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Captain Steve Rogers is the first Marvel superhero and one of the most beloved characters in the Marvel universe. That’s why it is hardly surprising that the best LEGO Captain America sets are some of the most popular models in the LEGO Marvel theme.

Captain America was a part of this LEGO theme from the beginning, and in the last ten years, LEGO published a wide range of models based on this character. In addition, the character’s minifigure appears in sets that aren’t inspired by the Captain America trilogy.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the entire process of choosing the best LEGO Captain America set and recommend several models you might like. Please read our guide to the best LEGO Deadpool sets if you’d like to learn more about the models inspired by this Marvel character.

At a Glance – The 5 Best LEGO Captain America Sets

Model Piece count Age group Price range 
Captain America and Hydra Face-Off 76189 49 Four or older $
Captain America Mech Figure 76168 121 Seven or older $$
Super Heroes Lab 10921 30 Two or older $$
Captain Carter & The Hydra Stomper 76201 343 Eight or older $$
The Avengers: Endgame Final Battle 76192 527 Eight or older $$$

Bottom Line Up Front

I recommend the Captain America Mech Figure 76168 set because it is easy to build, and you can use the toy you build to display it or explore different play scenarios. Moreover, this set is compatible with most sets in the LEGO Marvel theme.

Selection Criteria

Captain America and The Avengers movies served as an inspiration for more than fifty sets of LEGO released in the last ten years. Besides Spider-Man and Iron-Man, Captain America is one of the most frequently featured characters in these sets.

However, LEGO currently offers only a handful of sets featuring a Captain America Minifigure, which made choosing the models for this article an easy task. Here are some of the key parameters I utilized during the selection process.

  • Set’s release date – I used this criterion to eliminate all retired sets from the selection process. Hence, all models you’ll find in this article are still in production.
  • Piece count – This parameter has enabled me to identify Captain America sets suitable for novice and experienced LEGO builders. The models I included in the final selection have different piece counts so that you can choose the option that best fits your set-building skills.

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Overview of the LEGO Marvel Theme

LEGO Captain Americas Revenge Cycle 6865

LEGO published its first Marvel set in April 2012. These first models were based on The Avengers, Spider-Man, and X-Men comic books and movies. That’s why Captain America was one of the first Marvel superheroes to appear in a LEGO set.

Captain America’s Avenging Cycle 6865, released in April 2012, was the first LEGO set based solely on this character. Like most models inspired by Captain America, this set had a low piece count, and it was aimed at children aged 12 or younger.

As the Marvel theme grew more popular, LEGO continued to publish new sets inspired by Captain America. In 2016, the company published four sets to promote the release of the Captain America: Civil War movie, and since then, LEGO has introduced new sets based on this character almost every year.

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What is LEGO Super Heroes?

LEGO Super Heroes is a theme introduced in late 2011 and early 2012. It contains sets inspired by superheroes from DC and Marvel universes. Some of the best LEGO Captain America sets were published with the Super Heroes label.

Here are some of the most popular models inspired by this character LEGO released in the last ten years.

Over the last few years, Captain America sets have become less common since LEGO published just a few models based on this character since the start of the new decade. Hence, only a handful of active sets in Super Heroes and Marvel themes are based entirely on Captain America or The Avengers movies.

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Navigating Through Retired LEGO Captain America Sets

LEGO Marvel Avengers Truck Take-Down 76143

Nearly all of the best LEGO Captain America sets are discontinued, but they’re relatively easy to find despite this. Online retailers have these sets in stock, so finding a model retired years ago shouldn’t take much effort.

Discontinued Captain America sets can be expensive, and some models cost more than $100. I’ve shortlisted a few retired LEGO Captain America sets that might attract your attention.

Some retailers offer used LEGO Captain America sets, and you might get a set that doesn’t have all pieces if you opt for one of the retired models. Moreover, obtaining spare parts from the LEGO website may not be possible.

So, the only way to find a piece for a retired Captain America set is to look for it on online LEGO marketplaces. Please browse through our Daily Bugle review to learn more about one of the most popular sets in the Marvel theme.

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Building a LEGO Captain America Set

LEGO sets inspired by the Captain America trilogy usually have a low piece count since most models have fewer than 1,000 pieces. Models like The SHIELD Helicarrier 76042 have a piece count, but they feature characters from The Avengers movies, and they’re designed for experienced LEGO builders.

