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Only a handful of high-performance sports car manufacturers have such a huge fan base as Porsche. LEGO fans who adore this German car brand can get one of the best LEGO Porsche sets and create replicas of iconic models.

The mixture of sheer power and elegance has made Porsche’s racing cars synonymous with style and quality. The brand’s cars are admired by fans of all ages, which is the reason why LEGO offers sets designed for both children and adults.

However, the selection of LEGO sets that allow you to build different Porsche car models is relatively limited because some sets are no longer in production.

In this guide to the best LEGO Porsche sets, I’m going to provide you with the information you need to find the set that meets all your needs and suggests several models you might like.

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At a Glance: The 5 Best LEGO Porsche Sets

Model LEGO Theme Piece count Price range
LEGO Porsche 911 10295 Creator Expert 1,458 $$$
1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 75895 Speed Champions 180 $$
Formula E Porsche 99X Electric 42137 Technic 422 $$
Porsche 911 RSR 42096 Technic 1,580 $$$
Porsche 911 GT3 RS 42056 Technic 2,704 $$$$$

Bottom Line Up Front

A large set with more than a thousand pieces, such as the Porsche 911 RSR 42096, is the best option for adult LEGO fans. I recommend a fun, and straightforward set like the 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 75895 for young and inexperienced LEGO set builders.

Selection Criteria

LEGO Porsche Set

LEGO offers a wide range of sets that let you build replicas of sports cars, but despite this, the brand’s selection of Porsche sets is limited to just a few models. Moreover, these sets are in high demand, so you may not be able to purchase them directly from the manufacturer.

Choosing the LEGO Porsche sets for this article wasn’t a difficult task, but I still had to use several parameters to shortlist the best available models. Here are some of the most important selection criteria I utilized while selecting the best LEGO Porsche sets:

  • Set size – The piece count of these sets spans from less than 200 to over 2,000 parts. This criterion has allowed me to find the sets that are suitable for both experienced and novice LEGO set builders.
  • Age group – My goal was to choose Porsche sets that can be enjoyed by all LEGO fans, so the models you’ll find in this article are suitable for both children and adults.

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LEGO Themes That Offer Porsche Sets

Only three LEGO themes contain sets that allow you to build models of Porsche cars. The brand’s Technic theme has two Porsche sets that are currently in production, while the Speed Champions and Creator Expert themes feature just one set that lets you build replicas of Porsche cars.

The Creator Expert and Technic themes models have high piece counts, and assembling them requires advanced set-building skills. Moreover, all Porsche sets from these two themes let you create models that are meant to be displayed rather than used as toy cars.

Only the 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 75895 from the Speed Champions theme can be used primarily as a toy car.

In addition, all Porsche sets let you build replicas of different Porsche 911 or 99X Electric versions, and LEGO currently doesn’t offer sets based on Porsche 928 GTS Porsche 964 C4 or any other classic Porsche models.

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Alternatives to LEGO Porsche Sets

Although LEGO currently offers only four sets inspired by different Porsche models, the brand still offers a wide range of sets based on luxury sports cars.

Creator Expert, Technic, and Speed Champions themes feature a variety of sets inspired by vehicles manufactured by industry-leading car brands. Here are some of the sets you should consider if neither of the LEGO Porsche sets meets your expectations.


Bugatti Chiron

This theme currently features 43 sets, including the sports cars models such as:

Creator Expert

James Bond Aston Martin DB5 10262

Models from this theme will challenge your set-building skills and enable you to create replicas of classic cars like:

Speed Champions

McLaren Elva 76902

Sets from this theme are usually aimed at children aged 7 or older, which is the reason they don’t have a high piece count. Some of the best sports cars sets from this theme are:

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Overview of the Retired LEGO Porsche Sets

Your range of options will be somewhat wider if you decide to shop for a LEGO Porsche set online because most e-stores still offer retired LEGO Porsche sets.

Most models that are no longer in production were published within the Speed Champions theme, although discontinued sets from the Technic theme are also available on the market. You should consider getting one of the sets below if you’re searching for collectible LEGO Porsche sets:

Even though they were released only a few years ago, these sets can no longer be purchased directly from LEGO. The amount of money you’ll have to spend on a retired LEGO Porsche set depends on the retailer, but keep in mind that even models that have fewer than 200 pieces can be costly.

