LEGO Mustang Review and Guide

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Some of the best sets in the Creator Expert theme were inspired by iconic vehicles like the Volkswagen Beetle, Harley-Davison Fat Boy, or MINI Cooper MK VII. In this LEGO Mustang review, I’m going to help you understand why this model is one of the most impressive sets LEGO has ever published in this theme.

The Ford Mustang 10265 is an official licensed Ford product. The 1967 Mustang Fastback GT replica was developed by LEGO designer Mike Psiaki and approved by Ford’s team. The set was published in 2019, and there are indications that LEGO plans to retire it soon.

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Bottom Line Up Front

If you like LEGO and you like cars, you will also like the Ford Mustang 10265 set. Authentic details, a functioning steering system, and an entertaining construction process are why I think this is one of the best Creator Expert vehicle sets for an adult LEGO fan.

The Ins and Outs of the LEGO Ford Mustang 10265 Set

The Creator Expert theme features some of the biggest LEGO sets like the Titanic 10294 or Camp NOU – FC Barcelona 10284, with more than 5,000 pieces.

So, the Ford Mustang 10265 isn’t one of the theme’s biggest sets since it has 1,471 pieces. However, its size is similar to other vehicle-themed Creator Expert sets. This model is designed for experienced LEGO builders aged 16 or older, and the assembly process takes four to five hours.

The 1:13 replica of the Ford Mustang Fastback GT has a variety of authentic details that evoke nostalgia for vintage muscle cars. LEGO will probably retire this set in 2022, but the company still hasn’t announced its official exit date.

Hence, this Creator Expert is still easy to find, and you can purchase it at a LEGO-certified store or order it online. Please browse through our guide to the best LEGO Ferrari sets if you’re looking for a model inspired by vehicles produced by this luxury car brand.

Packaging and Building Instructions

LEGO Ford Mustang 10265 Set

The image of the Ford Mustang LEGO model next to the Los Angeles river dominates the front of the set’s box, with alternative build suggestions next to it. Inside the box, you’ll find eleven bags of pieces numbered from one to six, a building instructions booklet, and a sticker sheet.

The booklet has 220 pages, and it starts with detailed information about the vehicle’s history, old photos, and vintage advertisements for the early models of the Ford Mustang. The timeline of the model’s development is also included in the booklet.

Most decorative elements are printed on the bricks. The sticker sheet contains just 18 stickers, including the license plates or radio. One of the car’s license plate is P51 AK2, which is a reference to the set’s designer Mike Psiaki.

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An Overview of the Set’s Pieces

The last few pages of the building instructions booklet contain the list of all pieces included in the set. While going through the list, you’ll encounter a few unique parts redesigned to mimic the look of the car’s parts.

The 2×8 Bow brick produced to capture the slope of the vehicle’s roof and air intakes is available in dark blue and white colors. This piece is similar to existing 10×3 or 12×3 wedges.

The 5-spoke elements characteristic for Ford Mustang cars were developed using the insert featured in standard wheel LEGO pieces. They are compatible with 30.4 x 20 mm LEGO rims and support the toy car’s steering functionality.

The set also features several slope elements designed to eliminate the gap between the door and the vehicle’s body. Like all other LEGO Creator Expert theme sets, the Ford Mustang 10265 set doesn’t contain Minifigures.

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Construction Process

LEGO Ford Mustang 10265 Set

You’ll have to go through more than 300 steps to assemble the display model of this legendary muscle car. As I already pointed out, the set’s pieces are divided into 11 numbered bags. The instruction manual shows you which bags you’re going to need to build specific vehicle segments.

The construction starts with building the car’s frame from the Technic beam pieces. Moreover, the majority of the model’s chassis is comprised of Technic pieces. Besides the chassis, you’ll also build the mechanism that controls the elevation of the rear axle during the first stage of the assembly process.

This mechanism contains a small eight-tooth gear element and a larger worm gear piece. Once assembled, the mechanism is placed on the rear axle and positioned underneath the chassis.

Bags with number two printed on them have pieces you’ll need to build the transmission tunnel and the V8 engine. The pieces for the seats and most of the interior come in bags with number three on them.

It’s worth noting that back seats are built into the model’s body, and you can’t fold them. The final three stages of the construction process involve building doors, installing front and rare windshields, assembling the car’s bonnet, and adding details like headlights or review mirrors.

Elements like the supercharger, exhaust pipes, nitrous oxide tank, rear ducktail spoiler, or front chin spoiler are optional if you want to create an alternative build of the Ford Mustang display model.

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A Look at the Completed Model

Ford Mustang 10265

After building the Ford Mustang display model, the first thing that caught my eye was its distinctive Acapulco blue color, with two white racing stripes dominating the car’s central section. Opening the hood reveals the 390 V8 engine, air filters, oil filter cap, and other authentic details.

The functioning steering system is an excellent addition, considering that most car-themed Creator Expert sets don’t have this feature. However, reaching the steering wheel is relatively difficult since you either have to open the door or remove the roof to reach it.

Keep in mind that taking the roof off doesn’t turn the car into a convertible. The assembled LEGO Mustang model is 13 inches long, 3 inches tall, and 5 inches wide.

Its dimensions are similar to James Bond Aston Martin DB5 10262 or Volkswagen Beetle making it a perfect addition to a Creator Expert car collection. Our guide to the best LEGO monster trucks can help you find a playset suitable for a young car enthusiast.

