LEGO Imperial Shuttle Review and Guide

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Spaceships have been an essential element of the LEGO Star Wars theme since its introduction in 1999. Over the years, we’ve seen a variety of sets inspired by spaceships from this movie franchise.

In this LEGO Imperial Shuttle review and guide, I will walk you through all the set’s features and help you decide if this model is better than other Star Wars sets featuring spaceship toys.

The Imperial Shuttle 75202 doesn’t have a high piece count, and you won’t need advanced set-building skills to construct it. Also, this set comes with multiple Minifigures and accessories that allow you to recreate scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy.

Bottom Line Up Front

Even though it is not as complex as Imperial Light Cruiser 75315 or Imperial Star Destroyer 75252 models, the Imperial Shuttle 75302 set still has plenty to offer, especially to young LEGO and Star Wars fans.

The Ins and Outs of the LEGO Imperial Shuttle 75302 Set

LEGO Imperial Shuttle 75302 Set

The Imperial Shuttle 75302 isn’t the first LEGO set inspired by the Lambda Class T4a shuttle from the Star Wars Episode VI movie. In fact, the company has released four variants of this spaceship since the turn of the century

The Imperial Shuttle 7166, released in 2001, was the first LEGO set inspired by this iconic shuttle, but this model had just 234 pieces. Imperial Shuttle 10212 and Imperial Shuttle Tydirium 75094, published in the 2010s, were considerably bigger and more challenging to assemble.

The latest variation of the LEGO Imperial Shuttle comes with 660 pieces, three Minifigures, and a handful of accessories. LEGO published this set on March 1, 2021, and currently, there are no indications that the company has plans to retire it before the end of 2022.

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Packaging and Building Instructions

Aside from the large picture of the fully assembled Imperial Shuttle model, the front end of the box also includes the information about the set’s recommended age group, piece count, and Minifigures. Illustrations of the shuttle’s features are printed on the box’s underside.

The building instructions leaflet has 132 pages, and it includes 250 steps of the assembly process. It also offers the information you need to access the building instructions in the digital format.

However, the leaflet doesn’t contain information about the shuttle’s history or its significance in the Star Wars universe. Set’s pieces are divided into six bags, while some bags also have smaller bags for tiny parts. Each bag features pieces utilized during different stages of the construction process.

Check out our guide to the best LEGO R2-D2 sets for more information about Star Wars theme models that feature figures of this legendary droid.

Guide Through the Set’s Pieces and Minifigures

LEGO Imperial Shuttle 75302 Set

None of the Minifigures you’ll find in this set are exclusive. They resemble the Luke Skywalker, Darth Wader, and Imperial Shuttle Pilot Minifigures featured in other LEGO Star Wars sets.

  • Luke Skywalker Minifigure has a black costume inspired by the Star Wars: New Hope movie with silver highlights in the belt and torso sections as well as a black hand element.
  • Darth Vader Minifigure has decorative prints on its torso and legs, but it doesn’t have arm decorations, unlike other Minifigure’s variants.
  • Imperial Shuttle Pilot Minifigure has a black uniform with a black hat just like in the movie, while the head element features a printed headset.

This set features only a few new pieces, including the 1×1 Technic axle bricks and bracket plates. All decorations are printed directly onto the bricks, which is why the Imperial Shuttle 75302 doesn’t include a sticker sheet.

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Construction Process

Even though it has more than 250 steps, the assembly process is intuitive and straightforward. You’ll find the pieces you need to initiate the first stage of the build in bag number one. The contents of this bag enable you to construct the shuttle’s body and the mechanism that allows you to fold the shuttle’s wings.

Once you complete the initial stage of the construction process, you can proceed to build the shuttle’s cockpit from the pieces you’ll find in bags number two and three. The shuttle’s engine and wings are constructed during the later stages of the assembly process.

The engine segment contains six sub-assemblies composed of 2x2x4 cylinders, while the centrally positioned fin that gives the shuttle its distinctive look also features several sub-assemblies composed of plates, Technic lift arms, and system bricks.

Both wings have just several plates, tile, and lift arm pieces, so constructing these elements can be underwhelming for experienced LEGO builders. It’s worth noting that the shuttle doesn’t have the landing equipment or an accessible cargo area where you can store weapons or other accessories.

Despite this, the Imperial Shuttle doesn’t have balancing issues, and it is perfectly stable when placed on an even surface.

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A Look at the Completed Model

LEGO Imperial Shuttle 75302 Set

The Imperial Shuttle 75302 is designed as an affordable and scaled-down version of classic LEGO Star Wars spaceships. At first glance, it becomes evident that the shuttle’s most recent version lacks some of the elements included in the 2015 and 2010 models.

The fully assembled shuttle is 14-inches long, 10 inches tall, and 9 inches wide. Its wings are easily adjustable, while the centrally positioned fin lifts to reveal the ship’s interior featuring seats for two Minifigures.

The single-seat cockpit doesn’t have a steering wheel, control panel, or any other pieces and decorations that could make playing with this toy more entertaining. The gun elements don’t have the spring-loading functionality, but the ship’s equipped with a pair of stud shooters located next to the cockpit.

The overall impression of the Imperial Shuttle 75302 isn’t impressive. Hence, this set isn’t an ideal option if you’re looking for a new addition to your LEGO display shelf. Please look at our guide to the best LEGO Bad Batch sets to learn more about the models from this Star Wars subtheme.

Set’s Playability

Accessories aren’t one of the set’s strong suits. Aside from lightsabers for Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker Minifigures, handcuffs, and a blaster pistol for the Pilot Minifigure, this set doesn’t include other accessories.