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The Most Important Factors to Consider while Choosing a LEGO Porsche Set

You won’t have a lot of options at your disposal if you’re looking for a LEGO Porsche set because the brand currently offers just four models inspired by these classic sports cars. Furthermore, these sets are in high demand, and you may not be able to find them in LEGO-certified stores.

Collecting as much information as possible about each set will help you decide which model is the right option for you. I selected some of the key factors you should consider while choosing a LEGO Porsche set, so let’s take a quick look at them.

Set’s Release Date

All LEGO Porsche sets that are still in production were released within the last few years, and the company retired all models published in 2018 or earlier. Checking the set’s release date is particularly important if you’re shopping online because e-stores often offer discontinued LEGO sets at high prices.

Besides, finding out when the set you’d like to get was released can help you figure out how long it will remain in production. LEGO Porsche sets contain a lot of tiny and fragile pieces, and you may not be able to find a replacement for them if you own a model that is scheduled to be retired soon.

Age Group and Piece Count

Porsche 919 Hybrid and 917K Pit Lane 75676

Nearly all of the LEGO Porsche sets that are still in production are aimed at adults. These sets contain a high number of pieces, and you’re going to need hours, if not days, to assemble them.

The LEGO Porsche set from the Speed Champions theme is your best option if you’re looking for a set that isn’t going to be overwhelming for children under ten. You’ll find the information regarding the recommended age group and piece count on the box of the set you’re interested in.

Mini-figures and Play Scenarios

The number of mini-figures and accessories LEGO Porsche sets feature limits the range of playing options they can offer. At the moment, just one model is designed as a toy car that comes with a mini-figure driver.

Decorative LEGO Porsche sets don’t offer a lot of room to develop play scenarios as they’re meant to be kept in a display case, making them a good option for children who enjoy building LEGO sets or adults who admire sports cars. 

Availability of Replacement Pieces

LEGO bricks are virtually indestructible, but the same cannot be said about tiny pieces such as headlights, windshields, or review mirrors. All sets include a certain amount of extra parts, but these may not be enough if you lose or break a piece without which the LEGO Porsche model is incomplete.

That’s why you should go through the part list of the set you want to get and check how difficult it is to find replacements for the set’s original pieces. Keep in mind that LEGO doesn’t produce spare parts for retired sets.

Price Range

New LEGO Porsche sets cost between $30 and $150. Models with fewer than 500 pieces don’t cost more than $50, while you’ll have to spend around $150 on a large set that contains over a thousand pieces.

Retired models are much more expensive than the LEGO Porsche sets that are still in production, and their price can reach $900. Even small, discontinued sets can cost close to a hundred dollars, which is several times more than their original value.

The Advantages of LEGO Porsche Sets

Porsche 911 RSR and 911 Turbo 3.0 75888

Excellent Addition to the LEGO Sports Car Collection

A Porsche set can expand your collection of LEGO sports cars. Moreover, some of these sets become collectible after they’re retired, which makes them a great long-term investment.

Accurate and Visually Stunning Replicas

Each Porsche model you can build with LEGO sets is true to its source. These miniature replicas contain a lot of detail, and they allow you to explore the features of the original Porsche models, such as the air-cooled flat-six engine or tilting seats.

Development of Set Building Skills

Assembling a LEGO Porsche set will challenge your set-building abilities because you’ll have to work with a lot of tiny pieces.

The Disadvantages of LEGO Porsche Sets

A Handful of Available Models

Currently, LEGO offers just four sets that are inspired by Porsche sports cars. Only one of these models lets you build a toy car, which makes your range of options even narrower if you’re looking for a LEGO Porsche set that is suitable for children.

Top 5 LEGO Porsche Sets

LEGO Porsche 911 10295

LEGO Porsche 911 10295

Even though it is just 14 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 4 inches tall, the LEGO Porsche 911 10295 is still one of the best LEGO Porsche sets you to get. You can use the pieces in this set to build a Porsche 911 Turbo or remove the roof and store it under the hood to create the Porsche 911 Targa.

This set contains three different license plates, the original Porsche logo, and various other details that contribute to the model’s authenticity. As a result, you won’t need more than two days to build this set, even though it has nearly 1,500 pieces.


  • Realistic replica of the Porsche 911
  • A high amount of details
  • It contains pieces for two different Porsche car models
  • Moderate price for a set of this size


  • Tiny pieces are fragile
  • It can be overwhelming for children

1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 75895

1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 75895

A model like the 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 75895 can be an excellent introduction to the world of classic cars. Also, this set has just 180 pieces, making it a perfect gift for children over the age of 7 who don’t have advanced set building skills.

