$
Infinity War Corvus Glaive Thresher Attack 76103 416 Seven or older $$$$
Rhino Face-Off by the Mine 76099 229 Six or older $$
Black Panther Pursuit 76047 287 Seven or older $$$$
Royal Talon Fighter Attack 76100 358 Seven or older $$$

Bottom Line Up Front

The Black Panther Dragon Flyer 76186 is currently the only active Black Panther LEGO set. I recommend choosing this set over discontinued models because it is more affordable and it offers a broad spectrum of playing options.

Selection Criteria

Royal Talon Fighter Attack 76100

Despite publishing hundreds of Marvel-themed sets in the last ten years, LEGO released a relatively low number of sets inspired by Black Panther during that time. Most of these types of sets are no longer being produced, and you can’t order them from the brand’s website or find them at LEGO-certified stores.

The LEGO Marvel theme contains just one active set, but this number might increase by the end of 2022. Hence, choosing the best LEGO Black Panther sets wasn’t difficult, but I still had to use several parameters to select the models featured in this article. Let’s take a look at look at some of the most important ones.

  • Piece count – None of the LEGO sets inspired by this superhero had more than 1,000 pieces. Most Black Panther models have between 200 and 500. I used this parameter to identify sets that have piece counts suitable for LEGO builders with different experience levels.
  • Range of playing options – The models I included in the final selection offer a variety of minifigures and accessories inspired by Black Panther and other Marvel movies that feature this superhero.

See our guide to the best LEGO Disney sets to learn more about the best models from this theme.

A Brief History of LEGO Black Panther Sets

Black Panther wasn’t a part of the Marvel theme years after LEGO added the theme to its product lineup. However, this character appeared in a video game produced by TT Games a year after LEGO launched the Marvel theme.

The LEGO Marvel video game had nearly two hundred playable characters, and T’Challa was one of them. However, the defender of Wakanda could only be unlocked by completing a side quest, and he wasn’t one of the game’s main characters.

The releasing of the Captain America: Civil War movie in 2016 marked a turning point in LEGO’s attitude towards Black Panther since the company published its first set based entirely on this superhero in March 2016.

Black Panther movie premiered on February 16, 2018, and LEGO published several sets to promote this film, but since then, the company has released only a handful of models inspired by this superhero.

Read our guide to the best LEGO Deadpool sets to find out more about models based on this Marvel character.

Active and Upcoming LEGO Black Panther Sets

Black Panther Dragon Flyer 76186

The Marvel theme features fifty active sets, but the majority of these sets are inspired by Iron-Men, Spider-Man, or Eternals movies. In fact, the Black Panther Dragon Flyer 76186 is the only set in this theme based entirely on the Black Panther movie.

This character appears in The Avengers Endgame: Final Battle set, but this is the only active set within the Marvel theme that features this character.

The release of the Black Panther Mech Armor 76204 set is scheduled for 2022, but so far, LEGO hasn’t announced plans to publish more Black Panther sets by the end of 2022.

However, the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will premiere in November 2022, so it is reasonable to expect that some of the upcoming sets in the Marvel theme will be based on this movie.

So far, the company hasn’t confirmed this information, and it remains to be seen how many new Black Panther sets LEGO is going to release this year. To learn more, see our guide to the best LEGO Harry Potter sets for information about the best models in this theme.

Retired LEGO Black Panther Set

Since 2016, LEGO has released less than ten sets inspired by the Black Panther movie. This character also appeared in several sets based on The Avengers trilogy, but just one of these sets is still in production.

Even though they’re discontinued, Black Panther sets aren’t hard to find, and a simple Google search will reveal a list of online retailers that still have these sets in stock. Nonetheless, some retailers offer used retried sets, while others ship sets that are missing crucial pieces.

That’s why you must check the retailer’s credibility and gather as much information about the item you want to purchase before placing an order. Here are a few of the best LEGO Black Panther sets that are no longer in production.

It should really be noted that some of these sets can be very expensive, even though they have fewer than 500 pieces. Our guide to the best LEGO sets under $30 will help you to discover affordable models that offer a broad spectrum of playing options.

Essential Characteristics of LEGO Black Panther Sets

Endgame Final Battle 76192 Collectible Building Kit

Except for the Black Panther Mech Armor 76204, all Black Panther sets have similar features. These sets don’t have high piece counts, they’re easy to build, and they have a variety of accessories inspired by different Marvel movies.