The shuttle’s cockpit and main sections don’t contain elements kids could use to reenact scenes from Star Wars movies or develop alternative play scenarios.

However, a pair of stud shooters, switching between landing and flying wing positions, and an opening main compartment with room for two Minifigures offer a variety of play options. Combining this set with similar LEGO models based on the original Star Wars trilogy can improve its playability.

Assembling the Imperial Shuttle 75302 set is fun. In addition, it can help novice LEGO builders improve their skills before trying to build more challenging sets like Republic Gunship 75309 or A-wing Starfighter 75275.

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Price and Value

Even though it isn’t among the most expensive sets in the Star Wars theme, the Imperial Shuttle 75302 is still pricy for a set with fewer than 700 pieces. The model is currently priced at $70, but you can find it online or in LEGO-certified stores at a discounted price.

The manufacturer might lower the set’s price before retiring it, but this isn’t likely to happen anytime soon, given that the model has been on the market for just over a year.

LEGO hasn’t made any plans to retire this set in 2022 public, and as long as it remains in production, its value will stay in the $50 to $75 range. However, the set’s value will probably double after LEGO discontinues it.

Our guide to the best LEGO sets under $50 can help you find a more affordable LEGO set than the Imperial Shuttle 75302 model.

Pros and Cons of the LEGO Imperial Shuttle 75302 Set

LEGO Imperial Shuttle 75302 Set


  • An accurate replica of the Imperial Shuttle from the Star Wars Episode VI movie
  • Adjustable wings
  • The shuttle’s main compartment accommodates two Minifigures
  • Easy access to the cockpit
  • A novice builder can assemble the set in a few hours
  • Compatible with other LEGO Star Wars sets


  • The shuttle toy doesn’t have landing skids
  • The interior doesn’t have a lot of details
  • The set comes with just three Minifigures

The Best Alternatives to the LEGO Imperial Shuttle 75302 Set

LEGO offers a variety of sets based on different spaceships from the Star Wars universe in the price range between $50 and $75, so finding a replacement for the Imperial Shuttle 75302 shouldn’t be difficult.

Most models in this price range have similar piece counts, but their playability and recommended age group vary from model to model. I’ve shortlisted some of the best substitutes for the LEGO Imperial Shuttle set, so let’s take a closer look at their features.

Darth Vader Meditation Chamber 75296

Darth Vader Meditation Chamber 75296

LEGO fans who’d like to recreate scenes from the Star Wars Episode V movie should consider getting the Darth Vader Meditation Chamber 75296 set. This build-to-display model is stacked with authentic details like the rotating chair, control board, or large screens.

Opening or closing the chamber model is easy, and it enables you to switch between different display options. The plaque doesn’t include any other information besides the set’s title.

Darth Vader and General Veers Minifigures are equipped with lightsaber and blaster pistol accessories, but these Minifigures aren’t exclusive to this set. It’s worth adding that the assembled model of the Meditation Chamber is just 7 inches tall.

Imperial Probe Droid 75306

Imperial Probe Droid 75306

Even though it has less than 700 pieces, building the Imperial Probe Droid 75306 set can be an overwhelming task for an inexperienced LEGO builder. This set lets you construct a display model of the probe droid from The Empire Strikes Back movie.

The model includes a ‘snowy’ section at its bottom as a reference to the planet Hoth, home of the Echo Base, the droid located. A transparent pole keeps the droid slightly above the model’s snowy section creating the impression that the droid is levitating.

The informative display plaque contains information about the droid’s manufacturer, function, and equipment.

Mandalorian Starfighter 75316

Mandalorian Starfighter 75316

A playset like the Mandalorian Starfighter 75316 could be a good alternative to the Imperial Shuttle 75302 if you’re searching for a LEGO model suitable for kids aged nine or older. This starfighter toy has adjustable wings, a 2-Minifigure cockpit, a pair of stud shooters, and two spring-loaded shooters.

The set comes with Gar Saxon, Mandalorian Loyalist, and Bo-Katan Kryze Minifigures equipped with jet packs and five blaster pistols. Constructing the starfighter doesn’t take a lot of time. The assembled toy is stable, and it won’t come apart while kids are playing with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the Imperial Shuttle 75302 set collectible?

Answer: This set isn’t collectible, but it can be a valuable addition to a LEGO Star Wars collection if you’re collecting Imperial spaceships.

Question: Does the Imperial Shuttle 75302 Set Have Spare Pieces?

Answer: Yes, it does. The set comes with several replacement parts, but you can also order a spare piece from the LEGO website if you lose or damage an original part.

Question: How Long does it Take to Construct the Imperial Shuttle 75302 Set?

Answer: Assembling this set takes approximately three hours.

Question: Does the Imperial Shuttle 75302 Have a Display Stand?

Answer: The pieces you need to build a display stand for the Imperial Shuttle model aren’t included in the set, but you can construct it from the pieces in your collection or purchase a stand produced by a different brand.

Final Thoughts

Spaceship-themed Star Wars sets are usually expensive because they have more than a thousand pieces. The Imperial Shuttle 75302 model provides an affordable alternative designed for novice LEGO builders who aren’t ready to start building a huge display model like the Millennium Falcon 75192.

The latest version of the LEGO Imperial Shuttle lacks the level of detail offered by some of its previous variants. Despite this, I think that this model is a great fit for kids who’d like to improve their set-building skills.

You should consider getting a model like the Darth Vader Meditation Chamber 75296 if you’re searching for a Star Wars set made for adults. Was this LEGO Imperial Shuttle review useful? Let me know in the comments, or continue reading our Trouble on Tatooine review to learn more about this remarkable set.

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