Set’s Playability

The Ford Mustang 10265 is primarily a display set despite featuring a steering system. Even the nitrous oxide tank or supercharger elements are primarily decorative, and they don’t contribute to the set’s playability.

The set doesn’t contain accessories LEGO fans can use to stage races or develop play scenarios. The car’s interior isn’t spacious enough to accommodate a driver Minifigure, while the lack of the pull-back function makes staging races difficult.

Also, this set doesn’t have Bluetooth-enabled LEGO Powered Up elements, so you can only steer it manually. Like most Creator Model sets, the LEGO Mustang set is designed for adult fans. You should consider other options if you’re looking for a LEGO set that offers a wide range of play options.

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Price and Value

Ford Mustang 10265

The Ford Mustang 10265 isn’t a budget-friendly set since its price is around $150. However, most Creator Expert car-themed sets have similar piece counts, and their prices oscillate from $20 below to $20 above the $150 mark.

In my opinion, this beautiful display piece is well worth the price because it has unique features and it provides LEGO builders with a satisfying construction experience.

LEGO still hasn’t announced the set’s exit date, but it’s reasonable to expect that the model will go out of production at some point during 2022. Its price will likely increase up to $200 once the exit date is announced and balloon up to $250 in the months following the set’s retirement.

This set is collectible, and its value will continue to increase in the next few years, so LEGO and vintage car fans should get it at its current price while they can. Please go through our guide to the best LEGO sets under $10 if you’re looking for an inexpensive and fun LEGO set.

Pros and Cons of the LEGO Ford Mustang 10265 Set


  • It features a functioning steering system
  • The rear axle is adjustable
  • The set has two unique elements
  • All steps of the construction process are illustrated
  • The building instruction booklet contains information about the original Ford Mustang car
  • The sticker sheet has just 18 stickers


  • This set is already retired on some LEGO markets
  • It’s not suitable for novice LEGO builders
  • This set is expensive

The Best Alternatives to the LEGO Ford Mustang 10265 Set

LEGO released several sets inspired by different Ford Mustang models, but the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 42138 is currently the only active set beside the Ford Mustang 10265 set. However, the LEGO Technic model isn’t a substitute for a much larger and more complex Creator Expert set.

That’s why I selected Creator Expert models inspired by vintage cars as alternatives to the LEGO Mustang set, so here’s what they have to offer.

Porsche 911 10295

Porsche 911 10295

Angled headlights, tilting seats, and an integrated spoiler are among the details that contribute to the Porsche 911 10295 set’s realism. Builders can switch between Turbo and convertible Targa versions of the car by removing its roof.

The air-cooled flat-six engine is located in the back of the car, while the trunk is at the front. The model has a gearshift, an emergency brake, a working steering system, and a non-adjustable wide rear axle.

This set has 1,458 pieces, just 13 pieces less than the Ford Mustang 10265, while both sets have the same price. Our guide to the best LEGO Porsche sets can help you discover some of the most popular LEGO sets based on cars produced by this German carmaker.

James Bond Aston Martin DB5 10262

James Bond Aston Martin DB5 10262

LEGO recently announced the retirement of the James Bond Aston Martin DB5 10262’s retirement after nearly four years on the market. The replica of the 1964 Aston Martin DB sports car featured in the Goldfinger movie has revolving plates, ejector seat, tire scythes, and other James Bond-themed details.

The model’s interior is equipped with a radar, and a telephone, while pulling the gearstick reveals machine guns hidden under the headlights. Opening the car’s hood reveals the engine, and you can push the rear bumper to remove the roof.

This set includes several unique pieces, such as a 2×4 tile or macaroni connector.

Fiat 500 10271

Fiat 500 10271

Building the stylish Fiat 500 10271 can be an excellent practice before moving to more complex models like LEGO Mustang. This set has 960 pieces, so assembling it doesn’t take more than three hours, even if you’re a novice LEGO builder.

The air-cooled engine is hidden under a hatch located at the back of the model, just like on the original car, while the front trunk section features a spare tire. The steering wheel, a hand brake, and the speedometer are the only details in the car’s interior.

A suitcase, an easel, and the painting of the Fiat 500 in front of the Colosseum are also included in the set.

Frequently Asked Questions about LEGO Ford Mustang 10265 Set

Question: Why is the German Plate Number Included in the Ford Mustang 10265 Set?

Answer: The German plate number featured in the set belonged to one of the design team members, Adam Grabowski, who was involved in developing prototypes for this display model.

Question: Is the LEGO Ford Mustang 10265 Set Available in Different Colors?

Answer: This car model is only available in the Acapulco blue color with two centrally positioned white racing stripes.

Question: Can I Lift the LEGO Ford Mustang’s Hood with the Supercharger Attached?

Answer: Yes, adding the supercharger element to the model doesn’t prevent you from lifting the hood.

Question: How Many Tires does the LEGO Ford Mustang 10265 Set have?

Question: How Many Tires does the LEGO Ford Mustang 10265 Set have?

Final Thoughts

LEGO released multiple sets inspired by Ford Mustang models during the last decade, but I think that none of these sets are as impressive as the Ford Mustang 10265. LEGO designers developed several unique parts to increase the replica’s realism and improve its functionality.

The final product is sturdy, well-designed, and striking. This set won’t remain on the market for much longer, and its price will likely double once it goes out of production. That’s why you should try to get it at its original price before it runs out of stock.

Was this LEGO Mustang review useful? Let me know in the comments or continue reading our LEGO Gingerbread House review to learn more about this holiday-themed Creator Expert set.

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