Furthermore, the Black Panther minifigure is rarely the only minifigure included in the set. Okoye, Nakia Shuri, or Thor minifigures often accompany this superhero. These sets usually come with AIM Agent, Killmonger, and other villain figures.

Constructing a Black Panther set doesn’t require previous experience, and even first-time LEGO builders can assemble them in less than an hour. Hence, they can be a perfect introduction to the LEGO world and help children develop their set-building skills.

Check out our comprehensive guide to the biggest LEGO sets for a set that can challenge your set-building abilities.

Important Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a LEGO Black Panther Set

2022 could be a great year for Black Panther fans. The movie’s sequel should premiere in November, while the first Black Panther-themed set of the year should become available in April. That being said, it’s too early to tell how many Black Panther sets LEGO plans to publish until the end of the year.

Consequently, LEGO currently doesn’t offer a wide range of Black Panther sets, but this could very well change as the premiere of the Wakanda Forever approaches. Here are some of the crucial factors you should consider while choosing a LEGO Black Panther set.

The Marvel Film the Set is Based On

T’Challa or Black Panther is one of the main characters in the Avengers trilogy, and his minifigure appears in several LEGO sets inspired by these movies. That’s why deciding if you’d like to get a set inspired by The Avengers or Black Panther movies can help you find the set that best fits your needs.

In addition, characters like Nakia or Shuri appear in sets based on the Black Panther movie, but they’re not featured in The Avengers sets.

Piece Count and Age Group

These sets are designed for young LEGO fans since most models are suitable for children aged six, seven, or older. So, you’ll have to opt for a different LEG Marvel set if you’re looking for a model designed for adult audiences.

The lower than expected piece count is one of the key characteristics of Black Panther sets since none of the active or retired models has more than 1,000 pieces. Paying attention to the piece count can help you decide which model is the right option for you.

Minifigures and Accessories

Almost all Black Panther sets LEGO ever released came with numerous accessories ranging from different weapons to canisters containing radioactive materials. That’s why each model lets kids recreate scenes from different movies or develop a variety of play scenarios.

These sets usually have more than two minifigures, and they feature multiple characters from The Avengers and Black Panther movies, which further extends their range of playing options.

Set’s Availability

You can order the active Black Panther set directly from the brand’s website or buy it at a LEGO-certified store. You can’t purchase retired sets from the manufacturer, so your best option is to look for them online if you’re considering a discontinued model.

In most cases, you won’t have to spend a lot of time searching for a retired Black Panther set because most online retailers have them in stock.

Price Considerations

Active Black Panther sets are inexpensive, but their price increases rapidly after they’re discontinued. You won’t need to spend much (around $20) on an active Black Panther set, but a retired model can cost you more than $100.

That’s why choosing a price range can help you narrow down your options and choose a fun set that fits your budget, but if you decide to buy a retired set, you should remember to check if it was used and if some of its pieces are missing.

The Advantages of LEGO Black Panther Sets

Easy to Build

LEGO Black Panther sets don’t have a lot of pieces, and most models can be assembled in less than an hour. Moreover, these sets can help children develop or improve their set-building skills.

A Wide Range of Playing Options

Sets inspired by the Black Panther come with multiple accessories and minifigures that allow children to recreate scenes from the movie or invent alternative scenarios.

They’re Compatible with Other Marvel Sets

Combining a Black Panther set with a model based on Iron Man, The Avengers, or some other Marvel movie can help you extend your playing options even further.

The Disadvantages of LEGO Black Panther Sets

A Limited Assortment of Models

LEGO published less than ten sets based entirely on the Black Panther movie since 2016, and most of these sets are discontinued. The LEGO Marvel theme features just two sets that contain a Black Panther minifigure and one set based on this movie.

Top 5 LEGO Black Panther Sets

Black Panther Dragon Flyer 76186

Black Panther Dragon Flyer 76186

Even though it has just 202 pieces, the Black Panther Dragon Flyer 76186 is still an entertaining set that can be a great gift for a first-time LEGO builder. The Dragon Flyer toy has an adjustable cockpit, and it is equipped with a pair of stud shooters. Its wings can move forward and backward.

The toy is less than 9 inches long, perfect for children to play with at home or on the move. The set features Black Panther, Shuri, and evil Chitauri minifigures equipped with different weapons.