Nonetheless, most Captain America sets are a great fit for first-time LEGO builders because putting them together doesn’t take a lot of effort. In addition, these sets often feature multiple buildable toys, minifigures, and accessories that allow kids to recreate scenes from Captain America movies.

Captain America sets are compatible with sets from the Marvel theme, and you can combine them with models based on The Avengers movies to extend the range of playing options they offer.

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The Key Factors to Consider While Choosing a LEGO Captain America Set

LEGO Marvel Avengers 76168

The selection of active sets inspired by Captain America is limited, and at this point, LEGO hasn’t announced plans to introduce new sets based on this character in 2022. That’s why choosing a Captain America set won’t be difficult since you’ll have a handful of models to consider.

I’ve put together a list of factors that might help you decide which LEGO Captain America set is the best choice for you, so let’s take a closer look at them.

Piece Count and Age Group

All active Captain America sets are aimed at children, so if you’re looking for a model designed for adult LEGO fans, you’ll have to consider other Marvel sets.

Some models inspired by this character target audiences aged eight or older, but they might still be uninteresting to teenagers or experienced LEGO builders. These sets have fewer than a thousand pieces, and assembling them doesn’t take more than an hour.

Hence, they can serve as an introduction to the LEGO world and help children develop set-building skills.

Minifigures and Accessories

LEGO sets inspired by the Captain America trilogy are fun to play with because most models come with multiple minifigures and accessories. In addition, this character is featured in the Marvel Series 1 together with Captain Carter, the Winter Soldier, and the Falcon minifigures.

Nearly all sets based on Captain America come with the shield accessory, while different types of guns and gadgets are also featured frequently in these sets. Moreover, models inspired by this Marvel character are compatible, and you can combine them to extend their range of playing options.

Release Date and Availability

Like all other sets from the Marvel theme, Captain America sets are often out of stock on the LEGO website due to their popularity. That’s why you may not be able to purchase a specific model directly from the manufacturer even though it is still in production.

Checking the set’s release date can be important while shopping for Captain America sets online because it can help you determine if or when it was retired. Keep in mind that none of the active models costs more than $100, while some retired Captain America sets can cost several times more.

Accessibility of Spare Parts

You should only consider this factor if you’d like to buy a discontinued LEGO set because the model you get might arrive without essential pieces. Once you decide which set you’d like to get, you can scout different online LEGO marketplaces to check if parts for that model are easy to find.

The Pick-A-Brick section of the LEGO website is also worth checking since it will help you determine if you can order the part you’re searching for directly from the manufacturer.

Price Range

You won’t have to spend more than a hundred dollars to get any active Captain America sets. In fact, several models cost less than $10, and they’re some of the most affordable sets LEGO offers. Some retailers offer these sets at higher prices than the manufacturer.

Even sets retired a few years ago can cost less than $50, although most discontinued models are much more expensive.

The Advantages of LEGO Captain America Sets

A Fun and Easy Assembly Process

Constructing a Captain America set doesn’t require previous experience, and they can be an excellent introduction to the LEGO world for first-time builders. Like all other LEGO sets, these models come with easy-to-follow building instructions.

A Wide Range of Playing Scenarios

Young Marvel fans can recreate some of the most memorable scenes from Captain America movies with these sets. Moreover, kids can imagine alternative play scenarios or combine multiple Marvel sets to stage epic battles.

Compact Dimensions

Most toys you can build with Captain America are small enough to fit in a backpack, and kids can take them to play at their friend’s house or wherever else they go.

The Disadvantages of LEGO Captain America Sets

A Limited Selection of Models

LEGO currently offers less than ten sets inspired by characters from Captain America movies, and none of these models is designed for adult LEGO builders.

Top 5 LEGO Captain America Sets

Captain America and Hydra Face-Off 76189

Captain America and Hydra Face-Off 76189

You should consider getting the Captain America and Hydra Face-Off 76189 if you’re searching for a set that won’t be overwhelming for a first-time LEGO builder.

The motorcycle toy contains starter bricks, and kids aged four or older can assemble it in minutes regardless of how much set-building experience they have. Besides the motorcycle toy, the set also contains the disk shooter element that makes it more entertaining.

The Captain America minifigure comes with the shield accessory, but accessories for the Hydra Agent minifigure aren’t available.