The set comes with the Porsche driver mini-figure that fits into the model’s single-seat cockpit and extends the range of play scenarios this toy car can offer. In addition, the model includes the whale tale rear spoiler and various other details that are characteristic of the 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0.


  • Simple and fun project for the entire family
  • Features the 2019 Porsche driver mini-figure
  • The set includes three traffic cones
  • The windshield is removable


  • The model is just 5 inches long

Formula E Porsche 99X Electric 42137

Formula E Porsche 99X Electric 42137

Besides having fun building the Formula E Porsche 99X Electric 42137 set, you can also drive this impressive vehicle in Augmented Reality. All you have to do is download the LEGO Technic AR app and scan the fully assembled model.

Afterward, you can use the pull-back function to start racing with the Formula E Porsche 99X in virtual races. Each of the set’s 422 pieces meets the highest standards, and you cannot damage them easily, but keep in mind that this set contains lots of small parts that are easy to misplace.


  • Allows children to participate in virtual Formula E races
  • It comes with detailed building instructions
  • Decorative set that offers plenty of playing opportunities
  • Encourages creative thinking


  • Working with tiny pieces can be difficult for inexperienced LEGO builders

Porsche 911 RSR 42096

Porsche 911 RSR 42096

Both young and old fans of sports cars are going to love building the Porsche 911 RSR 42096 set. You’ll learn a lot about engineering during the assembly process because you’ll have to build the car’s six-cylinder engine, put together the raised aerodynamic rear wing or install the radar screen and other equipment.

The fully assembled model has a functioning steering system, a fire extinguisher, and a Laguna Seca racing track map. Even though this set is suitable for all children above ten, the assembly process can be overwhelming for kids who never worked with a large set before.


  • Excellent learning opportunities
  • Immersive set building experience
  • Accurate replica of the Porsche 911 RSR
  • Incredibly detailed


  • Building instruction can be confusing
  • Challenging assembly process

Porsche 911 GT3 RS 42056

Porsche 911 GT3 RS 42056

You should consider getting the Porsche 911 GT3 RS 42056 set if you’re collecting LEGO Porsche sets. This retired set comes with a booklet that takes you through the history of the collaboration between these two brands.

The set contains 2,704 pieces divided into separate elements to take you through the entire process of building a Porsche car. You can open the doors or hood of the fully assembled model to access the interior details like the glove compartment or the steering wheels.

The Porsche 911 GT3 RS 42056 set is discontinued, which is why it costs several times more than LEGO Porsche sets that are still in production.


  • Beautiful replica of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS model
  • A high amount of details
  • Must-have set for LEGO collectors
  • The assembly process is divided into several stages


  • Not suitable for children under the age of 16
  • Very expensive

Frequently Asked Questions about LEGO Porsche Sets

Question: Are Any of the LEGO Porsche Sets Scheduled to Be Retired Soon?

Answer: None of the LEGO Porsche sets that are still in production are scheduled to be retired this year.

Question: How Long Does it Take to Build a LEGO Porsche Set?

 Answer: Building a small LEGO Porsche set doesn’t take more than an hour, but you may need several days to build a set that has over 2,000 pieces.

Question: Does LEGO Plan to Extend its Offer of LEGO Porsche Sets?

Answer: After publishing the LEGO Porsche 911 10295 and Formula E Porsche 99X Electric 42137 sets, the company didn’t announce any plans to release new Porsche sets in 2021.

Question: Where Can I Buy a LEGO Porsche Set?

Answer: Finding these sets in LEGO stores may not be easy because they’re in high demand, and you should try searching for Porsche sets online if you cannot purchase them in LEGO stores.

My Verdict: How to Know which LEGO Porsche Set is the Best?

You can choose from just a few LEGO Porsche sets that are still in production, which significantly limits your options. Even though some online retailers still offer LEGO’s retired Porsche sets, you should only consider getting one of the discontinued models if you don’t mind their price tag.

I recommend the LEGO Porsche 911 10295 or the Porsche 911 RSR 42096 if you’re searching for a set that will provide you with an immersive building experience and challenge your skills.

On the other hand, the 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 75895 is your best option if you’d like to introduce a child to the world of classic cars.

Which LEGO Porsche set are you going to choose? Let me know in the comments or continue reading our LEGO Hogwarts Castle review to find out what makes this set so popular.

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