  • It doesn’t require previous set-building experience
  • The Dragon Flyer aircraft has fun features
  • Three minifigures are included in the set
  • This set won’t be retired soon


  • Low piece count
  • This set doesn’t include many accessories

Infinity War Corvus Glaive Thresher Attack 76103

Infinity War Corvus Glaive Thresher Attack 76103

The Infinity War Corvus Glaive Thresher Attack 76103 was discontinued years ago, but it is still one of the best LEGO sets for Black Panther fans. The set is inspired by the events depicted in The Avengers: Infinity War, and it features characters from this movie.

The Wakandan wall has two stud shooters at the top of the tower and a lever that allows kids to open its gates quickly. The set features Thresher and Infinity Stone elements. Vision, Black Panther or Corvus Glaive are some of the characters included in the set.


  • The Outrider figure has six arms
  • The Wakandan wall has a hidden lab
  • It contains a variety of accessories
  • This set is collectible


  • This set is no longer in production
  • It’s expensive

Rhino Face-Off by the Mine 76099

Rhino Face-Off by the Mine 76099

The story of the Rhino Face-Off by the Mine 76099 set is simple, protect the vibranium mine from the forces of evil. Black Panther and Okoye minifigures have to fight the notorious Marvel villain Killmonger and stop him from taking the vibranium nuggets.

The set has a rail track element and a minecart containing the precious material these superheroes are protecting. The rhino toy equipped with stud shooters helps defeat Killmonger and keep the Wakandan kingdom safe.


  • This set encourages creative and active play
  • Simple building instructions
  • The rhino toy’s head is adjustable
  • It is less expensive than most retired Black Panther sets


  • This set has just 229 pieces
  • Limited availability

Black Panther Pursuit 76047

Black Panther Pursuit 76047

The Black Panther Pursuit 76047 was one of the first LEGO sets that featured this Marvel character. Besides the unique Black Panther minifigure, the set also contains Captain America and Winter Soldier minifigures.

Aside from the opening cockpit that can hold a minifigure, the Black Panther’s aircraft doesn’t have any other special features. Captain America’s 4×4 vehicle has a stud shooter, and its cabin can accommodate two minifigures. The Winter Soldier figure comes with a miniature motorcycle and a gun.


  • Fun and quick assembly process
  • All toys are small and portable
  • The Black Panther figure is unique to this set
  • It’s compatible with other LEGO Marvel sets


  • The set doesn’t include an alternate head for the Captain America minifigure
  • Finding replacement parts can be difficult.

Royal Talon Fighter Attack 76100

Royal Talon Fighter Attack 76100

The playing options offered by the Royal Talon Fighter Attack 76100 set are somewhat limited because the set doesn’t contain any other elements besides the Royal Talon Fighter toy.

This toy has an opening cockpit where kids can place the Black Panther minifigure and a hidden prison for the Killmonger minifigure. Two stud shooters are located at the bottom of the aircraft. Nakia and Ulysses Klaue minifigures are also included in the set, and they’re equipped with different weapons.


  • The Ulysses Klaue minifigure has a robotic hand
  • The Royal Talon Fighter toy is stable and well-constructed
  • It features various accessories
  • An excellent gift for a LEGO and Black Panther fan


  • The Royal Talon Fighter toy is 8-inches tall
  • The set doesn’t come with a comic book

Frequently Asked Questions about LEGO Black Panther Sets

Question: Do LEGO Black Panther sets have stickers?

Answer: Yes, they do, and applying stickers to toys featured in these sets can be challenging.

Question: Are all Black Panther minifigures the same?

Answer: No, LEGO released at least eight different variants of the Black Panther minifigure.

Question: Where can I buy a retired LEGO Black Panther set?

Answer: Walmart and Amazon offer an excellent selection of retired Black Panther sets, but other online retailers may also have these sets.

Question: Do all Black Panther sets come with comic books?

Answer: Comic books aren’t included in all sets inspired by this Marvel character.

My Verdict: What is the Best LEGO Black Panther Set?

In the last six years, LEGO published a surprisingly low number of Black Panther sets despite the movie’s immense popularity. Moreover, these sets are made for a young audience that doesn’t have a lot of set-building experience.

The premiere of the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is scheduled for November 2022, which means that we may see some exciting new Black Panther sets by the end of the year.

I recommend getting the Black Panther Dragon Flyer 76186 set if you don’t want to wait for new Black Panther sets to arrive on the shelves of LEGO stores. Retired sets like the Rhino Face-Off by the Mine 76099 or Royal Talon Fighter Attack 76100 might be a solid option if you don’t really mind the added cost.

Which LEGO Black Panther set are you going to choose? Let me know in the comments, or continue reading our guide to the best LEGO gifts if you’re searching for a perfect present for a LEGO fan.

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