  • The motorcycle toy is composed of starter bricks
  • The disk shooter element features a detachable blaster
  • Affordable price
  • Simple building instructions


  • This set has just 49 pieces
  • Kids aged seven or older might find this set uninteresting

Captain America Mech Figure 76168

Captain America Mech Figure 76168

Any young LEGO fan will love playing with the Captain America Mech Figure 76168 set. This model is a part of the Marvel Mech series, and you can combine it with Wolverine, Iron Man, or Thor figures. Each set contains a character’s posable mech model and a minifigure.

The Captain America mech figure has adjustable arms and legs so that you can change its pose quickly. The set comes with a large shield that attaches to the figure’s arm or back and a small shield for the Captain America figure that attaches to the mech figure’s leg.


  • The simple and quick assembly process
  • Compatible with other Marvel Mech sets
  • Mech’s arms and legs are adjustable
  • Less expensive than most LEGO Marvel sets


  • The mech figure is just 4-inches tall
  • It doesn’t contain a lot of accessories

Super Heroes Lab 10921

Super Heroes Lab 10921

The Super Heroes Lab 10921 is one of the only active LEGO Duplo sets that features the Captain America minifigure. Kids aged two or older can build the Iron Man’s laboratory, construct a moving crane or control panel elements and play with Spider-Man or Iron Man minifigures.

The set features Captain America’s motorcycle and shield, as well as wrenches or other accessories kids need to perform repairs in the laboratory. It can also help children improve their problem-solving and visuo-spatial abilities.


  • It offers a broad spectrum of playing options
  • All elements are easy to build
  • The set has three minifigures
  • It has a high learning potential


  • Too expensive for a set of this size
  • Kids can get bored with this set quickly

Captain Carter & The Hydra Stomper 76201

Captain Carter & The Hydra Stomper 76201

Even though it is based on the What If TV show, Captain Carter & The Hydra Stomper 76201 set features some of the main protagonists of Captain America movies. You can build a posable mech figure equipped with stud shooters from the pieces included in the set.

The Hydra Stomper has a cockpit that is spacious enough to accommodate the Steve Rogers minifigure. The Captain Carter minifigure comes with a shield, while the Red Skull minifigure is equipped with a blaster gun.


  • Hydra Stomper mech can be used as a display figure
  • It encourages active play
  • The set contains a wide range of accessories
  • Fun but the challenging assembly process


  • It doesn’t contain a Captain America minifigure

The Avengers: Endgame Final Battle 76192

Endgame Final Battle 76192

Captain America is just one of the Marvel Characters you’ll find in The Avengers: Endgame Final Battle 76192 set. Thor, Thanos, Iron Man, or Black Panther are also among the characters featured in the set, and each minifigure comes with unique weapons and accessories.

The model of the Avengers Compound features Iron Man’s laboratory and a leisure area, while a turn-and-tilt radar is located at the roof. The cannon element can shoot a rubber-tipped arrow, and kids can rotate it in all directions.


  • The buildable van toy has a time-traveling machine
  • The set has eight minifigures
  • It is fun to play with
  • Each character has an authentic weapon


  • More expensive than most Captain America sets

Frequently Asked Questions About LEGO Captain America Sets

Question: Is LEGO releasing new Captain America sets in 2022?

So far, the company hasn’t made plans to publish new Captain America sets by the end of 2022.

Question: Are LEGO Captain America sets collectible?

Yes, some models inspired by this Marvel superhero are collectible.

Question: How Many variants of the LEGO Captain America minifigure are there?

In the last ten years, LEGO released more than twenty versions of the Captain America minifigure.

Question: What is the Biggest LEGO Captain America Set?

The SHIELD Helicarrier 76042 is the biggest LEGO set that contained a Captain America minifigure released to date.

My Verdict: Choosing the Best LEGO Captain America Set

Captain America minifigure appears in more than twenty sets LEGO published within Marvel and Super Heroes themes since 2011.

However, only a few sets inspired by this Marvel character remain in production, and at this point, it is unclear if LEGO plans to publish more Captain America sets in the future.

I recommend the Captain America Mech Figure 76168 set because kids can use it as a toy while adults can use it as a display figure.

Playsets like the Captain America and Hydra Face-Off 76189 or the Super Heroes Lab 10921 are worth considering if you’re searing for a model suitable for first-time LEGO builders. Which LEGO Captain America set are you going to choose?

Let me know in the comments or continue reading our guide to the best LEGO City sets to learn more about the latest models from this theme.

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